How to Change Your Youtube Name on a Phone – Android and iOS

By | August 21, 2019

– So you want to change
your YouTube channel name but you’ve only got one
of these to do it with. Well it’s actually really simple to do with a couple of caveats. – vidIQ – (upbeat music) – Hello, I’m Rob. Welcome back to vidIQ, and you’re here because you want to change your YouTube channel name. Well I’ve got a couple of
questions I want to ask you first. What are you changing
your name from and to, and why are you changing it? Let us know in the comments below. A little behind the
scenes studio tour here as you bear witness to what might be the most elaborate phone
stand ever created. But I need it to show you how
to change your channel name on the YouTube mobile app. Whoever you are on Android or
iOS the method is the same. Simply tap on your channel
logo in the top right, and then tap on your channel. Next to your channel name
you will see a settings icon. Tap on that and then you
should see a pencil icon next to your channel name. Tap that and you should now be able to change your channel name. Now before you go anywhere I did mention a couple of caveats and
this is the first one. You can only change your
YouTube channel name three times every 90 days. And secondly, do you have a brand account? If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to bear this in mind as well. When you change your name on YouTube you’re not only doing it for your channel you’re doing it across all
of your Google services for that account, which isn’t ideal if you want to keep the
two things separate. Now why it’s like this I
don’t fully understand. I think it’s something to do
with the legacy of Google+. However there is some good news. There is a slightly complicated
way to fix all this. If you want to separate
your YouTube channel from your Google account what you need is a brand account. A brand account has several benefits, the first being able to
use a custom channel name without affecting your
personal Google account. It also allows you to
manage multiple channels from one Google account,
and you can add managers and owners to your brand account who can help you manage
those YouTube channels. The process involves
creating a brand account and then moving your YouTube
channel to that brand account, which does require several steps. You could probably do it on a
mobile phone if you want to, and the place to start would be But it’s going to be much
easier and safer to do it from a computer. And what you’re seeing right
now is the SpeedItup tutorial on how to do this. For the complete walkthrough
click on the link in the top right-hand corner now. And if you are changing your channel name that means you’re a YouTuber who wants to grow that channel, right? Well we can help with vidIQ. It’s a Chrome extension. It will help you research YouTube, analyze any video on the platform, order your own channel
and take actionable steps that will help you get
more views and subscribers. There is a link in the video description, and it is free to download. For more YouTube beginners
guides just like this, check out our playlist over here. For vidIQ tools that will
help you grow your channel, check out the playlist down there. In the meantime enjoy the
rest of your video making day.

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