27 thoughts on “How To Change Facebook Text Color,Background Color,Font Style 2017

  1. Alessa Yuka Post author

    CHANGE COLOR FB 2017 https://apps.facebook.com/winappls/colorid/v2/?i=216919

  2. lucky romeo Post author

    CHANGE COLOR FB 2017 https://apps.facebook.com/tipadit/colorid/v2/?i=433979

  3. মাদক alL Post author

    A gulo kicoi lagbe Na,,
    dairek apner moto apne puro them chilet kore nite parben,,
    Ai ta kono fek Na ,Ek ber hole O tery kore dekhn ,,

  4. Tanjimun Naher Post author

    Eita ki khali ami nijei dekhar jonoo?
    Onoo keu dekhar option nai?

  5. bernard deloso Post author

    i try this one, this is not permanent and only u can see the changes, except your friends. useless

  6. FR0ST. CF NA Post author

    thanks alot bro,this really helped me. subscribed <3

  7. Loner Ly Post author

    The problem is you are the only one who will see these colors .. i mean no one on your friends list can see that change ^^

  8. Leonard Dixon Post author

    Is this only for Android users with the FB App? – If so, please state that in the title and description!
    I'm trying all of the code suggestions using a regular computer, in FB comments, and nothing happens.

  9. K Peterson Post author

    Sooo…this is not English. This should be listed as such.

  10. J.R. Zippie Post author

    Thank you for your help….Altho I cannot understand your language….Your video was quite clear and helpful…..

  11. blue kryhm Post author

    Link for change Facebook Colors😎😎😎

  12. Suzanne McRae Post author

    Yes only you can see this color. Facebook does not have it supported yet that others can see the colors when they view your pages!

  13. Zaiba Ali Post author

    change facebook colour try this link http://igurufoundation.com/6ddbb02929cb85bcff5dfc03a282ff12/fcolors1/?i=2070903&i=2070903

  14. ERDE ! Post author

    Use indean subtitles or speak english you damnful! Who the fuck will understand your indean language.

  15. Dobronamjernik Usrcu Post author

    Those changes do not see anyone besides me.
    Others that open in the device or other browser except chrome vid squares
    Of this there is no use

  16. Adora Faye Post author

    So stupid! Does anyone still use English, which bu the way us the language of the modern world???


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