How to carry out a quick link audit using Majestic SEO – Secrets Revealed

By | September 2, 2019

hi everyone this is Shai Aharony from reboot
online and today we’re gonna show you how we carry out very quick link audits
using majestic SEO which we have right here even if you don’t have an account with
majestic SEO you can register your domain and you’ll get a free trial with
that these audits are very very useful if you wanna have a quick check on your
website and if it has any potential issues which could be caused by toxic
links so what we do is we go to majestic SEO and we first type in the domain and
what I’m gonna do is I’m going to put vape club .co .uk obviously in a vaping
industry which is very high competition and the first thing that you notice here is that it
looks like it has a decent link profile the one red flag is the difference between
the trust flow on the citation flow which you can see how the dots are
leaning more towards a citation flow here this is a bit of a red flag and
let’s have a look and see why the first thing I do now is I go to referring
domains and the aim of this is to see the best quality domains that are pointing to
to this site so I select trust flow from this drop-down list and refresh the list
and that will give me that would float up all the decent sites right at the
top and you can see that they have decent links one here from The Telegraph
you can open up by clicking on this backlink to see the actual link and you
can see it’s a it’s a decent link and it’s followed there’s a .gov link here which
is also quite good and entrepreneurs not a bad site you know quite a few forums
not not too bad not you know quite an average but above average I would say
link profile next thing we would do is we want to see the anchor text so these
are the way that the these links actually point to the site and as you
can straightaway see that we’ve got anchor text such as [e liquids] a [e liquid]
and all the different variations of e liquids in here including other
competitive terms such as [vape kits], [e cigarettes] and more and more and more as you as you scroll down and if you see there’s quite
a few of them so for example eliquid say they’ve got 43 links pointing with just
the word [e liquids] an incredibly high number very unnatural if I can spot that
in literary 60 seconds you can bet that Google can also so let’s let’s have a
quick look at some of these sites let’s have a look at this one here this one is
called uggs something okay so this is obviously a bought link very low quality
no one’s gonna be really miss that this has just been this has just been created for
the sake of of selling links not the type of Link’s that we look for now
what’s the result of this type of Link’s I serve a look at SEM rush we put the site here and what strikes us about this graph which is the
organic traffic that vape that SEM rush estimates for for for the link profile
for the terms at this site ranks for you can see a huge drop here so it started
off in July the peaked at 250,000 visitors a month and in by October 2018
that’s dropped to fifty three thousand visitors that’s a fifth of the number of
visitors ladies and gentlemen just because of some dodgy link building
tactics obviously we do not recommend you go down that route and it’s one of
the first things that we talked about to clients when they ring up and that’s it
please subscribe if you want to hear more of our trade secrets and we’ll see
you soon

One thought on “How to carry out a quick link audit using Majestic SEO – Secrets Revealed

  1. Guus Witjes Post author

    Question: why would the word e-liquid be a unnatural anchor text? The site sells e-liquids, therefor I would assume that anchor text being a good one (still depending on the site where the link is of course)


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