How to capture videos from YouTube and other websites

By | February 14, 2020

Like watching videos from the web? With Movavi Screen Capture, you can easily
capture and save your favorite streaming videos as online broadcasts, webinars, live webcam
feeds, and more! In this video you’ll learn how! Step 1.Open the Movavi Screen Capture Program If the software is not already installed on your computer, click here and follow the onscreen
download and set-up instructions. Step 2.Set the Recording Parameters The yellow frame next to the Screen Capture
window determines what’s captured. Adjust the size so it fits in the video player
window in your browser. If you want to record the video with sound,
make sure there’s a green check mark on the speaker icon. Step 3.Record the Streaming Video Click the REC button to start capturing. There’s a 5-second countdown before the
program starts recording. You can control the recording process by clicking
the Pause or Stop buttons in the program interface. Step 4.Edit and Save the Video to Your Hard Drive Once you click the Stop button, the capturing
process stops and the edit and save menu opens. Now you can specify the parts of the recorded
video you want to save. To save the video, open the Save as list and
choose the appropriate media formats, then click Save. And that’s done! Download Movavi Screen Capture today and record
webinars, webcams, live broadcasts – any streaming video you find on the web! Like the video? Have a question? Please leave us a message in the comment section
below! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get more
useful tips and learn about other Movavi products.

26 thoughts on “How to capture videos from YouTube and other websites

  1. Derp Post author

    oh and another "effect" is animations like to make an image go across the screen or spin or etc 🙂

  2. RenegadeJames Post author

    Mines keep telling me that the screen capture is already running, but I can't see anything? How do I fix this problem? 🙂

  3. Ashutosh Panda Post author

    I need the licence key please. I can promote your product after getting a license key

  4. Liam Dinogirl34 Post author

    Hi, I was wondering how to record the entire screen (like, the whole computer screen)? Everytime I try to, the window with the record button disappears, so that I can't click it. To get to the button, I have to move the square I've selected for the video, and when I click record, I can't move the capture square back to fullscreen.

  5. Matt Siler Post author

    Can you set a recording time period so you can leave your computer while it records i.e record for 30 minutes or start recording at 1pm and stop at 2pm? Will it stop recording when a you tube video ends? Is there a max recording length/time/size?

  6. michael huangs Post author

    There are a few packages. I want to record say 8-10 hours at one time. Which packages should I consider?

  7. 7thACT Post author

    I'm a working actor this a great way to record commercials that you've worked on!!!

  8. Study Technically Post author

    When I record the video I record both screen as well as sound at the same time ,so how would I remove the noise from the background? Or I hv to record the sound saperatly? Help me out actually i wanna buy this and which ones would be better?
    [email protected]

  9. Anay Aggarwal Post author

    I wonder if this is just a plug for malware

  10. Graciela Landaverde Post author

    My screen recorder is not working. When I try to record something there is no video only audio. I try getting support from your team but they answer me with the same generic answer. Horrible costumer service!!

  11. Sana sartib Post author

    you made my DAY!


    i gave a like and a sub for the help !


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