14 thoughts on “How To Build Backlinks

  1. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    Have questions about backlinks or need help with off page SEO or any other digital marketing or website help. Please feel free to ask 🙂

  2. sameer khan Post author

    great please make more i done all older techniques and this new also

  3. GMD abbasi Post author

    Sound cloud is primarily a audio or music sharing website
    …….seeking seo services on it seems non relevant is int it ?

  4. Silver Bergit Post author

    Hi chris ! do you know any method to fast indexing backlinks on bing ?

  5. Hopeton Wilson Post author

    So for Google to give me SEO juice from that contextual link, do i have to index my soundcloud profile page?

  6. OfficialJesseStone Post author

    Chris what about relevancy? Would you connect a soundcloud link to a weight loss website?

  7. Philipp Post author

    Does this backlink Help If i have a german Darts Page. Because it is not content relevant.

    And how would you start linkbuilding with a new Site? Are these links you mention in your Videos are to good for the start?

  8. 24Lyrics & More Post author

    Always doing great videos…Thanks alot…But i have a question. How do I remove tons of backlinks created by Unknown people to my website? Hope to get your reply

  9. Pip gator Post author

    Just subscribed, your videos are interesting. I'm in affiliate marketing and looking for Niche quality backlinks.
    what's the best way to contact you?


  10. yotonyishere Post author

    Hi Chris, i've learned so much these past weeks since i came across your channel, you're the real MVP THANKS!!
    So after doing some research on ahrefs i noticed my top competitors, they all have backlinks from coupon code sites, such as free coupon code, coupon travel, get coupon etc.. How does that work? how did they get those backlinks? I tried to create an account on some of those sites but that's not even an option :/ Thank you again!

  11. Marios Giorgos Post author

    Your extra step with the transparent background is super cool! (Maybe enlarge your added window, bc it cuts your hand..?) Very interesting video Chris. Thanks!


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