How To Build An Email List With Completely Free Traffic – Email Marketing Tips

By | March 4, 2020

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be telling you exactly how to build a big email list with
completely free traffic this video is gonna be perfect for you guys that are
beginners maybe you’re just starting with affiliate marketing you want to
start building your email list you see all these people online with a thousand
people 5,000 10,000 people there’s thousands of people on these email lists
and these marketers who own them are making thousands of dollars every single
month and you want to do the same exact thing but you only have a lot of money
to spend upfront on advertising on paid traffic so you want to do with free
traffic that’s completely fine guys I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it in
this video we’re gonna jump into my computer in just a minute so I can show
you how to do that but before that guys if you’re brand new to my channel this
is the first time you’re watching one of my videos then please subscribe right
now for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re
gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly how to build
a large email list with completely free traffic alright guys we’re not in my
computer as you can see on my whiteboard build an email list with free traffic
because that is exactly what we’re gonna be doing so it’s exactly what I’m gonna
be showing you guys how to do in this video with that being said I’m gonna
dive straight in I’m not gonna waste any more of your guy’s time your time is
valuable so is mine so let’s get started I’m gonna pull the first box away get
that way out of here guys the first step the first thing you need to do when you
want to initially build an email list with free traffic is you’re gonna need
to set up an email autoresponder and also a landing page so guys an email
autoresponder is pretty much to where you’re actually gonna be collecting
email addresses onto your list and then in turn gonna be sending out emails what
do whether that’s through an email autoresponder that’s automatically set
up you know like setting up like a 5 or 7 day automatic email sequence or with
daily newsletter emails that you’re gonna send out with that being said the
email autoresponder service that I use and I recommend to everybody else is get
response it’s like 15 dollars a month and it’s pretty much the cheapest one
that I’ve seen that can also compete with these other big-name
email autoresponders like Aweber and MailChimp for example I think if they
give you the most bang for your buck definitely the most value and if you
guys actually want to sign up with my link in the description you’re like
should get the first 30 days completely free
this is something you guys are definitely gonna need for your flight
marketing business I recommend you get it and then I feel like as the next
thing like I said is gonna be a landing page I’m gonna show you an example of a
landing page that I use in one of my funnels this is a landing page I built
with click funnels it’s like a simple one-page website set up of course
nothing too fancy – not much to see here what I built or click funnels you guys
can also sign up for click funnels if you want but it’s like $97 a month don’t
know a lot of you aren’t gonna want to pay that and that’s completely fine guys
which is why I’m gonna go back to get response again because get response
actually also has a landing page creator you can actually set up landing pages
and use them which is why I definitely recommend you guys go ahead and sign up
for get response because then you’ll have your email autoresponder and your
landing page created in one service for $15 a month or the first 30 days
completely free if you click the link in the description and sign up with that
but to really save you guys some money on other tools I’m recommending you guys
use get response to knock out both things with one service $15 a month
really isn’t that bad and this is pretty much me but at the core of your flame
marketing business this email autoresponder and landing page are gonna
be true the biggest tools in your affiliate marketing business going
forward you’re definitely gonna need both these things actually up low guys
after you have your email autoresponder and your landing page set up next thing
you guys want to do is more to smooth over to step 2 which is gonna be just
sent as much traffic as you possibly can to your landing page the whole goal here
guys is to set up a landing page just like this and once you have this set up
once you have this integrated to your actual email autoresponder people
actually enter the email address here they’ll automatically get a me added to
email list that’s exactly what you guys want to do once you have this fully set
up next thing you want to do is like I said that as much traffic as you
possibly can to this page and of course guys like I said we’re using free
traffic so I’m gonna show you that me how to do that in a minute guys the goal
here is just try to get as many people onto this page as you can because a lot
of times guys a landing page will convert anywhere from like weddings like
60 percent depending on how good it is this one right here that I have convert
to like 45 percent roughly depending on the day whenever I use it but my point
here is guys is that any landing page that you create won’t convert at a
hundred percent rate so what I’m saying is I have you send a hundred people to
this landing page only about forty five or fifty of them might actually sign up
and actually opt-in to be on your email list but as this is all just a game of
numbers all you want to be doing is sending as much traffic as you can
because what she’ll be doing is you know every time you send somebody to this
page all you’ll be doing is hiring your chances of success and actually of
making sales with the more people you send here obviously sending like if you
can send 10,000 people on to your landing page you’re gonna generate a
huge email list and possibly make a lot of front-end sales which is exactly what
we’re trying to do here guys with that being said I’m gonna go back over here
and I put this little – start generating free traffic quiz that is exactly what
you guys want to do and you want to try to generate as much as possible but I am
probably wondering how do I do that well guys I have a video on my channel
on how to generate free traffic you guys can go over there and watch it if you
want but if you’re gonna stay around on this video I’m gonna show you guys some
of the top places I get free traffic from and the top ones that I recommend
or warning guys I’m gonna pull this box away and honestly a lot of these you
guys are gonna see are gonna be social media platforms because of course guys
social media is completely free to sign up for it’s completely free to post on
it’s completely free to interact with other people that is why if you want to
send generating free traffic online you have got to be utilizing social media or
cuz I would ton of them listen they’re Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest
YouTube read it a ton of the ones guys but the main point here is you guys want
to go over to these platforms you can start generating free traffic a few
different ways let’s say for example you want to use Instagram so generating free
traffic what I would do what I recommend you guys do is go on Instagram and try
to start generating a small little following a small audience because once
you have that once you have a small audience on Instagram that’s you can
start monetizing them that’s new get started setting the orbit cheer landing
page over to your affiliate links that’s when you’ll actually start to make sales
because guys quite honestly just kind of spamming your link all over these
platforms isn’t gonna work that’s not how excellent marketing should be done
and it’s just really spammy and you’re not gonna get a lot of results doing it
what you really want to be doing is you’re gonna be coming over to these
platforms providing value and from that then you can actually put your affiliate
link and start sending it to people and they’ll respect it a lot more they’ll
actually click through see what it’s all about here’s not just spamming them
you’re actually giving a value like I said before guys on Instagram for
example you won’t you’d want to make a page in your niche so if you were in
like the health and weight loss niche for example you make an Instagram page
and all you post about is you know diet tips workout plans
cardio tips exercise things like that things associated with that niche and
what you want to do is start to build a small following get a few thousand
followers and from that guys what you want to do next is put your affiliate
link or put the link to your landing page in your Instagram bio and start
promoting you know post things and say hey you guys won like 30 free diet
recipes click the link in my bio people start clicking it’ll start generating
free traffic just like that guys that’s just one way to do it
another way to start generating free traffic will be going over into web
sites like Reddit Quora and it’s pretty much any other online forum in your
niche and just answer people’s questions a lot of times on these forums a lot of
people gonna be asking questions because they might be a little bit new in that
space for the same thing I’ll go back to the example of health and weight loss
let’s say you go over to like a forum for example you
see somebody asking about losing weight they say hey I want to lose like 15
pounds in the next few months how can I do that we guys have some tips for me
and then when you would go and do is go over to that post you answer the
question but I can you give some tips just kind of in the post you have a
little bit of value maybe like a paragraph or two just kind of giving the
person value giving them some tips is really helping them out and then you
could say at the bottom of your post if you want like thirty three thirty more
dire recipes that’ll help you lose weight let’s click this link I’ll click
the link in the opt-in to your landing page and that’s another way to extra
start generating free traffic but that being said that’s exactly what you guys
really want to be doing you want to be utilizing all these websites all these
platforms you don’t so have to use all of them I would just try to pick maybe
one two or three just to really master really go over there maybe start
building a following guys really just try to send as much traffic as you can
here your landing page when people you send the more chances you have of
actually building a list I’m actually making sales up front and you’ll have a
lot better success rate overall the more traffic you can actually send with that
being sliced up pretty much wraps up this video and you guys have any
questions about this video or anything you saw just leave a comment I’ll answer
every single comment I get on this video and with that being said guys if you
like the video definitely drop a like on it and then definitely subscribe if you
are new brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys my
name is Anthony villa and I am out peace you

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