How to Build a Niche Site and Find Valuable Keywords for SEO – Doug Cunnington

By | August 11, 2019

– I was on a call a couple
weeks ago with a guy, Doug Cunnington, who’s
specialty is creating these niche affiliate sites. So, building a blog using
SEO to drive traffic to it. Then, using that traffic to go to Amazon to buy products and make money that way. I wanted to go in depth with
him because affiliate marketing is something I know almost nothing about. And I wanted to get
tactical and talk about some of his best practices
and what he does to build these revenue generating sites. The first thing I wanted
to go over with him was his golden ratio. This is what I thought was key, – [Doug] Basically, it’s
a data driven way to find keyword that no one else is
really trying to rank for. So, You’re looking for the
supply and demand of keywords. It’s a manual way to
look up these keywords, so it’s harder to do,
there’s fewer people doing it and it really opens up sort
of a world of keyword research where you can find keywords
that you don’t have to do link building in SEO for nearly as much. So, I’ll describe the actual
concept which is fairly simple there’s only a few numbers. So, there’s the keyword golden ratio and it equals the all in title results. All in title is an advanced google query. So you just type in allintitle: and whatever your search phrase is. And then you get some
results, say it’s 10. Then you divide that by the
local monthly search volume. If you’re new to keyword
research you may have to look up some of the vocabulary and stuff. But the local monthly
searches is just the average number of times a person
searches online in Google for a specific search phrase. Once you get that ratio,
you want it to be below .25. You find something below
2.25 indicates that it’s like underserved on the internet. Again, supply and demand of keywords. – It’s interesting from a
consulting point of view that he’s taken this
math equation and made it part of his selling process. If he’s consulting the
people now he’s talking about the golden ratio instead of
just talking about keywords or whatever everyone else on
the SEO space is talking about. And a question I always
have when it comes to SEO is how to find keywords to target? – [Doug] There’s a lot
of different methods. A lot of times I just start
from like brainstorming. In general, you know, someone’s problem. A problem someone has,
like shaving their head with an electric razor. So, you have to sort of put
your mind from the perspective of like a person with a
problem who is trying to find a product they need to find
to solve their problem. I hope I explained that
well but you can just start with a specific product, you
know, you head over to Amazon you take a look at a bunch of different products and categories. You type in electric razor
into your keyword research tool and you get all sorts of suggestions and then you start whittling
it down from there. – And I know it’s a bad
question because, for me, how we find keywords to target
on this Youtube channel, I usually create the content
first and then search around looking for keywords
that could work for it. Then I wanted to get
super technical with him and cover, how does he create a niche site from start to finish? – [Doug] So, you pick your niche, you set up this site and
then you publish some content and then really, step four is around promotion and link building. So, the traffic for these niche
sites, it comes from Google. It’s organic Google traffic and honestly, you know, it’s
white hat outreach these days. – I love talking to people like Doug because he makes starting a
niche site sound so easy, right? I feel like I could just put
a little bit of money into it and create blog posts and
build this site overnight. What did you take away
from this conversation? Let me know down in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you do sales and you
want the exact questions we used to close customers, check out the discovery call script. It’s a free download. It took us, you know,
years to put together so there it is down in the description you can have it for free. And if you find this
kind of content valuable you want to help the channel out, I’m not asking you to
back a Patreon or anything just identify a friend,
send them a video that you think they would find
value in and that’s it. We’re trying to hit a hundred
thousand subs this year so every share counts. Thanks, I’m Alex Berman.

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  1. Pete kAIGHIN Post author

    I have niche niche site and this information is vital to my success.I hope in the future to have further communication with Doug.

  2. Faris Contractor Post author

    This was very helpful ! Awesome content !
    Can you do a video about GDPR and if it will affect these kinds of businesses ?

  3. Cyrus Julian Post author

    solid man! Keyword Golden Ratio is now part of my pitch! I'll check out Doug's stuff too. thanks


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