How to boost your Local SEO traffic – 21 proven content ideas

By | September 27, 2019

How do you drive more traffic to your
local website so you can get more customers? simple, publish more content. A
website is for life not just for Christmas. It needs to be nurtured it
needs to grow, but, if you’re like most local business owners, your website is
likely to have just a handful of pages which were created when you launched it.
And if I had to take a guess I’m fairly confident these pages would include: a
home page, a Contact Us page, an About us page and a few pages describing your
services. Am i right? if you recognise yourself in his description and have no
idea what else you should be publishing on your site stay tuned, as I am going to
run through 21 proven content ideas you can start using today to get more
customers through your doors. Hi there if we’re just meeting my name
is Luc Durand, the founder of ranking where I talk about the
best tools tips and ways to help you promote your local business online, step
by step, and click by click. On this channel I cover everything any local
business owner needs to know from search engine optimization to social media. My
goal is to help you thrive online so you can drive more visitors to your business
and ultimately make more money so if you’re new here consider subscribing and
clicking on a bell button so you don’t miss any of my new videos. Finally, don’t
forget to check out the description below which is where I put additional
notes and links I refer to in this tutorial. If you’re ready let’s jump
right in. content idea number one. Frequently asked questions. Here is an example of an FAQ page from a local surveyor. These types of pages are useful
because not only you can answer your visitors questions directly but you
might also appear in Google Answers snippets results which are also useful for
voice search content idea number two how to pages. Helping people out solving
problems is a great strategy to build content and encourage customers to get
in touch with you. Here is a typical example of an how-to article from a
local plumbing and electric website what’s great about using this strategy
is that you can create tons of how-to pages. Content idea number three. Cover a local event. Regardless of where your business is
located there is surely some local events going on near you. Make the most
of it, like this local wine bar, by either taking part or simply attending and
write a page about it. If you take part you may even be able to get a link from
the organizers website and also network with other local business owners. Content
idea number four, before and after results. Everybody loves a before and
after photo results as it really showcases what you are capable of
achieving as a business like this handyman. You can make this even more
effective and playful by adding a slider just like in this example on a page I
built on my own site. Content idea number five. Cover a local project. This is an
opportunity to demonstrate you care about your community and make your
content local like this landscape gardener who created an article about
emergency accommodations being built in his area. Content idea number six expose
myths or misunderstandings in your industry. Ideal if you want to demystify
some preconceived ideas or false truths everybody seems to believe. Here is an
example from a dentist who produced a detailed page including rich keywords
related to his industry and the services he provides which he uses to link back
to his internal pages, very smart move. Content idea number seven. Top 10 list.
you’ve all seen these around the web lists are very common but also very
effective. You don’t have to use 10 as a number, any number will do Look at this
London plumber who has put together a list of the top three combination boilers.
This page alone is currently driving over 450 visitors a month to their
website according to ubbersugest. I wonder how many customers they have gained on the back of it. Content idea number 8. Client success stories. if you are good at what you do brag about it through your clients. Success stories are very
powerful because anyone visiting your site can relate to them. It makes it
easier to turn simple visitors into customers. Look at this dentist who is
using some of these patients to do just that and even uses video as a medium,
kudos to him. Content idea number nine. Use statistics. Help people make informed
decision with statistic related content. Here is a great example from a local
property management business covering the real estate market in Colorado
spring with numbers. I bet if you live in Colorado Springs and are either selling
or buying a property you would find this article useful and maybe even call these
guys. Make sure you back up your statistics with reliable sources. Content
idea number 10. Describe new regulation in your industry. As an expert in your
industry you should be aware of all the latest regulations and legal obligations.
Use this to your advantage and raise awareness of it, just like this
electrician who is clearly targeting landlords who rent out properties.
Content idea number 11. What’s a typical day for you you? You may not be a family
member of the kardashian but somehow people always love a fly on a wall type
of documentary. Give the people what they want and describe what a typical working
day is for you. Just like this roofer. If you are adventurous use video format as
it will work better. This will help people feel like they know you even
before they do business with you. Content idea number 12. Step by step procedure.
Manage expectations and reassure potential prospects with a step-by-step
guide about the services you are providing, like this laser eye surgery.
Once again this should help visitors feel reassured about what they are
getting into and push them towards making a call or inquire for more
information. Content idea number 13. Why us? Build a page and explain why visitors
should choose you as a business. Look at this electrician site for instance. Yet
another way to showcase what you can do as a business and if you can’t come up
with any valid reasons then you might want to rethink why you are running a
business altogether. Content idea number 14. Best guides. Turn
yourself into a local TripAdvisor and create guides around your neighbourhood
such as, what the best local restaurants are,
where to find the best Wi-Fi spots near you, or just like this event company who
created a list of the best coffee shops near the location. Make it as local as
possible and once you’re done reach out to the owners of these businesses to
tell them you mention them on your website and you might even get a link on
the back of it. Content idea number 15. Is it safe? Very
much like the “how-to” concept but this time use the is “it safe” option, like this
company selling engine oil through local stores. This is also a concept you can
use to create tons of pages. Content idea number 16. Lessons learned from years in business. Share your experience with this sweet idea especially when you have been
in business for a while, like this lawyer. You probably have a lot to say such as,
how the industry has changed over time, how it has changed you, etc… and if you
haven’t been in business for that long you can still use the same theme and
approach it differently something like, what I’ve learned in the first 6 months
of opening my business. Content idea number 17. How to choose a business like yours. I like this idea because you position yourself as an impartial judge
by giving recommendations on how to choose a business like yours. Just like
this hair salon obviously you’re not impartial at all, and you want visitors
to choose you but it shows your confidence that you’re probably the
better choice. Content idea number 18 getting a job in your industry. Help
people out on their journey to become someone like yourself by explaining the
best ways of getting a job in your profession, like this orthodontist. See it
as a short biography which only zooms in on your career path. Content idea number
19. Behind the scene. Who doesn’t like to know what really happens behind the
scene? That’s what these butchers reveal on their website when it’s their busiest
time of year, Christmas. This is a chance to show your existing customers a
different side of your business and for new visitors to see you have nothing to
hide. Content idea number 20. Pros and cons. There is no such thing as a perfect
business or profession, so why don’t you write the pros and cons of
doing what you are doing in a full-length article filled with rich
keywords just like this training academy in an article on the pros and cons of
becoming a massage therapist. And finally, content idea number 21. Publish horror
stories, Horror stories are very compelling, can drive a lot of interest,
can be very funny and also be shared on social media so they are not to be
sniffed at. Here is an example of such page from a lawyer located in Las Vegas.
Horror stories are even better if you can include images or videos. That’s it
for today if you’ve made it this far well done if you like the video please
give me a thumbs up as it will be very helpful for me. As you can see there are
plenty of options to choose from. Applying these ideas will help you cover
a good mixture of local keywords as well as keywords related to your industry. Get
started today and I can promise you it will pay off until next time happy

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    Brilliant Luc. Thanks very much. Luc's advice is good for any online business, not just local.

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