How to Boost gigs on fiverr trick SEO TUTORIAL Secret Tips

By | August 11, 2019

In the name of Allah the Merciful Assalamu alaikum, Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the series of Fiverr tutorials my name is Muhammd Aamir and i don’t have plans for today’s video but I have posted my gig details on facebook group and i want so told the people that Fiverr is not just $5 market it’s a big market you can earn as much as you want it depends on your skills and communication if we want we can satisfy the client for this, you just have some patience and afford after posting in Facebook i got lots of messages and comments everyone asking how to get orders if you watching this video just you want to know how to get orders please you can Leave now I just want to share some tips I am not sure about the orders but i hope you got the orders as well i will pray for you and can make tutorials but I am not one who gives order to you but i have some tips that help you to get orders Let me clear this why i am making these videos Obviously, everybody wants people to watch his videos, like share and comments somewhere else I have the same purpose but my main goal is that more and more people take advantage of this video this is a huge market and no one is a competitor everyone should work together if I hide these things from my Pakistani, Indians and Bengali peoples how can I sure a person from another country can’t hit me today we will talk about gig SEO what setting you need for your gig if your package is not good how you can get sales if you have a good package you get more sales Today we will be talking about Title, Images, tags how do your gig come in search how your can be on the first page will discuss these things this tutorial may longer so don’t be lazy be active and have a cup of Tea and Coffee so let’s get started [intro] alright ladies and gentlemen now i am currently sitting on my profile this is my Fiverr profile i have 4.9 rating and i am very happy with that it’s must be above 4.5 i got 88 reviews till now and i got almost 106 or 107 less than a year some people who did not give you feedback average response time is one hour I have joined Fiverr in September 2016 but in the first 2 months, I can’t get any order i was not more active than that because I did not know about it my recent delivery is 4 days ago i am currently online and level 2 seller Okay today we need to talk about gig and this is my best sales gig if you have some sale so you got a tag with that gig that tells you which one is your best sales gig well lets open this here is have open the gigs here is the record of last 6 month 12K Impressions 1.6K click and 2K views in click and impressions, there is a difference between them and I received 49 orders 0% cancelation rate If I Switch to the last 7 days my gig was down in the last 7 days i will tell you the reason why it happens everything is going down orders are okay i got 3 orders in last 7 days but click, view and impressions are down if I switch tot he last 30 days my gig was up, but in the last 7 days it’s going down we will talk on this but first let me open the gig and show the setting that i have there is some point to be noted you can note the points if you want to pause the video and watch again, as you like I will do best logo and intro animation for you in 24 hours i already have described this gig much time in my tutorials but today since we are talking about SEO so i choose this gig first, let me open the notepad here our first target is keywords some people who work with YouTue already know to find keywords i tell them who not work with YouTube how to find the keywords how are people find you what they type to find your services it’s called keywords which category I am working now have 2 types of keywords my first keyword is “Logo Animation” and my second keyword is “Intro Animation” in my future plans, I want to target YouTuber want to include this keyword as well but now i did not work on this and i use these 2 keywords before we proceed to the next step i want to show you the results of these keywords for example, I copy this keyword from here and I paste this on Fiverr search Okay, here is the first page of search

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    Sir jee thank you so much for sharing your skills. May God keep you healthy and happy for whole life.

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    Thank you very much for this video,
    Assalamualaikum, can you share your fb link for fiverr discussion…?

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    Bro….Can you please make a video of terms and policies on fiveR…..??

  4. Infographic Shorts Post author

    Bhi me ne ye tariqa apply kiya but no result few impression aa jaty h zyada ni aaty kya waja h please is ko zara check karain….
    Gig Link

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    Sir, your voice is calling before video action!

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    bro… mene payoneer card ka apply kiya hoa h 6 months se mjhe card receive nhi ho rha 3 dafa mail bhi ki h pr ab tk koi khas response nhi a rha is topic pr thor si help chahiye ap ki.

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    Thank You SIr I am new to your both channel and wants to learn from you more.

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    asalam u alikum
    sir main apna first order complete nahi kr paya tha jab main out of station tha tab aya tha buyer nai order cancel kr dia tha or bad review dia tha
    tab say buyer request off hai
    kia ap marinis bary main help kr sakty hain

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    ALLAH bhot bari jaza deayna wala hay GOD BLESS U , MY GURU

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    SIR MAIN google survey from ka ko banay ka tareka tu sekah lea hay par clinet ko project kis tara dayna samj nahi aa raha , woh bolaty hain uss ka link generat hoo hota when app copy past kar sakty par , uss tara data base hamara pas rakh jata ,bana tu hum cilient ka lea us lea sab kuch us ka pas hoo , , tu bhto bhot bhto ahsan hoo ga agar app ik video bana dein , main na fiver pa acount bana hay abi buyer rejust show nahi ho orahe woh be app ka torial say sekha woh be teak karna hay

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    Bhai menai 1 gig banaye hai usper buyer request show nhi ho rhi

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    the rest of the world has no idea what your saying. to increase your skills try english

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    Sir mere pass 9 orders aaye the pr ab 3 months ho gye order nhi aa rhe

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    Alaikum Assalam. I am from Bangladesh bro. Mujhe Urdu bi ati ha… I learn a lot of things from you. Thanks for that.

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    why you people write title in English and speak in Hindi what's the matter
    please try to speak in English or just make a subtitle

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    Hi Sir i want to make a new gig but i didn't know about software

  18. Amnah Jutt Post author

    Thanx for such a informative video……Stay blessed

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    sir ap ki awaz saf ati hai mazay ka sound hai ap kis main record karte hain videos

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    can you please tell us which dictionary you installed on your your PC

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    by the way nice video like it thank you

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    Sir if we change the title and search tag of gig can it become on its orginal position before changing the title and serach tag

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    I am new to Fiverr. Bro Your video was best, informative. Wrna baqi indian or pakistani tu youtube se 2, 5 years old video ko just urdu main translate kr k new video bna dete hain. Or humko vohe ghesi peti info milti ha.
    hahaha. After watching your gig video, I realized that I have already seen your gigs on Fiverr and also copied how you conveying your message through your gigs description. I am receiving clients messages, views, clicks, and impressions. Thanks to you.

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    Not a very informative video regarding SEO. Just giving the general informations that most of us already know.

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    Aamir Bhai bhoot ache Han ap but kute bhonkte Han to bhonkne den

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    Aamir Bhai mere 2nd Customer ne mjhe 3 star review dia client new tha tu Meri ab buyer request ni send hoti men ne client ko change krne ka bhi kaha or delete krne ka bhi wo kehta ha change ni hota or na delete hota ha 60 days mere pure hone wle Han tu kia din pure hone ke bad Meri request jyr gi

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    If you want an awesome 3D video, please check this link


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