How To Book 3X MORE Appointments For Your Real Estate Business In 8 Minutes!

By | November 2, 2019

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna break down how to book more appointments from the leads that you’re already generating for your real estate business guys I’m not talking about the follow up I’m talking about immediately after you generate a lead how to actually take advantage of that person’s attention and Be able to book more appointments and phone calls So I’m gonna show you two different ways right here and really quick If you do want a more in-depth Facebook Ads Instagram lead generation marketing training I’ll have a link down below the description as well as in the top comments my 100% free training where I dive into all of this and if you want my free Facebook ad Templates that you can just literally copy and paste and use in your business You’ll be able to get those on that training as well. So First way let’s go through we’re going to talk about how to do this with landing pages And then as you can see right here We’ve got a lead form and we’re gonna break down two different ways to do it with both Landing pages as well as lead forms. Okay. So for as example with the landing page, let’s come in here Let’s create a new landing page And yes, you could do this with any type of software But let me just show you guys how to do this with the arsenal’ system So let’s say we’ve got a listing lead campaign that we want to set up So we hit choose right here, and this will kick us into our website builder and on this first page Obviously this is where we get people to opt-in. So we run a Facebook ad or Instagram ad whatever it is they click on that ad of that post whatever you’re using and they come to this landing page and If you’re curious Like why send them to a landing page if you already got a website? Well in that free training that the links down in the description I break down Step by step why landing pages are actually way better that convert 10 to 25 times more Website visitors into actual leads. Okay. So once they come here they click on this view 36 photos now or whatever you’re however many photos you’ve got and They opt in they become a lead Well now they’re gonna come to what is called a Thank You page or a confirmation page now the great thing is first Once I’m an opt-in with their name phone or an email address we can do the classic like for call them on the phone We can have automated emails and text mark and all that stuff which we talked about a lot videos But I want to show you a technique that is Extremely powerful and if you’re not doing this not taking advantage of this technique right here You’re missing out on a lot of appointments that you could literally get these leads To be calling you in your real estate business So what you want to do here? and so we promised them the price and pictures of this specific listing on the Facebook ad they come here, they opt-in and then here it says hey Thanks, check your email for the price address and photos of this home Well, if we click right here, we can say something like we could actually pull this up to the top row okay, and then say something like I’m Overwhelmed or I’m overwhelmed with showings on this property schedule yours Below now or something like that Okay, something like look guys this property is hot It’s not going to be around for long. If you guys want to actually go through schedule your showing Give me a call right now Then then just to have this button right here where they can go through and book an appointment with you So right here, where’s a few more listings on my site? Instead of this what you could say is call and schedule your showing now Okay, because we want to be able to go through and if they’re want to go and see this property obviously not every single lead Is gonna actually go through and make this happen right before the leads that do they are extremely qualified Prospects extremely qualified buyers and you want to get in touch with them immediately You don’t want to have any barrier to entry for them coming in and having to wait for your email your text message or wait For you to call them you want to give them the opportunity to? Either book a phone call with you or call you right away So the way I’d like to do this is there’s a free appointment scheduling apps called calendly comc al e ND l And go through create a free account There is like some more advanced accounts but I’ve never needed to go through and upgrade and pay anything for this and It syncs with your Google Calendar your Outlook count or whatever accounting system you use and then you can go through and set your calendar For the days of the week and the times of day that you’re available. Okay, and then once you’ve done that and gives you this little link right here to your calendar and you can see I’ve got this little strategy session right here and I made it So I’m not available at all just for demo purposes right But you can have the lead go through and choose what day of the week works best for them to call you can choose what? time works best for them and so that it’s matching up exactly with your calendar when you can actually call them and then one other Thing that I would do I would say I have just have I’ll call you right here But say if you’re if you want to book an appointment right now call me at and have your phone number listed right there So there’s no barriers to entry right here. So all we do Is we just take this link right here and we go throw it in right there. So now look at this we’ll come in here and We’ll just opt-in and I’ll show you guys it’s tes lead with the landing page and then I’ll show you guys exactly how to do With lead forms here in a second Okay So we come we’re here Someone clicks on your Facebook or Instagram ad which remember all those copy and paste templates You can get those down in my free training in the description below and then we come over here We type in our name our email address and then we throw in our phone number right there We hit submit. This person becomes a lead right there getting automated emails and text mark and all that Well, look at this. Now. This is our thank-you page or confirmation page. We want to take advantage of this page as much as possible Because we have their undivided attention at this very moment When we send them the automated email or the automated text later on we might not have their undivided attention But for this split second we do. Okay. So now it says thanks, you know all the everything that we put in earlier Call us schedule your showing take some this page. They go through click through schedule an appointment on complete auto-pilot So while you’re out and about at your kids soccer game appointment showings whatever it is This is all happening on the background on complete auto-pilot. Okay, and the same thing works with facebook lead form? so this would be your Facebook ad right and Instead of sent them to your landing page for your lead generation page We are going to have a lead form, which those guys were unfamiliar with lead forms. Basically you click on this ad and Just pops a perform right here on Facebook Which is really cool because then it pretty fills this information with whatever information Facebook has on file For that Facebook user. Okay, so you have their name email obviously you can have your phone number you have more data as well if you like and then we’re just gonna hit next and Then okay. Would you like to go through and submit your information? Submit and then look at this right here where it says view website Inside the Facebook Ads manager, you can go through just like we did on this Thank You page So coming back here we can have it linked out to our Calendly appointment scheduling page. Okay, and on top of that, so if we click on this right here, let’s see We’ve gotta go in to another site right here but you can have it going to your calendar page or you can even say hey call right now and If they click on that, it can be directly calling your your phone number, right? So there’s two different ways to go through and take advantage and obviously we’re still gonna have all the emails and text marketing place You’re still gonna want to go through be proactive when new leads come in you want to call them or have maybe your is a or your assistant call them but You you want to capitalize on this low-hanging fruit right here? And this is how you can book two to three times more appointments from the leads that you’re actually generating So anyway, I hope this helped with the overall marketing lead generation appointment booking Strategy when it comes to your real estate business and if you found this video helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that in if you want me to dive Deeper into even the follow-up the copy and paste email text marketing templates. Once again, all that is down below in that free training So just click that Training in the description as well as in the top comment and I will share that with you guys that you guys can jump in 100% free check it all out download those templates. And with that said I will see you in the next video

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  1. Sunil Khatri Post author

    Hey Jason,
    Amazing content, I have built a Real Estate Marketing company and learnt a lot from your videos👌

  2. Jason Wardrop Post author

    Start Booking More Appointments Here 👉

  3. Monish Kumar Post author

    Totaly Awesome, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , if you like to 🙂

  4. Dustin Kofoed Post author

    Good stuff here Jason. One (sorta related) question around FB ads and LAA … it seems that look alike audiences are kaput now for housing type ads. Do you have strategies to mitigate that or do you just stick to custom audiences now?

  5. Beinn Post author

    Hey, Jason, I run an SMMA and I'm thinking about using your software for some real estate clients, is there templates/tips for getting more home sellers leads?
    I can only seem to get home buyers leaders currently.


  6. Deal Grabon Post author

    Hi Jason,

    Have you charged a real estate agent a commission based structure where they pay (let's say) 0.5% of the deal commission once the deal is closed and charge them a minimal base price of $499/mo to keep them serious? What are the pros and cons for that? And how would you monitor the sale for the lead that you are bringing to the agent?


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