How to Become a Multi-Millionaire by LOSING Money

By | October 17, 2019

73 thoughts on “How to Become a Multi-Millionaire by LOSING Money

  1. RivieraMan Post author

    Richard Branson was once asked, "How do you become a Millionaire?" He replied, "It's easy, first become a Billionaire, then buy an Airline."

  2. Divyesh Chaudhari Post author

    Love your videos, can you tell me how much money should I lose on facebook ads to make it profitable?

  3. Learn To Earn Post author

    For become a millionaire first earn and invest . You and your 💰 must work hand in hand….

  4. Exploit Hacker Post author

    Hey Neil sir tell me if I buy the whole theme company then if I change the theme footer with my business site —that lead to too much backlinks and refer domain that will increase my ranking is it have bad impact also tell plz

  5. Barath Kumar.E Post author

    Is this video is also a test video Neil? Because I found that Each and every 5 to 7 sec your are moving the video.

  6. Andre L. Vaughn Post author

    Dope advice as always Neil. Your analogy of the 7, 8 & 9 figure companies make sense to me as well. Thanks man!

  7. Know The New Post author

    Hello! I want know sms marketing tools… can you help me…

  8. punit bayad Post author

    What are some of the beginning steps for creating SEO agency?

  9. Ajay Malik Post author

    Another great video. Please make a video about best way to advertise business online for small business

  10. Young Indian motive Post author

    Neil how to write a title for seo friendly article

  11. Theo Deligiannidis Post author

    please keep giving us videos like this one! you are the best!

  12. GRANDCANYON46 Post author

    Neil, I need your help in developing a website with a high level of conversion.What is the best way to contact you?

  13. Arkin Khemchandani Post author

    Hey Neil, awesome video. I thoroughly enjoy your content and tips. It resonates with my thought process. Keep going!

  14. GRANDCANYON46 Post author

    I have been reading a lot about marketing, but I need to move on with results in my business, time is money. Need your expertise

  15. Millionaire Journey Post author

    I don't have a website but i use YouTube to generate leads and other social media
    Do you think its a long term business? If not what should i do to make it long term business
    And also what could be best tracking software as i don't have a website

  16. Gourav Rathi Post author

    Hey Neil
    which team do you use in your blog Neil Patel

  17. Alaina Nicole Post author

    Love the second tip! Provide amazing services that people don’t expect ✨👌🏼👌🏼

  18. Kaizen Lee Post author

    Alright, Neil. You've talked about 7, 8, 9 figure companies. What about solopreneurs like me? Lol. Anyways, thanks for the very informative video. Who knows…. I'll own a 7 figure company one day.

  19. partha panna Post author

    Dear Neil, can you share something about pharmaceuticals marketing and sales those have some mass media regulatory restrictions

  20. GRANDCANYON46 Post author

    Thank you Neil for your excellent advise as always!

  21. Sandesh Talekar Post author

    Neil you amazing .jeff bezos said customer is king

  22. Anupam Bhagat Post author

    Hello Neil sir, Every time you publish a new thing online whether its video, blog post or podcast, You come up with the title line with most curiosities in it. Do you have a magical wizard or something for it? 😉 Btw the video is superb…

  23. Serban Ionescu Post author

    Hey, Neil. I'm a Romanian 21 y.o. student studying in the Netherlands and I've been trying to get my mom's business to generate as many sales as possible (together with my dad). She's doing handmade Christmas decorations and handmade jewelry. She's an amazing artist, but the problem is that in Romania there are not that many big fans of handmade as the image of handmade is poorly perceived…people prefer well-known brands such as Pandora or Swarovski. Her products are unique, but she's still not having too much sales and page visitors. We're, of course, using Instagram and facebook to promote her creations (Also pinterest), but still, people like the post, they comment, but never really buy. We're planning to make a blog so as to make it easier for people to discover our products. What is your opinion? Do you have any good advices of something that can make my mom's business grow? Thank you for all the videos you post. I watch them daily and I feel they complete me. I'm always seeking for some answers on how to manage pages, do marketing and SEO, and you've been my greatest help so far. I love your compassionate nature and wish that everyone was so giving…Enjoy your evening 🙂

  24. Joao Pina Post author

    Hey Neil! Love to see your content and loved this video… just a side note: you believe that Amazon will be a trillion dollar company and you’re right! they already hit that mark on September (although at this moment Amazon isn’t a trillion dollar company due to market fluctuation). Greetings from Portugal!

  25. Debbie Claussen Post author

    I have a question Neil…What is your guess as to how long you can 'court' a company with free shit until you try and get at least some revenue from them? For example, getting a company that has zero online presence including online advertising. I can understand offering a free website, a few months of hosting etc…where does the 'good' deed end and the monetizing start? I am really curious what you think. Thanks, and yes I am building for the long term. As always, love your stuff.

  26. Sachin Khanna Post author

    Hii neil,
    Someone embed my infographic on his site. But he just embed the infographic. Like <img src="imgurl" alt="text" />. He is not using <a> link code. So, my question is do I get some benefit from just embed image from my link.

  27. Ankit Dubey Post author

    Hi Neil ,
    This question has been running in my mind since I started with SEO .
    With the same keyword my result varies on Chrome and Firefox on Google .
    What Could be the reason behind this .
    With same keyword my website is ranking 5 on 6th page of chrome , whereas Firefox shows the same on 3rd page last result.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. Advert Lines Post author

    Nice video. Paying for a customer is one thing that actually makes me money with facebook and facebook lead ads. I do lots of testing and some leads are £15 to £20 with a £500 CAC, and some markets are £2-4 leads with a £40 CAC cost.

  29. shree ram Post author

    Are you saying apple sells $1200 and lose money 🤔🤔🤔i don't think soooo

  30. Dr. Sebi Inspired - Mucusless Diet Center Post author

    What is best Neil hiring out a 12000 word article trying to be number 1 or 2 weeks of Google Ads. The price is about the same.

  31. Ricardo Escobar Post author

    Neil can you please recommend a good API to create an seo tool? Which one do you use?

  32. Bridget Fields Post author

    Thanks Neil, awesome tips. I'll be checking out that software.

  33. Jerry Danisa Post author

    You just hit a home run again Neil. I couldn't have said it better. So proud of what you are doing that I will keep sharing the links to your works to help more people. Many thumbs up

  34. Honey Sharma Post author

    Hey neil make a video on why website comes in Google ommittid result and its solutions

  35. Marc Weiner Post author

    Hi Neil I'm currently working my way through all your video's and blogs and can't thank you enough as I'm learning so much.. This one in particular stuck a cord with me and my small group of like minded brand building buddies. My friend sent me this note on messenger and I was so happy to share this video with her. She has since watched everyone of videos…….. Is it normal to be nervous about now at how much money I’m spending on something that might not work?? This video was perfect….

  36. Hippie films Post author

    Hi Neil we are a video production service, what marketing strategies do you think is apt for our service?

  37. RankWatch | SEO Software Post author

    The tips and the examples are really helpful in understanding how one can increase their chances of generating more revenue. If you'd really like your business to grow, you need to keep your users happy and use tools like Google Analytics etc. to analyze the success of your marketing strategies.

  38. Radha Sai Post author

    Hi Neil? Can we earn money through online news portal? if so how much we can expect if we post 2 posts per day?

  39. nitin sharma Post author

    hi neil
    i am from india. i have social media company and i promote only spirituality content so-
    after how many visitors per month i can monetize my content and what is the best tool to check visitors and e-mail subscriber

  40. Rohit kirpa Post author

    Thanks Neil for sharing your thoughts & knowledge
    Amazon prime example is great and Tip No 4 is good all the tool you mentioned are really helpful for conversions
    Thanks 😊

  41. Redwan Belhadri Post author

    I think you recorded this video maybe earlier because Amazon is already a trillion dollar company and thanks for the solid content bro!

  42. Sphelele Sbusiso Post author

    wow man, you provide so much value! do you have any courses on SEO and building an E- commerce?

  43. sushil kumar Post author

    Dear sir can you make your video's in hindi language

  44. Jagan S Post author

    @Neil, OMG, don't you get tired of having all these stuff in your mind? just want to know ' how you are so cool?'

  45. tiru yoga Post author

    Great, it worth a million dollars my friend. God bless you.


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