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By | August 29, 2019

– In this video, we’re gonna
ask some major experts what their opinion is on how to
become a more technical marketer. All and more coming up, right after this. (energetic music) Hi there, and welcome to another video of where we teach you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian and on this channel, we do marketing tech reviews, tutorials, and the occasional interview,
just like this one. So if you haven’t yet,
consider subscribing. Now recently, we went to London to attend MeasureCamp, my favorite
analytics conference really, and we also took our video gear with us so we would be able to do
some interviews for you guys in the breaks between the talks. So this time we asked,
where should a marketer start out if he wants to become
a more technical marketer and here’s what they said. – In a way, you don’t need
to become too technical, I don’t think, there’s
all different ranges for different people but
to become a good analyst, you have to understand
where the data comes from, how it’s built and how it’s
been produced by the tools. So definitely understanding
the rule to that, how it’s sort of set up
and how it’s transmitted to Google servers and what
could we do with it then. If you understand the
raw data, how it’s built, the numbers you’re then looking
at, make so much more sense. Otherwise, you’ll make mistakes just through a lack of knowledge. – Well, most recently,
I was very lucky cause I started working much closer
with my agency’s developers so I saw, I was working
directly with one of our developers when he was integrating a enhanced Ecommerce style data layer and we were working with
like, when was the data layer updated, when there was
a certain Ajax request on the pages and stuff like that and that really, cause
enhanced Ecommerce, especially, is quite complex to get
your head around anyway, but working in that
fashion with a developer and watching them write the
PHP which built the data layer and pushed the variables
into the data layer that was on the front end of the site was really eye opening and that
was a really good experience and I know not a lot of other analysts are that lucky to work that
closely with developers. – Well familiarity with Excel is always gonna be a core skill but increasingly, Google Sheets is an excellent place to go. Particularly now that
you’ve got Data Studio so, you know, Data Studio
will allow you to visualize anything in Google Sheets
and it’s a beautiful sort of, dashboard creations so
I’d say that’s the way it’s really going from the
reporting side of things. You know, get going with Data Studio, learn how to use Google Sheets like you learn how to use Excel and those will be really
good starting points. So you need to kinda be thinking about getting stuff out of Google Analytics and not just relying
on the standard reports that are contained within,
to get your own sort of customized views on what’s
happening with your websites. – I think, you know, a big key
these days is tag management. So take our fundamentals course for DTM. But also, the way that I learned
and became more technical, was really just reading a lot of blogs and understanding what other
people are doing out there. People are doing some really cool things. Simo, in particular,
I read his blog often. It’s a great place for tips. – I think, It’s kind of like
with the technical stuff, it’s more, this is not
a great thing to say but it’s a bit of a case
of, fail fast, as in … You wanna …. in some ways,
the more mistakes you make, the more you’ll learn from those mistakes. So, like, when I was first starting out, I made loads of mistakes
which is not great, but it does mean you’re not
going to make them again. And you definitely remember
if you’ve made the mistake. And it’s, thankfully
now, I know pretty much all the mistakes that you can make so it’s like, phewf, I’m
normally pretty careful. The tools I mentioned for
automating also reduced the number of mistakes
and improved data quality so there’s a bunch of
Chrome plugins which help with technical stuff,
Google Tag Assistant, Data Slayer and the Preview Window. – Learning programming
just the web tech stack is important in html-5 CSS Java script. Those three tools, learning
the basic terminology, learning the basics of those three tools, it will get you far in
analytics, in digital marketing as well and then again,
you’re back to the place where you have to figure
out what kind of an analyst you are, what kind of a marketer you are. For example, if you’re into
SEO, you might want to start learning about how the web server works, so you understand re-directs,
you understand, you know, you understand how pre-rendering
works and stuff like this. If you’re into analytics,
you wanna know how the document object model
works, how the web browser renders a page and all this kind of stuff. So, getting down and
dirty with the tech stuff is what you, what I would
recommend people to pick up. – So, there’s a lot of
people at the moment who get very excited about learning Python and scripting languages,
I think it’s great but that’s not the starting point. I think, for most of us,
the environment we work in is the web so start with
learning web technologies. Learn JavaScript, learn jQuery, learn CSS, learn html, learn to set up a server. Understand the mechanics
of how the internet works and then go away and do clever stuff with machine learning and systems but understand the mechanical side first. – So there you have
it, this is how you can become a more technical marketer. Now leave a comment below
if you have any more tips on how you started out
in technical marketing and to become a more technical marketer and what helped you out the most, I would be really interested in it. And if you want to become
a more technical marketer, then check out our new
project: where we have built a few resources around how to be more technical in
the field of Digital Marketing. Now, my name is Julian and
I’ll see you next week.

2 thoughts on “How to Become A More Technical Marketer | Tips from Experts at Measurecamp

  1. André Mafei Post author

    Hi Julian. I'm a programmer specialized in tag implementation, I studied computed science, not marketing, so I'm definitely not a marketer and I don't know your reality very well BUT I do have an opinion about your question "How to become a more technical marketer?", my answer is: Are you sure you should become a more technical marketer? For me it makes more sense for marketer to become better in business strategy, not technical stuff. I say that because I help marketers from all kind of industries to improve their strategy and here is how we divide responsibilities:
    * Me (data engineer): setup systems, configure reports and teach people how to use the reports
    * Marketers: use the reports to answer business questions to improve strategy
    When they are not sure about some number, or need a new number, they ask me. When they want some marketing advice I say: "I have no idea, I studied computed science, I can help you to know which marketing campaigns are working better, calculate the ROI, but coming up with new marketing ideas is not my thing."
    So my advice is: choose few things to be great at.

  2. Wren Marketing Communications Post author

    Good interviews! Thanks.


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