How To Beat Your Competition With Clever SEO – SEO Tips

By | October 19, 2019

Don’t you just hate it, when your competition
beats you in SEO! I mean they’re out ranking you, they’re taking away your potential business.
And you don’t want that. You want to be making sure that you out rank your competition and
you take that business for yourself. Here’s three really simple ways that you can beat
your competition with clever SEO. Number 1, video marketing. Or more specifically YouTube
marketing. Everybody knows that Google is the number one search engine, in the world.
But do you know what the second one is? YouTube. Have you ever noticed that when you Google
phrase, your starting to see those little YouTube videos coming up in the search results.
By just creating simple YouTube video you can start to out rank your competition in
no time. Number 2, blog, blog, blog! Blogs are a great way for you to add more pages
on your website and increase your SEO. If you don’t have that many pages on your website,
then you haven’t got the best SEO that you could have. Number 3, embed your Youtube videos
in your blog posts. Wouldn’t it be great if you appear on page one of Google, multiple
times? Well you can do this by embedding your YouTube videos in your blog posts. Embedding
a YouTube video in your blog post can really boost the SEO of that page, if you do it right.
By having both a video and a blog post you can now start to rank, for the same phrases
multiple times on page one of Google. Okay how’s that? Good. Stop rolling…

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