How to be there for every twist and turn of the customer journey

By | August 13, 2019

Morning and welcome to Google Marketing Live. From the very beginning, Google’s focus has been on building
products that deliver everyday helpfulness, and we extend this thinking
to ads as well. We believe ads should be helpful. Even back in 2000, the very first
ads that appeared in Google search results connected people with the things they
were looking for based on the keywords they type. And Google Ads made it easy
for anyone to find customers on search. Our experience shows that people prefer
ads that are personalized to their needs and interests, but only if those ads offer transparency, choice, and control. We found that more than three out of four
consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries while shopping. But in order
to get them to take action you have to anticipate what they want and need. Today, we’re super excited to announce Discovery Ads. This is a new way to reach
people across Google properties in the moments they’re most open to discovering your products and services. Here’s what you get out of the box. First, unmatched
reach, the YouTube home feed, Gmail promotions tab, and the feed and discover.
Reach hundreds of millions of people in the moments when they’re most open to
finding something new. Second, rich and relevant creatives, Discovery Ads provide
an open canvas for you to inspire and engage consumers. Simply provided a diverse
set of high-quality creative assets and Google’s machine learning magic will do
the rest. We will deliver the best ad, rendered natively across each Google
property, to help you get discovered. By combining this incredible reach and
creative canvas with Google’s understanding of intent, you can be
confident you’re anticipating what your customers want and delivering the
results you care about. Discovery Ads will begin rolling out to all
advertisers globally later this year. We’re doing a lot more so that you can
be there, be useful, and be responsible. Thank you.

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