How To Avoid SEO Scams – SEO Scammers Beware!

By | August 24, 2019

Darren Taylor: I hate making
videos like this because I’m not one for talking down an
industry that I’m part of. I don’t think most
people like doing that. You wouldn’t put down your own
people in your own industry. Unfortunately, in this
video, I’m going to confront something that was
brought to my attention by a few people I’ve
worked with in the past and that is how
to avoid SEO scammers. Now, if you’re a business
owner and you’re out there looking for better organic traffic or organic
visibility for your website, it’s an absolute
minefield out there. Of course, I’m an SEO, I’m
also an SEO consultant. I guess you could ask yourself,
what do I have to gain from making a video putting
down the industry I work in? My worry is business
owners everywhere really need to be aware of the
signs to look for when it comes to people who
just want to take your money and don’t really
care about your ranking. I’m going to give you
some simple bits of advice and some simple
questions to ask your SEO agency you’re
thinking of hiring as to how they’re going to
optimize your website. All of that advice
and more coming up. [music] Darren: Hey there guys, Darren
Taylor of here. My job is to teach you all
about search engine marketing. Today, I’m not talking
about teaching marketing. I’m teaching you how
to avoid marketing scammers in terms of SEO scammers. The SEO industry is
massive and is something that’s been growing
rapidly as businesses look at online advertising
and still even now are moving away from
offline advertising. You’d think that everyone’s
moved over but not quite yet. SEO, again, is something a lot
of businesses are conscious of. How do you find the
right person to partner with or the right
business to partner with when you want
to grow your organic rankings and how do
you avoid scammers? Well, here are the
questions you need to ask. First of all, ask them when they can
guarantee you to get to position one. This is a trick question, of course. No SEO in their right
mind will guarantee you position one for anything,
even if it might be quite an easy keyword,
because ultimately, SEO is not something in our control. It’s something in Google’s control. All we can do is do things in the
right way and push you in the right direction to make sure
you’re getting the best results. If someone says, straight away,
they can guarantee position one for your business, run for the hills
because that can’t be possible. Don’t listen to it. Don’t take that on as
something that can happen for you in terms of a
business saying that. An agency should say,
or a consultant should say, “We can target
these keywords, the likelihood of getting into
position one is quite high or the likelihood
for these keywords are quite low in the medium
term, in the short or in the long-term is quite
high.” These kinds of things or these kinds
of conversations are honest conversations
and that’s the key. You’ve got to have honest
conversations with your SEO agency. Look, if you’ve got a brand new
website or a site that’s not been optimized or you haven’t been
writing content and it’s quite a new domain, the chances are
of you getting to page one in the first instance, in the very
short-term, are slim to none. You’ve got a lot of work
to do and the agency you partner with should
recognize that and give you a fair timeline
and a fair scale of work that should be done
in order to get there. The next thing you
should do, actually before even asking
a question, is set up an account on
Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools. It’s quite difficult to do this. There’s quite a lot of work
involved in setting up this kind of account for your website
if you’re not web savvy, if you’re a business owner that
doesn’t really get hands-on with digital marketing, but
it’s definitely worth doing. If you haven’t done that
already, definitely ask your agency how they’re going to use
the Google Search Console. The agency or the consultant
should tell you exactly how it’s used, which is
understand what traffic you’re getting already,
understand the technical elements and ability of your website
spotting any issues. All of these kinds of things are
what the search console is for. If that doesn’t come up in a
conversation when you’re starting to work with an SEO agency,
then there’s a big problem. If you don’t have an account already
and the agency is not even asking you to ask your web
designer to install it, then there’s a big problem. Make sure you nip that in
the bud straight away. Up next, ask them for case studies,
reviews, and testimonials. These are going to be
the proofs you need. It’s going to really
be the proof that can show you how good they
are at their job. You can see the businesses
that they’ve worked with, you can see the results they’ve
got for clients in the past, you can see what size of
business they were, and you can see, obviously, all of the
detail within that as well. Make sure you ask that question
because those case studies and testimonials and reviews are
really going to be important. In fact, you can as brazen
to actually reach out to those businesses and
ask the question of how it went working with this
agency or this consultant because you’re at the
liberty to do that. You can pick the phone up. You’re well within your
rights to do that. Make sure that’s something you
also do if you feel like you can. Just pick the phone up and
speak to their clients. If not, just be comfortable
knowing that the reviews and the results they’re getting are
going to fit your business as well. Finally, one of the things
you want to do is make sure you check their work
on their own website. How well are they ranking
for their key terms? How well are they getting
visibility for the terms that you think they
should be showing for? If they’re an SEO agency
based in Worcester, type in SEO agency in Worcester
and see if they come up, whether that be the local
pack in terms of that local map results or maybe
further down the page. See where they rank. If they don’t rank for
their own headline terms, then you can ask
them, “How can you help my business if you’re
not ranking for some of your low-hanging
fruits headline terms?” When it comes to things
like I mentioned, SEO agency in Worcester for example, an SEO agency worth their salt should
be pushing towards that direction. That’s maybe a bit unfair. One thing you need to realize
is, of course, it’s incredibly competitive ranking for SEO
terms in terms of SEO. It’s something that’s
quite difficult. That might be unfair, but there
are a few things you can do. You can ask them directly how
they’re trying to rank for their targets, some of the strategies
they’re using for their own website. Turn it around a little
bit and try and see if they can give you an
explanation of what they’re trying to do for their
website before they even think of getting their
hands on your website. You’ve turned it around a bit,
you understand the mentality. If they have answers, good
answers to all of these questions, then you could
be quite comfortable you’re working with an agency or
a consultant that can do the job and that can help
get where you’re going. They’re not just going
to take your money. I hope this video has been helpful. The main thing is confidence. Be confident enough to ask
these questions because, at the end of the day,
if you don’t ask them and you get stung, you’re
not going to trust SEO and by some extension,
digital marketing as well. That’s a big problem in the industry. I want to make sure you guys go
ahead and avoid that situation. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you liked it, please
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if you’ve been hurt by an SEO scammer and how you’ve potentially
avoided them as well. More important than that,
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