How To Approach Too Many Elements in Navigation

By | October 10, 2019

Hi, I’m Bruce Clay, this is the Ask Us
Anything Series. Google Webmaster Guidelines clearly
supports your siloing methodology by saying have a clear hierarchy. That is a
great idea on one many site support as a standard, but it is certainly easier said
than done. I have quite a few important silos, too many for a normal navigation.
How should I approach having too many elements in my navigation?
Well, there’s multiple problems with that. One problem is you do have to represent
your site on a mobile device. We’ve seen sites with four hundred elements in
their navigation, that is not going to work well on a mobile device, so you’re
gonna have to consider your mobile navigation as the primary navigation
regardless just for the number of elements that you’re going to have and
remember in a mobile first environment Google is only going to spider your
mobile representation of your website. They are not going to keep going back to
your desktop expansion and look at your navigation for crawling your site. So,
your navigation has to be written around your mobile device regardless. The second
part is often we have people with too many levels. So what you’re going to need
to do is look at your keywords and determine if any of them actually fall
into families. For instance, I can be talking about SEO or I could go straight
into SEO tools, SEO blogs, SEO services, and when I get to SEO services, I could
have penalty assessments, audits, content, everything that you can imagine there’s
thousands of things: Speed, servers, CMS. So normally when you set up your
hierarchy and it is a hierarchy that Google is expecting, it’s going to be a
drill down where it’s parent, child, grandchild, etc., so when you do it, don’t
try to make everything at the top. You end up there diluting your PageRank by
linking to too many things, you make your navigation too cumbersome for a visitor.
You just want to know how did they search, bring him to that particular
family of topics. Work your way through the themes, you’ll have a happier
audience, you’ll have a happier search engine experience, everything will work
better for you. So definitely create a hierarchy, don’t have too much at the top,
make it a drill down, and you’ll succeed just fine

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