How To Add Whatsapp Button To Facebook Page (Easy Steps)

By | January 29, 2020

In this video I’ll be showing you how to connect your Facebook page with your whatsapp business Android app and how to set your business Android app on your smart phone and what are all the important things that you need to Do on your what’s up business Android app and how do you make use of your business Facebook page? And how to add the Facebook button on your facebook business page so friends So now let us see how to find and install whatsapp business Android app so if here we need to click on the Play Store button so once we are inside the Play Store button we need to search for so here you can observe that when I’m Searching for what’s up business? It is showing me an solution about an app So it’s all the same the whatsapp business. So we need to click on this. What’s our business? So here you can see this is I’m whatsapp business and Road up that you can Connect to the a Facebook page People connecting to the Facebook page we need to install this so I have already installed this Whatsapp business Android app? Which is developed by whatsapp, and so here? You have all the information about this. This app is a last updated online of December 2019 So here we’ll find out the developer contact. So we need to open this Suppose you have two numbers So I then I would suggest that you can use this. Whatsapp business for your Separate number which is not your personal number because you number we have a more exposure on the Facebook page. So You may not be Sometimes you may not be available for this now the Contact is better to have Dedicated and above for your whatsapp business. So here it’s we are on the Jack We’re on the status. So recently updated my whatsapp status here . You can see the your calls So now I’ll click on this the three dot here. So it’s a settings. I need to click on this here you can see that I have updated my profile here clicking name and with my Profession that’s into the digital marketing and the stock market strategist. So here you have the business settings We need to click on this So once you click on this business profile, so here it will show you our number This is a business account. So if we need to click on this the other I have set it for the The industry sorry here you can find The industries here. So here you can find So here you have the automotive duties by salon clothing apparel education entertainment even planning Service finance banking. So here you have plenty of options to choose so I have chosen by default other also I can Change this to any of this Services available here. For example, I’m choosing the finance and banking So here given the information digital marketing consultant and stock markets Strategist so here you have you can set the time for your business suppose Like you want to be available or with the what’s up business messages? So it is asset on Monday to Sunday Sunday. It is closed. So Monday to Saturday 9:00 9:00 a.m To 6:00 p.m So after that I provide my email address and here is my the website that is related to the digital marketing The other one is a Facebook page, which is related to my stock market study techniques and stir Edge’s so here we can edit any or any of these things also in addition to that you can set your Set local location on the map suppose you have an dedicated office For your business, then you can select that and it will be saved in me. What’s our business? So now I’m clicking on this same so that information is saved here. So here you can you need to also add the Profile image which will give an idea about your business. Here. We have the catalog and Before that there is a messaging tools by default. You can choose the away message So once you click on this you just need to send a wave message automatically reply with a message When you are available So whenever you are traveling or you are in a meeting Or you are not able to take reply to any of the messages. You just need to click on this button so this will be a Tauntaun and it will give a message for who is secure message They will receive a reply saying that you are away. So by default I’m turning it off So after this, we have the greeting message here. So once we click so here we need to turn this on Greeting message. So greeting message is thank you for contacting With the name with your name, please. Let us know. How can you help you so by default This is the information available so they can also edit this but I am leaving this as it is and taking ok here So you can select the recipients here so you can choose who receives your greeting message. So by default I have left it for The option is for everyone. So now I will go back so I think on this so it is saved So here we have the third option of the messaging tool. This is a quick tip like so here you can Relate this so message. Thank you for your business. We look forward to working with you again so either you can add any of the message like thank you for your the the Message thank you for your reply. How can we help you or anything like that? Those are the shortcut is Thanks So here we need to add the key words, which is an optional but I would recommend that you add the key word Which is related to your industry. So I am clicking Save here. I will go back to this. So here we have the Catalog here. So here you can send products and services to your customers and sales space on your phone So here you need to click on this add a product or service So here you need to click on this the images that is available here. So then add the product For example, let me add an image here. So for example, I’m adding this the need help in digital marketing, so I will select the You So here we can click on this remote fridge so it can also provide the link your product or service code So here since I don’t have any of the link right now I’m just saving this as of the catalog is the same. So here this is a first catalog that is on my whatsapp business profile so You can see that this is the first catalog that I have saved so you can click on this the plus icon that is on the green button here in green red color plus button So you can add several catalogs that is related to your business surveys of products. So I go back to your here Main business settings. So here you have these Statistics so here it will show us the message sent message delivered message read message receive so then here we have the option for the Short link here. So this we can now copy and share with in your social media Platforms so this will give a quick Link for people who want to contact us on what’s up? so friends, this is the method to install your whatsapp business Android or on your smart phone and set your Profile settings on your whatsapp business app. So now let us go to the whatsapp Facebook Settings what’s up how to add a face? What’s a button on Facebook page and explain you all the Requirement required steps so friends in this video. We are going to see how to and what’s our pattern on your Facebook page so how to find and install whatsapp business Android app on your smartphone Also how to do profile settings on what’s a business app on your smartphone. So we are on the third part What’s our Facebook settings? So I take you to the my Facebook page one of the business page one of the Facebook page. That’s a Learn SEO technique so you can find this in the Facebook log It’s your techniques. So here by default you can see that The button I have set is send email. So we need to change this to the what’s up button So we need to click on this settings here so friends on the left-hand side. We are able to see the Instagram What’s up future? So here you need to click on this icon, which is showing the icon of what’s up So just click on this whatsapp icon So then you will come to this connect to the what’s up to a Facebook page So here you have two different icons. So this icon represents normal whatsapp account, which you are default using your Mobile number and this icon to present it this represents your rewards up Business Android app so I already showed you how you can install the whatsapp Business app on your smartphone. So as I told you are years suppose you have two different numbers Then you can you use the dedicated number for this What’s up business here? So here connect your whatsapp account. So this is a Country code here. So here I’ll be providing my Mobile number so once I have entered the mobile number, I need to click on this same code now It is asking me enter the code in the whatsapp message that is received on This number to confirm your workshop account so friends I disabled the code on my business and I This double click on this confirmed button. So you have connected a whatsapp account to your page Now you would like to add a what sub button on your page This button sends people directly to what’s up so that they can send you a message If you already have a button on your page, this button will replace the existing one So as I showed you earlier, I had a send email button. So once I click on this Add button the Side email button on my Facebook page will be replaced suppose. If you do not want to add this button at this point of time immediately not now so but here I click on this I button here we can see that you use what’s up as a page button So here you can click on or off view Setting also as your primary page button makes it easier for people to send you a message Directly in what’s up? So this is a better opportunity suppose you uploading any business product you’re selling products or service so you can directly interact your prospective customers and Generate more income get more business sales everything can happen with this more time So here you can now you have the option show what’s off number on page so displaying your whatsapp number? In the About section of your page makes it easier for people to find it. So I have left it off by default now I take you to the page here say this is the no and SEO technique my Facebook page so here you can see that by default it is it is already changed to the workshop of Facebook page per ton so here it was sent email button. So whenever anyone Lines on your Facebook page. So here we will definitely see this. What’s up button here So here let us also test how this will work. So I will be click on this test button so It opened a new page on my Chrome browser So here you can see that My number is displayed and here they can directly click on this message and Send me a message or ask any question. Please check my business so friends, so when you are working on your laptop or computer, you can also connect your whatsapp business Android app to your whatsapp on your desktop all that you have to do is Search for these sorts of Whatsapp web and you’ll be landing on this page. So all that you have to scan this from your Smartphone. Yeah, so I’ll just scan so I’m standing the code here. So On the what’s up web So whenever I get any message sir can directly replied from the whatsapp web so this is the one of the easiest way that you can use suppose you are working on your Laptop or desktop. So you can also connect and immediately respond your the questions or the messages people who are replying Messaging from your Facebook page pretend so friends. This is the methods that you can make use of this Facebook page works off button you have any questions related to this topic on On how to ID. What’s up button on Facebook page. You can leave a reply below the description below the Below this video and I will try to answer all your questions clarify or totes. So thanks for watching this video

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