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By | August 24, 2019

So today, I’m discuss about the Bing Webmaster activation so Webmaster complete for four types we always cause everyone is Google second is the Bing that is majestic and What way is the toolbar off? so we can discussable for and eggs majestic tool bar option under became discuss about the Google and Bing so now we can activate for the Bing Webmaster for my website just I can open by the Bing Webmaster tool So you Bing Webmaster Tools belongs to fer Microsoft so I have to create by the emails by lied odd comma outlook uh hotmail or Gmail You can sign up the will be created by the same like Gmail Now your I am fifty four sign-in option So first of all I am logging my gmail my Microsoft login just click for signing That is called live our Hotmail are out of door come three extension Microsoft will be provided by the three extension. What is called lied out come out? Look a hot meal So you’re here in number of site will be there here a gab did my site So just who do my site for bid on my URL So yeah, just go to it Bing Webmaster all that So when adding lingual master before that you’re different update by the XML site my mandatory Now trading for Bing Webmaster before that your website will be updated by the XML sitemap so I’m clicking for ad So was asking by your sitemap So after dot know what is interfer? sitemap dot Xml this is extension for any sitemap if we check the sitemap or you can use the sitemap extension sitemap dot Xml now see when do you have received the most traffic to this site to your local time of the day? All this default it is a get the traffic using Bing search engine so in specific time you need it 4:00 a.m.. To 9:00 a.m.. 9:00 a.m.. To 5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.. To 11:00 p.m.. 11 p.m.. To 4:00 p.m.. So not that all this bling fur hat So they’re going to avoid asking for being verification code, just copy this add of code Where you can place this code? In the header path, but here I’m not doing anything simple one here was not Being authentication dot XML is extension file just one click is downloading to file into your download folder This folder we upload by weight your cPanel This goal we can upload by we’re in The header part of the body of the adult pot head open and close in pimples at put But right now. I can download the Bing sitemap port we can place into it cPanel now I can log in the cPanel wait for second. I am logging my cPanel I would option call is file manager In the option call is public underscore HTML Any file you upload by way of livin HTML go to upload Select file on your desktop Go to download folder that is called being check this one. This is a ringside authentication now click We’re uploading file your Bing web muscle will be verified or else it’s not verified now click or option call is Verified if it is not verified your link will be wrong submitted the link will be wrong submitted now click Yeah, so is all waiting user a proper website report like this My prey is calls everything in today Zoo clear this is called activation from the Bing Webmaster Just reopened for the website Save on website add site into a language the site may have got XML Why we adding words inside my bed XML. They can give the complete links for indexing purpose So after adding authentication is very important called indexing For the indexing thing, but you are URL in diction URL Extensions page other negative is very important, so you’re just I’m going to here clicked for contact Or the extension here contact copy this URL Where we can submit this URL just look here go to I am go to my being dashboard was that Configure my site Was that submit URLs? Google webmaster can go as a fetch as Google now here submit URL now click here So you can serve me for buy more than this month How many UT More than this month 10 more than today only per day except by 10 only now click first Right here and copy the complete URL In the Google Webmaster giving user your extension, but now here you the complete URL now Which you can index just select here Anyone So copy this URL Is it clear this is index process for being webmasters So we can block the URLs everything we can discuss about the in the tape by the google webmaster Bing Webmaster classes But this is called activation your website using with the Bing Webmaster purpose of Bing search engine Bing dot-com purpose

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