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By | September 14, 2019

So yeah, this is my page So I have the one user is this my page. I’m gonna admit for this page. I can give access to the multiple users Suppose you turn your friend request is the your friend list you can search by name vice Suppose is not your friend list. You. Don’t know his name. You can search by email wise to optionally available If I know that the name Which is sent by name wise so I don’t know that name is set by email wise so write an option go to settings The option call is page rolls The option Polys page rolls here, I’m searching name Follies Rakesh is Siva But probably it’s coming here now says this profile here requesting options are please write on one is called at me editor for greater Advertiser analysis and life and Jupiter Total six options, what is that mean editor? moderator Appetizer unless standard life and to administer they can access everything Edited only for post editing out there your embody information team purpose moderator they’re changing mounted for your eyes only Analyst, I wrote a thing But they can please the ass on your page unless they tricky only put now you contribute They watch your view only nothing else they want your views some 30 by Rita click for at So they asking your page number password enter your Facebook password here, so I’m in tears on my face do Buzzard click for So explicitly or saying here waiting say just go to my profile now Here the option Polly’s face put on some slash pages Will check any bus sending mutation also here option call is filter out from? pages what option call is invites you So yeah click put accent when I accept in Here well show you here painting now will pending will be reporting So I can member up this this page. We can pose by two members one is admin second is the editor Now refresh done recheck previous photo option call is pending now depending is dead So this page we can have four holes by the two profiles on his lottery so second is the omen supper Cooper will be updated by the This page by posting by content. They can’t it not only Mister my indigent. I will propose by the through your page the clear. This is called page you can give access by the multiple users Any company will be same possible villain one payee give access by multiple users each user pushing by different if I content So clear this is per page access due to the multiple users handed emails so for you Don’t know the name result by email you need name But the email will be valid by your Facebook profile With your Facebook profile they not accept by your emails the best of your time Also, the email will be valid with your Facebook profile clear. This is accessed by Facebook range by multiple users enter multiple email ids

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