How to Add PayPal to a WordPress Website

By | January 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to WPKlik’s YouTube channel. Today we’re going to talk about adding PayPal
to your WordPress website using two special plugins. The first plugin we’re going to use is the
PayPal Buy Now Button. This is a simple plugin with a simple purpose
to add a Buy Now button to your site and to allow your visitors to purchase products
or services using PayPal. We’re going to assume you already have a
PayPal account in place, and that you have installed and activated the PayPal Buy Now
Button plugin. Head over to the plugin settings and enter
your Merchant account ID. Also, if you have a sandbox account for PayPal,
you can add the details here too. Under Other Settings, you can also pick among
a few variations of the button, and set whether you want PayPal to open
in the same or in a new window. Your next step now should be to go to any
page or post you want to add PayPal button to. When you open the page or post, you will see
a new option underneath the title, saying PayPal Button. Click on it and a popup will open, prompting
you to enter the item name and price, as well as the button alignment. Once you’ve set all that, click on Insert. After that, a new line of code will appear
in your page or post editor. This is the shortcode you can leave as it
is right here. Or, you can copy it and paste it to add the
button anywhere you want on your site. Hit Update and, on your live site, a Buy Now
button will appear on the page or post you edited. Let’s move on to the other plugin we’re
talking about today, the Simple “PayPal Shopping Cart” As its name suggests, it helps you add shopping
cart functionality to your website. The first thing to do, as usual, is to go
to Plugins, click on “Add New” and find, install and activate the WordPress
Simple PayPal ShoppingCart plugin. Upon installation, you will see Cart Orders
and Simple Cart appear in the menu to the left. Use Cart Orders to display your customers’
orders, while Simple Cart displays various plugin settings and should be your first stop
before you start actually using the plugin. Here you’ll need to set your PayPal email
address which the plugin will use to connect your account to the website, allowing you
to accept purchases. You can also set your shopping cart title,
your preferred currency and your base shipping cost, as well as return and cancel URLs and
several other options. Once you’ve set everything just the way
you want it, scroll down and click on Update Options. While we’re still in General Settings, scroll
back up to the top of the page, where you’ll see two shortcodes under Quick Usage Guide. To create an Add to Cart button for a product,
copy the first code. Now simply paste it in the post or the page
where your product is displayed. Just change the name and price in the shortcode
by adding the name of your own product and ts corresponding price. Click on Publish and you will see the Add
to Cart button on your live page. You can also use WP Cart Shortcode from your
editor. Create a new page and you’ll notice a new
option in the editor, the WP Cart Shortcode. Clicking on it will open the following popup: Enter your product details, note that the name and price are mandatory, other details, like shipping and product variations are optional. and hit the Insert button. The shortcode for your product will now appear
in your editor. The other shortcode in the plugin settings
page can be used to add the shopping cart to a post or a page, for instance your checkout
page. Paste it below the Add to Cart shortcode and
update your page. And that’s pretty much all there is to adding
PayPal buy now and shopping cart buttons to your site. We hope you found this tutorial helpful. For more information about this topic, check
out the description and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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