How to Add Google Search in a WordPress Site

By | January 25, 2020

Hey guys, welcome to WPBeginner and thanks
for watching. In this video we’re gonna cover how to add
Google search to your WordPress website. If you have a lot of information and you
want to make it easier for your readers to find what they’re looking for then
adding Google search for your website is actually a great idea. So to get started
there’s two parts that were gonna do. The first thing we need to do is we’ll install a
plugin to add Google search and then we need to set up Google search so that
your website can render the search results. First thing you want to do is go
to your WordPress dashboard we’ll go down to Plugins, Add New and in the search box
we’re gonna look for WP Google search and this is the one we want so we’ll install
it and we want to activate it as well. Alright now that that’s installed and
activated we can go under settings WP Google search to configure it and as you
see here we need a few things from Google so we’ll get that next. In the
Google search area you want to add new search engine. From here you want to add the site that
you want to allow search on and you can add multiples. Down here your want to choose the
language that it will be in and then you can name the search engine for you. And when you’re finished you just want to click Create. Alright now that we’ve created it we need to go to
control panel and the first thing we need to do is click on the search engine ID because we
need to copy that. Then we need to go over and click on the look and feel so we can change the look and feel
of it and we want results only so that’s what we’ll get. Once I do that I’ll save that. Now we just need to go back to our website put the
search engine ID in. Once we add that we can click Save Changes and then we need to go to our Appearance,
Widgets area so that we can add the search into our sidebar area. I’ll scroll down and i’m looking for a Google
search I’ll grab that and I’ll drag it over to my sidebar and we’ll click save and now you see the Google
custom search. Type something in and here are the results given for my website. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment
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9 thoughts on “How to Add Google Search in a WordPress Site

  1. Xyz 789 Post author

    Is this plugin like the one they use in tumblr where you can search for hash tags only?

  2. Clash Of Clan Attacks And Android Gaming Post author

    Can you please make a video on how to upgrade from bluehost shared hosting to bluehost optimized wordpress hosting.

  3. Aymen Brahim Post author

    i would now if you original website made in WordPress ? because your website like profesionel website so i would if i can make website like it with word press please tell me

  4. jellebel222 Post author

    i only get the ads and no results it seems like that happened to yours to. is this a common problem and can you help me with this?

  5. Sanjog Silwal Post author

    Hey how to make wordpress website make available on google search engine. Can give me some ideas?

  6. Paayi Inc Post author

    have u seen the search button? its ugly how can you solve this issue


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