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By | September 11, 2019

So this is my blogger I can create for the Facebook page plugin regarding for light purpose What is called Facebook page plug-in just Here? I am open my blog the silica dot blogspot RT if anybody open this blog Just has come to here See I will show you here, whatever She’s add something like that here everything So your port but I can show into the my Facebook page. I’ll click off light purpose click of like purpose so your Joshua infer subscribe button further you to same like that I can show by the my Facebook page plug-in like this if anyone does click for like when the law to our Facebook they clipped by the I like page why they show into the Light Connor side same like that. This is my blogger Here is the Facebook page is dead. I can add it this this one to my blogger, so please write down the URL Developers dot J’s slash Dogs slash Plugins Paige – plugin Is a URL developers dot days become slash talks TiVo CS black Plugins PLU GI NS plugins black slash page – plug-in so after open this URL just here Copy the your facebook URL. Just go to down here Here where you can place your this is call your Facebook page your Handier only dot will be there so can you add by my profile? Also? Yes, it can’t be your profile. Also filthy mud ad friend Page call like, but we need lights not further request we need further likes Increase your branding purpose now your remaining here is Now timely will be done it can fix per your width What did you do 500 pixels now here? Picture will be height minimum 70 now here use smaller header and hide cover photo adapt to a plug-in container with show friends faces if you know it this click They show like this server. You can like this These are insults It known it. We can hide that optional circuit Which one can hide you can add that file so you can Hide So what is cut is a common thing show stream this one So definitely cover image is important the select here this act option So yeah, what option call is? It code. I’m not doing anything just I’m probably the facebook URL This is very where that box automatic and thinking what is option will be think even which is important They will be tick they may will be and take that mark So here the generating to course here the generating foot to course First of all and second code these two course we can place by wave bloggers Wait plays by bloggers now. I can firstly probably the first career You What a blogger – hood Option call is layout Vega base at that page right side go to slide bar right one click fur add a gadget The option kaali’s HTML by JavaScript Are you cantide electors Follow Click for say he’s a faster one scores same plugin papi the second one Same go to blogger – bob shingle is layout slide bar right one why bigges is a very the first corner now add a gadget a Similar by JavaScript Here, I’m not given a title in a title this M is. Only for content code click for say So you are done the coding clip for save arrangement, I’m Picking balls option call is view block now look this thing Title your interest Follow are like my brand and if team to your interest title no need to ask the title name Which interest your give that Idol name your interest Can get you any kind of title name like your branding name Maybe follow unlike the page my brand page my follower page like that anything since If anybody come to this blogger they like my page purpose of getting more updated with my branding See I’m give a small power page, so they show him by small cover suppose same here Just call this I’m Udhas you smaller at the adapt show friend spaces Done look for it code Previous small cover image under principles will be disabled now same nothing will be here. This copy the code Blogger dashboard don’t have new one remove our existing one Discrete for a ditch I’m not delete. Just replace the previous code Here now go here scroll second one Then I prefer it So I think well they’re going to the teleme will be the ilium will be Not as small is a company for large the default we will come into here, so like page and ten list So always been a changing option new power. You can generate I read the previous foot will the blogger here This is what you can add by any Facebook page plug-in add by your bloggers. This is for when you click this one They go into the particular Facebook page, but did will be call it like the page When your facebook login when you click this one not every law will be accepted now I am not allowing the Facebook when logging like will be accepted so this is called between tilde Facebook page lucky Lucy with the dole of adult

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