How to add an SEO friendly page-Quick tips in WordPress

By | August 25, 2019

Hello and welcome to another new episode of
learning simplified. In today’s tutorial we are going to add some
pages to our WordPress site via this WordPress admin dashboard and on the other hand we are
required to display those pages into our page such that users can access that particular
page. So after this we will be concentrating on
creating our menu. But the first thing is we have to create our
own page… [music..] If you go to this new section, you can create
your own page from here or on the other hand if you get back to the extreme left tools
panel box into your WordPress dashboard, you will see that here goes the pages from where
we will be adding ‘new’ page. So just click on it and you can see that here
comes the ‘add new page’ where we have to enter our title. Now the very first thing that I would like
to add here is that in case of post formatting, all the things those we have discussed over
there, those will be followed in here in to some extent. In case of choosing our title it is always
an important one.. you are practically creating new page; you have to define about it; what
is this page all about. If we create ‘services’ page, and now if we
click outside this box, we will now see that a permalink has been generated and we can
see that now the page title is being reflected over here. If you edit you can see that you can make
this edition from here but it is not recommended. All you have to do is to create your page
with proper planning, that means you need to set your title first, you need to choose
your title, you need to set some focus keyword and all those things those we have discussed
earlier those should be followed in over here. This is the prime thing that you need to know. In the second case you might have seen that
here comes the page attributes; suppose that this particular page is a sub-page of another. That means it has a parent page somewhere. So you need to set that particular page as
we can see that here are some pages those have been created previously those are now
being shown here. So if you set the parent, this particular
page that you have created here, the ‘services’ page, it will be sub-page of that particular
page that you have set from here. It could be an about page, or it could be
a blog page; home, portfolio, anything it could be; if you do not wish to keep it under
any kind of pages here then all you need to do you need to set it to ‘no-parents’, and
this will be eventually coming into an individual page; a main page or a parent page. And if you set here ‘order’ then you may proceed;
it’s kind of follow-in line,command; but if you do not wish to set anything then just
leave it as it is; we don’t need to set anything over here. The next thing is featured image. We had discussed previously that what is the
importance of featured image and what is the importance of setting the alt tags there and
that is why if you want to set some featured images here then click here, set the featured
image and always check that alt text, title, caption, description – everything is present
over here. After that set it as your featured image. So this will be the featured image of your
web page. And within this box that means within this
composing text box, use every tag inside this composed text box. That means starting from this H1, H2, or those
kind of things those we had discussed previously; we need to mention them here, we need to mention
them over here, all those text formatting options.. This is the option which is practically increasing
your search engine presence and that is why it is always a good practice to use every
text formatting option into your compose text field. Now for say we are having some text from here,
we will copy it and we are going to paste it inside.. In the same manner we are copying this text
from here; so all we need to do we are just copying them right over here, if you wish
to use text formatting options, all of them then you need to do something like this….. Now all we need to do we need to save this
draft first, that means your page will be now saved as a draft and we have used an H1
tag; we can use another…. ‘Save draft’, we had discussed previously
while we were creating our Post that the minimum word count should be set to at least 300. So you need to mention those rules here too.. So everything those we have discussed in case
of SEO Optimization in our post creation those things should be followed in over here except
the fact that you cannot set any kind of category or you cannot create any kind of tag for your
pages. Now all we need to do we need to publish. Page is now published. So if we now view our page.. We can see that this is the page, this is
the featured image; in case if you wish to change this featured image then get back,
for say we are choosing this one; now all we need to do we need to update, then get
back to your page and reload and you can see that the featured image is now changed into
this Kingfisher and this is the page that has been created….. Update, get back to your page and reload and
you can see that everything is now in order. Get back here. This is the

style and it is said to left
position. You can change it to justify; text align left
again. Change it to justify, and justify….. So update, get back and reload and you can
see that all page contents, those are perfectly set into a justified alignment….

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