How Stephen started Freelancing – From Web Development to Graphic design – SEO – PPC marketing

By | November 15, 2019

Hey everyone Nathan here with talking with Stephen a freelancer on the platform Stephen how you doing
today I’m good you nice doing great so what today is all about you why don’t
you start off by telling us your background where you come from how you
got into freelancing and we’ll start off with where in the world are you are you
right now I’m in South Africa I’m based in South Africa yeah and I started my
journey with with everything internet probably in 2002 we had a I was working
for a for a kitchen company that basically makes cabinets and I came up
with the idea why don’t we sell appliances online I knew nothing about
websites started created my first little website on Microsoft Word spoke to
people on how to get it on the Internet what not and that’s when the back kind
of bit me from there branched into yeah my little website company a little
hosting company in and grew it from there sold that company started a new
one and and yeah it grew and grew and I did this about three or four times over
and throughout the years you know once you once you are familiar with web
design you sort of realize these other skills involved you need a geographic
design so you do the the illustrator course you’d nail that down later
branched into having my own t-shirt company printing t-shirts that’s why I
love designing for merch nowadays because that’s what I did for long and
then web design was there graphic design was there then we had these great
websites but they were going nowhere and then I have to get into a CEO and and
started doing SEO courses diving into AdWords into PPC going through all the
fluctuations in the algorithms over the years Maeda made a turn in the black a
black hat side of it and got nailed for that by Google and then decided let’s go
back to I hat so yeah and then got into some video
editing because it all flowed out of clients needs and I’m not want to say
that I can’t do that so I said you know let me research that I’ll get back to
you and I’ll get back to them a weekly I said I can do that you know even if I
had to pull someone else in to do it for me and learn from them or collaborate
with them so my skill set is pretty diverse from started with web design
graphic design video editing SEO especially pay-per-click I’ve recently
dumped into 2d animations whiteboard animations and now because I think
that’s you know that those things just intrigued me those little videos on
Facebook with these cartoons moving and explaining how our business works than
whatever so yeah it’s grown over the years and have these five or six main
skill sets that many times when someone hires me for for a merge Amazon merge
design project I would say wait I see on your portfolio you do you also do
marketing you also design websites and that leads to other work so so yeah it’s
it’s good to have a diverse skill set but as I say everything flowed from
having a need to sell something online and then making a plan to get the skills
at the end of the day awesome so what was your first as you were transitioning
out of well I’ll say real jobs what would your first three months like as a
freelancer do you have a lot of success right away we’re struggling where you
trying to figure it out oh it’s terrible it was terrible yeah I don’t know much
about freelancing because you know in in the culture in South Africa it’s not
really something that is there has been huge
I was I was over the moon to discover a company like five-o where you can pay
people to do something for you I actually went through the route of
employing people full-time and running into all those human resource issues and
and you know just employee issues and stuff
at the end of the day transitioned from full-time employees to bottom employees
but you still have the same issues and and then I discovered this guy in India
and we had a we had a good working relationship for about three years he
used to do all the little small things that I just couldn’t get to and without
realizing it I was actually employing a VA and learning more about the
freelancer life because I was now the client and that’s also something that I
that I experienced on the free up network as well is I’ve often pull
people in when I see a the works getting too much pull people in from other free
up freelancers and and getting to see what it’s like to be the client if the
freelancer is not responsive or things are not going right and and seeing from
that perspective what what free offers the clients and the freelancers so it’s
been it’s been a good experience but eye-opening experience to have both
sides enjoyed having you on the platform because you know you can do you know you
can’t do and you understand that it’s not always a straight line sometimes you
meet with a client there’s certain problems you know you can solve these
maybe we need to pull someone here to do this and hey okay we get to the next
stage let’s grab someone here and whether it’s people working under you or
whether it’s people that the client can hire directly just figure out hey how do
we get that end result how do we tweak and and it’s not always cut and dry
there there’s some kind of experimenting and and risk management in there but
it’s part of the fun of it and at the end of the day the clients really
appreciate it way more than if some person who doesn’t
know what they’re doing is just like yeah like let me run with this and see
where it ends up with no plan and no rhyme or reason yeah I think you know
that’s the end results obviously the big thing I find that when I pull people in
I introduce them to the client saying you know in a group chat or whatever
saying hey listen this is James he’s working with me he’s gonna handle this
part of the project for us and and I think it’s I’ve learned over the years
never never say I can do this and you know you can’t rather say
research that for you oh let me see if I can pull someone in that can help us
with it and and clients don’t don’t not
appreciate that they they actually said okay well thanks for being honest let me
meet this guy that you’re gonna you’re gonna put in so I think that’s that’s
that’s part of the freelance network freelance life that I that I learned
with with in the past few months that I’ve been with free up is that you’re
not alone I mean there’s this this how many how many freelancers now one
thousand how many yeah over a thousand over a thousand so we have this rich
pool of skills that that we as freelancers can also access so so yeah
that’s been that’s been good for me there’s been a few projects where the
project might be about a and then the client decides you also wants to do B
but that’s not of my skill set so but the client still wants me to manage the
project so I pull someone in and and manage the project stall and it’s just a
great that’s a great environment I mean it’s at the end of the day that’s not
something it’s gonna happen on freelancer or five or oh I don’t know if
I can mention in here but yes you’ve been through them all with with
freelancing and I think you know once once you once you experience that pool
of skills that you can pull from you’re not afraid to take on any job I know
that we take the button to say I I’m a hundred percent sure I can deliver this
job but if I know what team I’ve got and I know the skills they have I can take
it with one foot so yeah definitely so if a client’s listening to this right
now and they’re impressed with what they’re hearing what wardie would you
say your top three skill sets are I got asked the same question yesterday by a
client my my top skill set would be e-commerce website design Shopify
WooCommerce second to that would be PPC marketing Facebook campaign for
Instagram can find amazon and third I would say graphic design that’s that’s
something I really I’m passionate about designing but yeah I would say the
strongest skill set would be e-commerce second to that is marketing that shop
and then third and 30 that is graphic design all sorts I mean from from
designing small little chorus for clients that want to give it to children
to designing banners and and all sorts of things I’ve done huge products I did
a billboard the other billboard design’ that’s that’s over three meters long and
it’s huge and it’s once you see it up there okay you won’t be able to South
Africa it’s erected here somewhere but yeah I would say that of the three top
ones so you should build the e-commerce websites is one of the top things you do
what’s the biggest mistake you see clients make when they’re building their
own website I think without mentioning platforms I think the the biggest
mistake people make when when when they’ve got this great product to sell
but they’re lacking in the sense of seeing how much money they should be
spending on their website because that’s they 24-hour shop that’s gonna that’s
gonna be the first thing people see and and I just told the client yesterday and
I like being honest with clients he said to me listen I’m getting a lot of
traffic but my conversions are just not happening look I took one look at his
side and said well I wouldn’t buy from you he appreciated the honesty I said
your your your page looks like an affiliate marketing page let’s let’s
make it friendly let’s make it professional and then you can start
looking at your marketing meet you throwing away bucks at the moment so the
number one thing people don’t realize is your website’s got to be user friendly
it’s going to be easy to use and many times you know there’s this awesome
networks out there I do a lot of Shopify work I do a lot of WordPress WooCommerce
work but I think people have to realize that’s an investment and it’s an
investment that’s going to have a good return on investment at the end of the
day but you you’ve gotta have that that product set up first your website before
you can even think of marketing I mean many times people have that the other
way around or they just in such a hurry to get the website done it’s not done
properly before they start their marketing and their waste money now
it makes sense well I really appreciate you coming on if anyone’s listening out
there and they want to hire Stephen put in a request shoot me an email whatever
it takes if you haven’t checked out free up comm go to free up comm with 30 e’s
create a client account today we have over a thousand freelancers on the
platform over 100 skill sets and we look forward to helping you grow your
business thanks Stephen hey everyone I’m making content like
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