How Social Media Impacts SEO!

By | August 14, 2019

Hi, I’m Tricia Clements. Chief Fur Wrangler with In this video I want to talk to you about social SEO Or social media SEO marketing. A lot of times you’ll hear people ask Well, do I really even need to be on all this social media channels? What is it doing for me and my business? Well, that’s what I’m going to talk to you about in this video. Over 40% of consumers say that social media post can impact Their purchasing decision that’s why it’s really important To be on social media and be active Now i don’t mean that you need to be on every single social media platform You need to find where your ideal customer are the most and go to that platform So. i will say facebook is the number one ,that’s where most people are So i will choose two platforms to really focus on for your business The second will be a platform that really good for clients ,potential clients for your business That would be on , and that’s just take a little bet of resources to find out which platform is most popular with them Well social media links may not necessarily directly impact your SEO Or search engine optimization on google It does have an indirect relationship because if you notice there is something that someone post a link to a website And it get shared and shared and commented on and then that can also cause other people to share it Or maybe reference it in their own blog post Well that is really good for the person who create that content Because that is getting their content out their in front of more eyes I have a question for you ,if you post your blog on your website And no one ever reads it did you ever really write it ? Okay, I know it took a lot of time to write this blog post. But if it’s taking time to write this blog post, you want to get it in front of as many eyes as you can. That means you need to get it out there on social media through your newsletters Get people sharing it so that your information can get out to as many people as possible. Finding your specific platforms that you are active on, on social media And then building your audience is really,really important. Making sure that you are targeting your audience and they are getting the information And then sharing it, and also coming back to your website and ideally ending in a sale. You can use your social media post in order to grow your customer base, increase your visibility. You can also do that through running promotions, specifically on social media. A lot of times promotions you can do things that will get specific promotions shared And by doing that you get a lot more people who may not have heard of your business finding out about it. You can also run ads to get it out there as well. That can really help your information get out there, get more people interested The more people that are interested in your material, the more people that are going to be coming to your website. Basically what you need to do is leverage your social media post. Make sure that you know your audience, know how to target them And also come up with some goals and plans and decide specific promotions. Who you are going to target? What your specific goal is? So that, when you are posting on social media you can get more people sharing Liking, then also leading back to your website. That’s what social SEO is all about. Using social media to lead people back to your website To get them interested, get them on your email list, and also get them to make a purchase. Again, over 40% of consumers say that looking on social media can really impact their purchasing decisions So make sure that you remember this when you are posting on social media. That it also impacts your rankings and your SEO when people search on Google. I’m Tricia Clements with Hope you enjoyed this video. Please click the like button, share with your friends and subscribe. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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