How Slack Does Marketing

By | September 21, 2019

In this clip we’re going to talk
about how slack does marketing, but before we do, don’t forget to hit
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going to grow faster. So slack, look, they went public recently and um, they are the workforce kind of workplace
collaboration app and we use slack. We love it. And so let’s do a dive into how they
go about with our marketing are the go through five different areas. So SEO, Cro, paid media content and general
marketing, which is where I kind of, um, will bucket things into first things
first. When it comes to general marketing, I look at design, I actually, because I think design and
marketing go hand in hand. I think design is done really well at
the app itself has done really well too. Um, you know, being able to kind
of, it’s very simple, right? They just focus on, you know, what they do well and then there’s
a demo that you can go through too. So I like that. And I do like the fact that they have
the customer’s stories on the homepage too. So you know, these are big companies
into it. Lyft, Shopify, every lane, these are helping people use slack and
also they have this report here on the state of work. So when it comes
to content marketing, I looking, I like looking at these reports because
they take time to do so in the state of work, you know, uh, all these metrics
in here, key takeaways, you know, global pulse, it’s very well designed.
It’s, it’s interactive. Um, you know, 86% have a clear understanding of
the company’s strategy and it, it’s, it’s long form piece and you can tell
they probably spent five figures to get this thing done. Right. And then
also at the bottom here, there’s, there’s more kind of articles
on collaboration and how
things work cause that’s what they’re focused on. They’re focused on collaboration in terms
of kind of getting started I think in general marketing. Um, I,
I think it’s a good start. And then let’s take a look at, um,
look, there’s ebooks and report. So let’s take a look at that as well. So there’s a bunch of ebooks in here
and they’re all well-designed, you know, working in slack, slack,
essentials, enterprise grid, um, there’s a lot of resources from a content
perspective to help people get around. And it also helps when it comes to
ranking, uh, from an SEO perspective. Let’s look at this by the way. You can see they have a section on video
conferencing, uh, knowledge management. These are key words that people
search for when it comes to SEO. So that’s good too. And it’s basically
how to collaborate better, you know, using slack or not using slack. Um, and
then the site is very minimalistic. Um, and I liked that. So
that’s a starting point. I’m not going to give a general
marketing rating quite yet. I do want to look at, um, how they’re
doing things from an SEO perspective too. We’ve pulled up slack in an
SEO tool called [inaudible]. We can see that they’re ranked for
300,000 keywords and they have about, you know, 78,000 referring
domains, which is, which means 78,000 links
going to their site. Now they’re domain ratings very high. It’s scored on a scale of one to 100
they’re at 91 and their traffic value is seven point $3 million, meaning they’d be paying Google seven
point $3 million per month if they were paying for that traffic. So they’re doing a pretty
good job when it comes to SEO. And what I like looking at too is, you
know, how are they trending over time? It looks like they’re pretty flat
this year in terms of SEO traffic. So that’s one thing I look at
too. And they’re pretty flat. They’ve grown a little bit this year, but they’re pretty flat when it comes
to the number of organic keywords that they rank for. And then also traffic
value. They’re pretty flat too. Now the other thing I want
to look at too is top pages. So what are the top pages that they rank
for? A lot of it’s branding, right? So, you know, we talked about this in the past with
the people that know how to build the companies and know how to build a brand. They have an edge because a lot of people
are going to keep doing to keep typing in that brand query. And a lot of people are going to keep
clicking on that result and more people are going to link to that because
slack is a, it’s a freemium product. So freemium means it’s
very easy to link to. People are talking about
it all the time, right? So they start to naturally get all
these links coming to the site. And so link building is taken care of. And what happens there when you
have a strong domain authority, like what they have is
whatever you publish, um, provided you’re on topic and Google can
see that you’re going to start to rank really well for certain things.
So you can see here a lot of, a lot, a lot of this stuff has slack in
it. You know, slack, this, lack that. And also, you know, look, when they publish something random like
outlook calendar, they rank number six, four. Even though outlook is a
Microsoft product outlook calendar, they rank gets 19,000 searches a month. That’s the effect of having
a strong domain authority. So when it comes to like a domain
authority link perspective, they’re very strong over there. What I would say though is when you
look at their website, they, you know, they publish a lot of reports.
I think that’s great too. And let’s take a look at their
blog. Let’s take a look at the, the frequency of how often they’re,
they’re publishing content. We can also take a look at hrs two to
just get an idea of a content explorer, right? So, you know, they have a lot
of tips around how they do things, a workforce kind of
transformation, productivity, all of these things over here though.
So let’s take a look at this one. So this was published in July, so a while back and let’s go back
and then let’s go up over here. Uh, how slack helps deliver a
culinary, um, culinary experience. This is more of a case study. So
they’re publishing pretty frequently. So their content seems good. Their blog from a content
perspective has done really well. Because look at this, the design
of it, the font, the type og Raphy, the also the custom images too.
And the way it’s just very clean, right? And then also in here there is a slack
tip where you can basically go deeper into the product, right? And sign
up for it. And then you know, get started with slack, right? So those are call to actions
and that’s really good. And then here’s some additional
posts. So from a design perspective, they’re really, really, really strong. Um, so I do want to take a look at
the content explorer section. So at hrs there’s a
content explorer section. We can take a look at how slack
is doing things and then, um, oh well look at that. So we
can see over time in the last, let’s do like the last 12 months.
Okay. So we look at the last 12 months. Check this out. You can see at the very
end over here towards August and July, they publish a lot more continents.
They’re increasing their frequency, sort of getting a lot more aggressive
with the amount of content and the new content that they’re publishing. This
is like 300 to 400 new pieces. Right. So I do want to come back to slack in
a second cause I do want to talk about something else that they
have. But in general, they’re publishing a lot new content,
but they’re not updating their, not refreshing the content that they
have already. So you can see there’s, there’s little like little sliver of
a dark blue in this bar in August. And the light blue one just means
they’re publishing a lot of new content. And so that could be user generated
pages. That could be a, you know, a company pages for example. We
don’t know what that is exactly, but we can just see like what’s
going on here. And you know, we can see that they’re publishing in
different languages too. So that’s good. And you know, they’re putting it, um, they’re putting it in different kind
of sub folders. So that’s good. Um, you can see there’s like a
Japanese media kit as well. So in general when it
comes to like publishing, I think they’re kind of missing the
boat when it comes to like refreshing contents. So that’s from an
SEO and content perspective. So that’s something to keep in mind. Slack is creating a lot of content
kind of centered around. Um, it’s Kinda centered around like here’s
how you can use like slack better. And there’s like some case
studies here and there. I don’t see a lot of tips in
terms of like helpful, you know, how can we generate more top of the
funnel traffic where I’m there supporting people that might become their customers.
Um, so thinking about it from that, that perspective, um, there could be other types of content
that they could be publishing cause right now they’re just very focused
on collaboration stories. There’s a lot of reports
and things like that, but I would say probably can take it
a step up and look at how hubspot does things. Hubspot will write about
random things like blockchain. How does blockchain make any sense? Well, somebody that’s reading about blockchain, they might become interested into CRM
later. The whole idea behind that is, you know, one of your customers
need to be successful. Even if you’re getting
started with blockchain, you’re probably gonna need a CRM to
become successful, right? What slack, you know, what kind of content can you create to
really take advantage of that domain authority, you know, create different types of content in
addition to what you have already, which is really strong. I think
it’s more kind of, you know, middle of the funnel to bottom the funnel
type of actions and see where it can go from there because you already have a
freemium product that you can lead with if you’re slack and um, you know, you can go to distance with that
because it’s a very linkable assets, um, with what you’re doing. So
now let’s take a look at ’em. They do have a section over here, um, on like there’s a resources
section and they have webinars too, which I think is great. So great
from a content perspective. The state of work report is also good too. So I would say from a content perspective, I think they’re probably
doing like an 18 out of 20 um, that’s the rating that I would give them
just cause I think they could do more, they have a lot of this stuff covered. But I think with that stronger domain
authority, like they can do the, there’s more types of content they can
publish and I just think they’re going to have a lot more traffic coming
in. So from an SEO perspective, I think they’re taking care of their two, I’d rate them 1,820 just because they
have a great freemium product. They, they’re leading with
the product. Look, they, they’ve got a strong brand to freemium
product that’s going to get a lot of links, a the type of, the level of the content that they
create around the reports that’s going to attract a lot of links to so of doing
really well from an SEO perspective, 18 out of 20. Now what I would say
too, from a conversion standpoint, um, cro standpoint, they’re doing pretty
well. You know, my question would be, you know, what other types of landing pages do
they have for different types of uh, industries? So, you know, resources
over here, resources, library, um, you know they have a section for
enterprise solutions over here. Great. They do have stuff for engineering,
sales, it, marketing, customer support, human resources, project management. So I think they’re pretty
good there because they know
to optimize for the types of market segments over here, the
headline is not that good to me. I think it can be optimized. I think if
you could personalize it a little bit, look at the IP address that these B2B
companies are coming from cause you’re trying to sell to
enterprise, personalize it. I think using a CDP customer data platform
like hold out io, you can enrich the, the people that are
coming into your website. And then let’s say Coca-Cola
visiting your website, you can basically enrich that IP address, find four people from their marketing
team as an example or their sales team. I don’t automatically put them
into an outreach sequence. So it’s basically automatic
ABM that you can be doing. Um, I think chat might be helpful too, but maybe you didn’t wanna
slow down your website, but having chat and who you’re serving,
those people collecting those leads, I think that’s a missed opportunity when
it comes to, uh, what slack is doing. So I think from a cro perspective,
I’d probably give it a 17 out of 20. The last thing I want to look at here is
how they’re going about with their ads. So you can see here, um,
in terms of AD spending, they’re not spending
a lot of money on ads. The question is why they probably don’t
need to spend a lot of money on ads because slack is such a good
freemium product out there. So their whole thing is, you know,
getting people in landing, you know, landing people on letting the, letting all the accounts spread
virally in organizations. So one person might sign up for slack
and then a couple of other people start signing up and it starts to spread virally
so that that’s how it works for them. That’s how, you know, they can convince
people to start using it. It’s, it’s, it’s a free thing to do. Um, now
what I would say here is like, you don’t see much money being spent
here from an advertising perspective. Um, you can see like here, sure they have a,
you know, a couple ads here and there. Um, now the question is where can they
be spending money if they’re turning the enterprise, where can
they be spending money? Can they be spending money on Linkedin? Is there any way they
can be spending money on, cause I have seen TV ads with slack.
Can they be spending money on podcasts? This, this tool Adbeat doesn’t show that, but where can they be spending
the money, the, you know, all the money that they have, uh, right
now to invest further into growth. And what I would say is
there are a lot of operators. I think there’s a lot of affluent people
listening to podcasts especially like, you know, um, you know, you
talk about collaboration, you talk about the workplace, there’s a
lot of podcasts out there where you can, where you can, where you can sponsor them. And then what I would also say
too is taking a look at linkedin. Linkedin has a lot of
possibilities that you can do, where you can target what the video, you can retarget people to the amount
of traffic that you get into your site. All these different pages. You can be targeting people
with different types of ads. When it comes to retargeting we’re
talking to on Google, Facebook, youtube, it just makes sense, especially if people
are getting further down your funnel. From a paid media perspective, I probably give them a 14 out
of 20 I think general marketing, I would give them an 18 so their score
over here is 85 out of a hundred so I’ll give slack an 85 out of a
hundred in this tear down. Let me know what you think of the
comments. What do you disagree with me? Do you agree? Do you like slack as a tool and don’t
forget to check out the next video if you’re watching it, whatever it
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