How recruiters WON’T find you – LinkedIn ProfilePopUp #223

By | October 3, 2019

#ProfilePopUp is for Farhad now one
thing I would have noticed right away your name shows here as Mohammad but the
reason I’m calling you Farhad is because in your request you talked about this
you signed off as FM and I looked at your your actual link Farhad M mosh core
so if you go by Farhad you’re gonna want to put that up in your title if you go
by and Mohammad put that down here in your link so it’s up to you but you want
to be congruent so people are unclear and in your email well I’m not sure you
know which one that is right so there’s that and there’s the obvious one here
turn off the competition these are some quick hit tips right away that you’re
gonna want to take advantage of but then I presume that you’re looking for work
and the reason I say that is because your current job ended in October of
2019 so you have an end date on here maybe you know that it’s about to end
but that right there is stopping you from being found for any work from any
job and that is HUGE the the reason being even if you’re not working you
need to have a current position a job that shows until present when you go in
and edit the job otherwise let me give you some examples here when I go in and
I take a look and I do a search of some actual keywords that you have in your
profile so that last job you have as project manager then you had engineering
you talked about that and project our civil engineer that’s the one thing you
have in your headline so if I go back out and I actually put in some of those
words that I just said civil engineer engineering project manager in quotes
even so that it’s an exact find right if I put that in I’m getting ninety seven
thousand people and you’re not going to be in that in the top of the search
results okay but even when I put in eat more exact
terms so let me just show you this when I put in terms of
the civil engineer engineering project manager Hamburg Germany where you’re
located cost estimation planning and research resource management which were
in your About section when I put those in and let me just do the search again
sometimes it glitches on me and this app I hit one person he’s not you and who is
this person see what was involved there he was found for that and he had it as a
past job so even having a past job is getting found stronger and more than all
these other keywords you have in your profile because he has a present job
that’s how important it is to have a present job even though he’s not even in
Germany so the fact I don’t even know I didn’t take the time to go look and find
out why maybe he went to school in Germany but he’s got something in
Hamburg Germany that was probably found but I mean look I I had all this in here
cost estimation Hamburg Germany and you weren’t being found so this is huge
Farhad this is this is really big and you want to take advantage of this
headline you want to fill that out one hundred and twenty characters there’s a
lot more we could talk about on that and I’ve talked about this a lot on my other
profile pop-ups so give us more in here in the About section as well if you want
one of the ways you can have a present job is to use #ONO correctly – but we need
to talk about that before you do so I’ll or at least chat
about it anyway the jobs that you do have you definitely want to have a lot
more details and the biggest thing that I like to say is to have results dollar
sign pound sign % now this is great you have your abstract of your thesis that’s
wonderful maybe you can draw some some results from that and show the things
that you’ve learned but you’ve got to get more concrete examples in here but
first and foremost you need a current position to be found
you need a current work to find work if that makes sense anyway I hope that
helped farhad let me know in the comments below thank you! (
for yours & the 3 Best Profile Tips!)

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