How Onely’s Service is Changing Technical SEO

By | September 11, 2019

Onely approaches everything with
research, data and execution including our unique workflow which create clear
communication promotes optimal solutions and provides stellar results. It starts with you. Whether you’re a new business with a website that need visibility, whether
you want to migrate or redesign your website or you simply want an increase
in online traffic basically you need SEO. First off you want to know what services
Onely offers. We have three different packages to choose from.
Not sure which package is right for you? Chances are you want the starter package
this is an initial review of your website with a personalized report of
all of the major issues. You fill out some paperwork, sign anagreement, maybe an
NDA if necessary. You know – the boring stuff. And now the fun begins – you help us
establish an effective workflow by giving us access to your Google search
console your Google Analytics, your server logs. The more access, the more
data, the better. We would also like to access to Slack or any other
communication tool your company uses. Sure, emails are great, but we want to be part
of your team. This way we can provide feedback, exchange information or just
keep in touch. And last but not least – we will need access to your project
management system like Asana or Trello. This will allow us to cooperate directly
with your developers to answer their questions to provide additional
information to solve their problems. So there’s no PDF audits, no emails, only
direct communication. And now you can sit back, relax, and let us do our work.
We’ll prioritize all issues by highest risk and importance which provide the
biggest value for your business. And if you have any questions and concerns at any
time feel free to contact us. Here’s what separates us from our competitors – we
prefer to use internal communication tools like Slack instead
of email, we cut out all the middle people and focus on providing you with
rapid feedback. We prefer to join your project management system. This way we
can contact your developers directly we prefer to establish priorities. We start
with the riskiest issues first and then move on to the issues that provide your
business with the biggest value. We do all these things so that we can focus on
what’s most important – providing you with results and growth.

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