How Nike Does Marketing: A Bold Strategy to Rank #1 on Google

By | November 8, 2019

Today, we are going to talk about how
Nike does marketing, but before we do, don’t forget to subscribe, whatever
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and professionally. So. Let us begin. So the way this works is we score a Nike
on a scale of one through 20 on five different categories. So SEO, content, general
CRO, and paid ads. So we’re really looking at how they
handle digital marketing in general. So we’re looking at my screen right now
and we can see, Oh look, there’s these nice new pink shoes from Nike. Does Nike need to have a really
clear headline, clear call to action? Well, the thing for Nike is that
their brand is very well known. Right? So I’m going to come
back to this in a second. I’m kind of coming back to the general
kind of content, but I want to start with SEO. So I just want to show you
the website real quick. Um, this is the homepage, really well
designed, and we’re going to open up our tool over here, H refs. So with HRS, HRS is
our SEO tool of choice. And you can see the number of organic
keywords that they rate for is 3.8 million. So 3.8 million keywords, and they have
about 129,000 referring domains and domain rating is scored on a scale of
one on one to a hundred they’re at 90 so it’s very, very, very strong. And their traffic value is seven point
$6 million, meaning that if they paid Google for that traffic each month, if
they’re buying ads, they would be paying seven point $6 million. On that traffic. All right? If we want to look at the types of
keywords that they rake for, you’re going to bet that a lot of them are
branded because Nike’s a very well known brand, right? So you can see, yeah, their top keywords
are Nike, Nike, Nike, Nike, air force one, Jordan. These are all brands. At the end of the day. So what I want to see is if the ranking
for so many keywords, what types of organic keywords are they ranking for
that do not include Nike and those weeds that can’t see the screen right now? I’m basically looking at keywords that
they’re ranking for that don’t do that. Include the brand Nike. Uh, so look, they ranked for sneakers, vapor max, um, air max, Kyrie. These are all brands. Custom shoes. They actually ranked number one for. But if you’re Nike. You don’t really care about Reiki for
all these different individual keywords because your domain rating is so strong. Whatever content that you publish,
you’re going to tend to rank for. If you publish a product page for a
new shoe, you’re going to rank for it because your domain rating is so strong. Um, so from an SEO perspective, because
they have so many links coming in because their brand is so strong. They are. I’m going to give them an 18 out of 20
so the next thing is we are going to take a look at their content for Nike. We don’t look at this from a traditional
content marketing lens where it’s like, Oh, you should publish a bunch of blog
posts and you should really educate the market. People know what shoes are. People know what Nike is. So for them, again, like if you look
at the very top left quarter, they have Nike plus, they have
Jordan, that’s their Brad. They have Hurley, they have converse,
their play, if you are them, it’s just you’re, you’re buying a lot
of advertising around brands. And then what you’re going to do also
is you’re going to acquire other shoe companies or up and
coming shoe companies. That make sense? That’s kind of their play when
it comes to content, right? It’s really centered around brands. And if we come down here, I’m taking a
look at, I want to see in the, in their foot or like they have icons, right? So vapor max, Jordan,
like those are icons. Um, and then they have, you know,
regular running shoes, basketball shoes, custom shoes. I’m just looking at the very bottom over
here, but I’m seeing what they’re doing from a content perspective. So, you know, are they blogging. Again for them, like
it has to make sense. We can’t just say everyone
should have a blog, right? For them, it’s like, let’s
have a bunch of product pages. People know who we are, and let’s
create lifestyle content, right? Let’s have a YouTube channel. Let’s have an Instagram,
let’s have a Facebook. You know, let’s see how
things go from there. So if you look at their Instagram, 94
million followers, it just makes sense. They want to be top of mind for people. So Instagram is great. Okay? And if we look at their YouTube, we
see for Nike, they have 1.1 6 million subscribers on YouTube. And it’s not like tutorial videos. Again, it’s very lifestyle. You see a guy over here working on
a wheelchair and you know they’re celebrities in here. There’s a Nike two K Gaber or
NBA two K like a collaboration. So it’s collaborations. It’s very influencer stuff. It’s very social media date. They just want to stay kind
of top of mind for people. Oh look, look at this
collaboration over here. You have LeBron and a from
the soccer player from France. So they’re doing a
collaboration over here. Like that’s really cool. Right? So. From a content perspective. Look, even though they
don’t have a blog, right? They do really well because
they get so many links already. Whatever product page
they publish will do well. So they’re covered on that side. They do. They crush it on the social media side. So from a content perspective, I’m going
to give him a 19 out of 20 on that one. Okay. So if we come back here. And we look at a general marketing, we
look at their site and it’s very clean, clean, easy for conversions. I mean, I’m just gonna try to click
through to this product page over here and, um, and look at this. So let’s see. Okay, let’s click through
to this product page. So far it seems to make sense. So now we’re on the shoe page where on
the shoe page right here, the images are done really well. Again, to design’s really good too. They have reviews, so if you want to
write reviews for that page, you can go ahead and do it. So it’s good for SEO purposes. And. What else is going on over here? Do they have a email collection if
they don’t have email collection? Well, I think a pop up would be nice. Here’s the thing, they have a signup
for email in the bottom left corner. Nobody’s going to see that. So it’s up to them like
how important are emails? Debatable, right? If you’re really, you’re a global brand
like Nike, maybe you make the argument that you don’t want to just
make them a lot more money. Maybe the user experience is more
important than collecting emails. Like I would totally understand that. Right? But if they want to add
it, they certainly can. Um, from a general marketing
perspective, I think they do great because they care so
much about their brand. Right? I think those companies that care more
about their brand tend to do better because they’re more longer term focus
because you invest that money because design, because brand, you aren’t
able to see the ROI immediately. But it does kind of
translate longterm, right? From a general market perspective, it’s
not like anything that like sticks out to me. That’s world class. I mean it’s, it’s pretty solid across
the board, so I’m going to give him a 1,720 on general marketing from a
conversion rate optimization, a stamp flight. If they can contrast the color of this
add to cart button, maybe they get a lift in conversions, but again, maybe
that’s not what matters to them. Right. What I would also say
too, is behaviorally. If I’m about to bounce,
maybe there’s an exit popup. If I’m about to balance, maybe there’s a
chat, a little chat that pops up, right? So you have so much data on your
website because you’re Nike. So much data where you can see if people
are kind of scrolling a certain way, maybe they’re about to abandon, right? So maybe you can catch that behavior
and, and jump on it quickly. Cause that’s where things are going. This is how you weaponize the data that
you have on your website, on the CRO side of things. Um, they’re doing a lot of things. They, their team probably knows that. They sh they are doing things that our
team knows that they probably should be doing or, um, could be doing. I’ll put it that way. They could be doing, but
they’re not doing it right. So. CRO. I’m going to give him a
16 out of 20 on that one. Alright, so the last thing we’re going
to take a look at here is there paid ads and for HRS, the cool thing is I can
actually see for Nike what keywords they’re spending money on. From a PPC standpoint,
PPC is pay per click. They’re spending money on about
34,000 keywords in America. So they’re spending money on
Nike, Nike outlet, Nike, Jordan. They’re just trying to off the pot,
optimize the, uh, the brand, um, the, the real estate. So, you know, if you are bidding on your
own brand, you have not one result, but you have two results. Sometimes you can have more than that. So the, the cool thing about the paid
result is that you can actually control what actually comes out there, right? So you have Nike women’s shoes,
it’s all Brad in here, right? And they’re probably, they’re defending
their brand, which means the cost will not go up. I’ve seen people in the past where they,
because they don’t defend their brand, what happens is the cost starts to rise. And because people are bidding under
Brad, they can’t take it over anymore. It’s too expensive to
bid on their own brands. So if you’re Nike, you want to stay top
of mind and getting some branding play at the end of the day. And if I look at ad beat over here, I
look at this, they have spent about 14 point $5 million in the last 180 days. Again, I wouldn’t pay too
much attention to that. I paid attention to
trends war in September. You can see that they ramped up their
spend quite a bit and it’s been pretty consistent. They spend a lot on Google. They spend a lot of YouTube
direct buys over here. Um, and you can see the types of
videos that they’re running there. There’s a lot of, they
do a lot of video. It makes sense. Um, I mean, I have a lot of
display campaigns as well. All right. So if we take a look at their top ads
over here, you can see a lot of it is, um, this is. You know, the, the top left. These are all PAC 12 schools, right? So they know how to get into
the minds of their buyers. So if you’re like, if you went to USC,
you went to Oregon as a college, you’re like, yeah, pack 12 cool. I want to rent my school. Or Ray Allen. You know, people that follow basketball
and then they’re just kinda hitting across different sports interests,
different sports categories. But I think that’s great. You have to know who your customers are. Oh, there’s a lot of Jordans over here. They’re plastered well across the paid
ads ecosystem, so I am going to give them a 19 out of 20 from
a paid ads standpoint. All right, so the total is 89 out of a
hundred so 89 out of a hundred for Nike. They’re pretty solid across the board. I mean, pretty solid is really good. I mean, they’re really good at
branding and know what they’re doing. They are a global brand. That’s all I got to say about that. And let me know if you agree
with me, disagree with me. If, if you think we should analyze
another brand, uh, in the comments below, um, and if you’re on YouTube,
don’t forget to check out the next video over there. If you want to get smarter and don’t
forget to rate, review and subscribe, whatever platform you’re coming
from because it will help you grow. I don’t help us grow too. All right. See you tomorrow.

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