How Much SEO Do You REALLY NEED to Know?

By | October 16, 2019

Hey there! I am Christian A. Dumais and I’m
the Head of Marketing at Onely. Here we have a highly trained team of technical
SEO specialists who clearly know their stuff, but unfortunately for me when
it comes to SEO or technical SEO for that matter I have a lot to learn.
All right so I have a cup full of SEO terms that were given to me from some of
the specialists here and I’m going to pick them one at a time and hopefully I
will be able to explain what they mean. So yeah, this could be terrible. Let’s
do this, here we go… starting with the first one… what do we got… Panda! Alright so I’m going to say but this is one of the many
Google updates, or it’s a mammal usually found in around Asia. That’s an easy one.
A critical rendering path… a path that is very important that need to be rendered.
I understand what each word means by themselves but when you put them together?
I have no idea. Like sushi – I have no idea what the ingredients are. Screaming
Frog… It’s a popular SEO crawling tool that many SEO you and I believe it we even
use it here in our offices. X-robot tag… this is a one of the little-known
x-men usually cut from the movies because his power is just involved
walking around and and telling people that are it. Server Logs… this is
essentially the logs from a server you can order them cut pre-cut or you can
get them in just like a giant truck and you have to chop them up yourself. DOM…
it’s a house in Polish. that’s all I know
in Polish. Disavow is like um… A thing? Yeah. JavaScript SEO – This one’s a biggie,
especially for us but JavaScript SEO is SEO that have to do with JavaScript. it’s
making sure that your JavaScript website is able to be rendered and indexed by
Google or any other search engine for that matter. And last – Fandango. It could
be like a like a one of those obscure ice cream flavors? Very bad. And I’m
afraid that’s all I have. I’m gonna wrap this up by letting you
know that I do actually explain many of these terms and more on our Onely
Index which you can find on our Onely YouTube Channel. Videos are posted almost
daily and we try to simplify the definitions so that even the average Joe can understand this crazy complicated world of SEO
thank you very much for your time and have a great day.

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