How MUCH is Technical SEO at Onely?

By | October 16, 2019

Onely is the only technical SEO
house and we’re here to answer your questions. It’s a broad term that
includes services that are most important for modern websites and web
applications. Such as web performance, website speed, site architecture
structure optimization, site migrationand redesign, JavaScript, and more. I know. Let’s focus on what it can do for you. Technical SEO can make your website
better for both users and search engines alike. Meaning it can make your website
more visible and create a better website experience so that your client will want
to spend money on your products and your services. Yes! I mean, good. How much? I’m
glad you asked. Onely believes in transparency. This
is most evident in the way that we work with our clients. But most
importantly – it’s obvious from the get-go. because our prices are available right
now. That means we’re getting to the point quicker now there are no surprises.

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