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By | August 16, 2019

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asked when someone comes in or someone calls is how much does your sod cost? Prices fluctuate
very little year in year out. Usually we don’t see price increases, but every two or three
years or something like that. So a piece of grass, the only grass we sell by the piece,
is the Raleigh St. Augustine, they’re 16″ by 24″, there’s 165 of those pieces on one
pallet and a pallet covers 450 square feet. Those single pieces cost one dollar. It’s
a nice round number, it’s a dollar, and if you want a whole pallet, the four hundred
and fifty square foot pallet, it’s obviously a lot cheaper to buy it that way, it’s one
hundred dollars for that pallet. That’s the Raleigh St. Augustine.\
\ We also carry Floratam St. Augustine and Palmetto
St. Augustine, two types of Bermuda grass and one type of zoysia, and those are all
plus or minus five to ten dollars per pallet, except the zoysia. Zoysia is $162.50 per pallet
and there are no price breaks on zoysia. With all the rest of these grasses that I’ve mentioned,
there are price breaks every six pallets. So every six pallets, it gets a little bit
cheaper, every twelve pallets it gets a little bit cheaper and then eighteen pallets, that’s
what’s on a truck load and we give you wholesale pricing if you buy it like that. }

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