How Much Does SEO Cost? | SEO Pricing Myths

By | August 12, 2019

Listen…we need to have a talk. We need to
have a serious conversation (huh) about SEO pricing. Are you ready for this? Okay folks, let’s talk
about it, let’s break it down here okay? Let’s just be honest with each other, if
you’re in the market for SEO services one of the first things you’re going to
look at is price. I understand I get it. But do you really want to be going
window shopping when we’re talking about your website? I know I don’t. And I get it
all things being equal and all SEO providers provided the same type of
service the only thing left to go is pricing, right? Who has the better price?
But let me be the first to tell you, if you don’t already know,
not all SEOs are equal. Not all of them can do what they say they can do. And
actually, the fact is that most of them can’t. So, that’s what you got to keep in
mind when you’re looking at pricing. You know the fact of the matter is you get
exactly what you pay for when it comes to SEO. (huh) The way I look at it is like
having a freaking Ferrari or a Lamborghini or something really cool
that you might like that I’m not that into but it’s really cool and expensive.
Anyway that’s like what your website is right, that’s your baby, that’s your
that’s the that’s the thing that needs the most care and the most tender touch, right?
You’re not going to take your Ferrari or Lamborghini, or whatever it is that
you’re using, over to the corner shop to some guy that’s just going to clunk
around under the hood, right? You’re going to take it to an actual expert. Somebody
that knows what they’re doing. Somebody that knows the way to navigate around
under the hood and do all that needs to be done to make your machine optimate(?) at its finest. You don’t want to give it to some yutz down the road that’s
just gonna clink around hopefully he gets it right and then gonna give you
your website back and it’s going to be all garbage and then you’re going to
swear off SEOs and think they all suck and I’m sorry I’m back now. Just went on a little
rant there, had to cut it short. But seriously, a website is no different than that. You
get a lot of empty promises from some of these Yahoo’s. But if you want tangible
results that actually alter your business you have to leave your website
in the hands of the experts. Not the clunk down the road. So here’s the thing
cookie cutter prices do not work for SEO unless…unless you’re looking for cookie
cutter services. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the same thing done
to my website that was done to somebody else’s. Now it takes a ton more work to
rank a website in a niche like a lawyer or doctor or dentist or something like that,
where there is a ton of SEO competition, then it does to the local flower shop that’s
getting SEO services done. That’s going to be a lot easier but if they’re both
saying, paying the same price, does that make sense whatsoever? It’s like you
going to the doctor and paying the same for brain surgery as it is to get a
sliver removed from your finger. Actually it’s not really much like that at all,
but you get the point. I guess what I’m saying is one size
does not fit all when it comes to SEO, especially. Because no two sites are the
same, right? No two websites are in the same situation. They’re not in the same
location. They don’t have the same competition. They’re not in the same
niche. How can they have the same prices? It doesn’t make sense, right? You with me so
far? Let’s keep going. The thing is there has to have, be research done, right? You need
to know what keywords you’re going to go after, what keywords are going to give
you the biggest ROI, return on your investment, right? What is going to give
you the biggest bang for your buck and have people coming to your business, or
calling your business, or buying your products, or talking to… but then the
competition for those keywords has to be analyzed. The SEO expert should want to
know exactly what they’re getting into before they give you a price. You know
the last thing that I want to do is give you a little tiny price, say “yes I’m
gonna jump on with him and he’s gonna rank me at the top” and then I know that
I can’t get it done for that price but I’m going to keep you around for three
or four months knowing you’re just going to kick me to the curb
and get pissed at me, but I had you for three or four months anyway so it
doesn’t really matter. On to the next one, right? That’s not how I work but that’s
how a lot of these other ones work so be careful of those guys! (evil laugh) Plus, what’s the
strength of your current site? Is it new? Is it current? Does it need to be updated?
Is it mobile friendly? Are you ranking in Google Maps? Do you want to be
ranked in Google Maps? Obviously! Is your site have power? Is it trusted? Does it
have authority? Is anyone linking to it? Anyone talking about? Do you have social
signals going to it? All that stuff has to be under consideration. And if it
doesn’t have any of those things or it needs a little bit more or needs some more
of this, more attention, more anything, how much is that going to cost me in time
and money? That’s what I want to know, before I give you any kind of dollars
and cents. 5-4-3-2-1 Go. Now, putting a price up
there prior to knowing this information is not only disrespectful to the client,
but it’s downright irresponsible! And it should not be tolerated.
You see, to be honest, I don’t want to give a price quote until I’ve properly
researched everything. Analyzed the site. Analyzed the competition. Analyzed the
client themselves. And then I will know whether I want to work with them, whether
it’ll be a good fit. Look I’m not gonna be doing SEO on some porn site, right?
That’s not what I’m about. And the other thing is I don’t want to charge a fee where I
know I’m not going to be able to get the job done…but I know I’m going to be able
to get the client. Does that make sense? See a lot of these big agencies, let me let
you in on a little bit of a secret here, a lot of these big agencies they got big
buildings and a bunch of cubicles like a cube farm going around and they have a
bunch of salespeople and then they have middle management and upper management
that CEO blah blah blah all those people that’s great great great companies, right?
Now let me let you in on a little secret, the person you’re talking to…they don’t
know SEO. They don’t know how to rank a website. They probably wouldn’t even know
what a back-end of a website looks like if you smacked them in the face with it.
But what they do know is how to sell you and then they’re going to pass your
website on to somebody else, probably just out of school, that doesn’t really
know that what they’re doing is not real SEO,
reading off a list and doing checklists, it’s not real SEO, it’s not going to get
anything done. It’s not going to move the needle for any business. But they’re so
naive, they’re so excited to be in a marketing agency, they’re like “yeah, this
is cool!” They don’t care, they’re just doing their work and thinking they’re
making a difference for this business. Really, when all they’re doing is the
bare minimum that doesn’t cost anything so they can have more clients and the
salespeople can keep bringing them in and they can keep bringing them into
these account managers or whatever they want to call them. And it’s just a vicious
cycle like that. Meanwhile the client is locked in from a year, at least, on a
minimum contract. And there’s nowhere they can go, they’re not moving anywhere
in the search engines but they’re getting what they said they were going
to get from the contract because they didn’t know what they were signing up
for. They didn’t know they weren’t gonna get ranked higher, do anything like that. They
were just going to get these backlinks that were supposed to do some something
for them, but the salesman was so slick, they told them all they wanted to hear
just to get them on. And that’s, it’s just a vicious cycle. Then the year comes up,
they didn’t go anywhere in their website, their business hasn’t improved. Nothing’s
happened. Now they’re pissed at SEO. They think SEO doesn’t work and all SEOs are
scumbags. When the fact is they just shouldn’t have gone with that business
in the first place. Well had to come up for air now. I think that’s one of the
biggest problems in the SEO industry. There’s too many people out there that
just want to get the deal, right? They want the client. They’ll do anything.
They’ll say anything. They’ll do whatever it takes just to get the client on board
and worry about it later. Or pass it off to the account managers. They’ll just
worry about it, “I just need to make the sale,” when they know they’re not going to
be able to make it happen. Or maybe they don’t know because they don’t know SEO to begin with. So what they do is they lowball the price get you in and
just plan on telling the client that “SEO takes time” and keep them around for four
or five or six months until they really get pissed. And they just basically milk it
for as long as they can or they have you on contract, then you’re really screwed. The
fact is that the goal of most SEO providers is to keep you a round. Seriously. They want to keep you a client
as long as possible. The goal is not to rank you number one. Once you’re number
one, why do you need them anymore, right? So they want to keep you going as long
as possible. They want to bring you from page 7 to page 6. “Yeah we’re making
improvement, awesome! Just stick another month and maybe we’ll go up a couple
more pages!” Really? Really? I mean, come on! Look I’m gonna be honest I don’t keep clients
longer than a year. It doesn’t take that long for me to rank a client. But there’s
really no reason to keep you on longer than that. I mean maybe if you move down
in the rankings a little bit and you need a refresh or something like that.
Then that’s something else. Or if you want different keywords and we can do
that, you know, in the next campaign. Or something maybe along those lines. But
working on the same keywords for over a year, either you suck at SEO or you’re
trying to screw somebody and shame on you! So thank you very much for allowing
me to vent and get this frustration out a little bit and, you know, it was very
therapeutic for me and I hope it was a little bit informative for you. And you
got to understand a little bit more about SEO pricing and what you’re
getting yourselves into. And you know maybe I was able to show you that not
all SEOs are scumbags! (huh) I hope I’m not! But anyway,
seriously get in touch with me if you’d like me to analyze your site before
giving you any kind of pricing. Analyze the competition, the keywords…all that
good stuff that we talked about in the video. And I would be more than happy to
do so for you and if it works out, great! Either way I hope you enjoyed the video.
I’ll talk to you soon bye. Hopefully we got one good take in there. The rest of
them are on the outtake reel! This is fun! 5-4-3-2-1 Go! Hi there. I want
to talk to you about SEO pricing. Hello I’m here to talk to you today about some
pricing and your search engine optimization strategy. We got to talk
about SEO pricing. I feel like I don’t even know you anymore. We need to have a
little discussion, okay, and it’s about SEO pricing. There
are a lot of myths out there, okay, and I don’t like them. I don’t appreciate them. Hi I’m Craig and I want to talk about
SEO pricing. Hi I’m Craig and I want to talk about SEO pricing. Hi I’m Craig, I
enjoy long walks on the beach and talking about SEO pricing. Look I think
it’s time that we get serious. I think we’ve gone through this long enough.
We’ve put this on the back burner and not addressed it fully. And it is
starting to tear us apart. What I’m talking about is SEO pricing. Are you
ready to talk about it? Let’s go. Hey how much do you get charged for your SEO?
Probably shit, right? And that’s the service you’re gonna get! Oh my god I
can’t talk about SEO pricing any more it makes me want to pull out my hair that I
don’t even have! mmm SEO pricing. Let’s talk about it, huh? Oh man!
One of my favorite subjects in the world! it’s SEO pricing, let’s go! hmm SEO pricing. SEO pricing makes me
wanna pull my freaking hair out. If I had any. That’s kind of funny. Let’s go.
Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re about to make this video on SEO pricing. I
can’t wait! Can you? Let’s do this! hmmmm I want to talk to you
about SEO pricing. Would you please join me for this video. Thank you!

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