How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost (Cost of SEO)

By | September 20, 2019

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Hey my friend this is OLA coming to you
live from myEmpirePRO studios this episode we’re talking about how much
does search engine optimization cost SEO stay tuned hey what’s going on my friend
this is all are coming to you live from my Empire pro studios on this episode I
have a question that I want to dive into and give you the best answer possible
okay so he goes so after burning $25,000 true Facebook advertising that’s a lot
of money I only have a little over 1,000 leads to show for it
and no customers I’m guessing because it’s not mentioning any customers at
this point I would not quit online marketing good spirit that’s the spirit
right there but we gotta get you to profitability though okay so he says so
I’ve just stumbled across another marketing strategy search engine
optimization apparently I can budget on a flat monthly fee while my online
exposure grows perpetually that’s true and that’s partially true and partially
a lie but first of all before I continue with the question let me just tell you
what search engine optimization means or SEO for short right essentially when
people have questions about anything in life right now in life period right or
they have a problem and they’re looking for solution or they’re looking for more
information to get through to achieving something typically people go to a place
on their phone right and it’s called Google right people Google sometimes do
you want to dig a little deeper if you’re looking for more for customer
customer something that’s looking for something to consume they may go on
YouTube to search for tutorials right you want to learn how to cook something
they want to learn how to cook some type of food lasagna they want to learn
either fried plantain they want to learn how to cook major Angela fries whatever
it is you can go on YouTube and search for a tutor
and people that go down on YouTube are typically more of people that are
looking for information people that are on Google are also looking for
information but sometimes they’re still in the research mode where they just
scrambling looking for something but both of them Google YouTube or any
search engine sometimes Yahoo Bing if it’s printing installed on your computer
typically but Google controls about 70% of market share of the search market
share right so that’s what we call search ok when people go and they go
search on Google for anything for any answers to any questions they’re looking
for that’s what such engines that’s what
search engines are I mean Google Yahoo YouTube being and things like that those
are the search engines right there ok so search engine optimization is
essentially the process of creating content when I say content that means
information ok about solution creating content or information that provides
answer to questions that provide solutions or solution information to a
problem right or help people relief you know how people relieve a pain right so
you provide information that provides pleasure that relieves or replaces
opinion see the way I just said it people you and I do it every day we have
a question we say hey what’s the meaning of this thing say what does that mean or
can we get through it and then go on Google you search for information or you
see like a symptoms of something on your body you don’t know what it is you go on
google you search and maybe Web MD pops up for example my BMW every time like I
just fixed the batteries and stuff like that and uh and these symptoms was
showing for me from a traditional standpoint did not look like it was
battery like I would drive right I would drive and when I go there in the morning
when I started it starts properly if the car’s been sitting there for a while it
starts right right but if I drive around town and I pull in somewhere and about
to leave like within a short minute like short few minutes right because the car
is still hot the car would not start anymore so that didn’t sound like
battery for me now I know it’s battery because I’ve had the experience but
before that I went on Google as such bmw x5 and I
looked for the information on you know why is it doing that all kind of
information popped up there was a lot of time a lot of information I say it’s
probably battery some of them said is probably a fuel pump relay some of them
said it’s a starter some of them say hey just replace this it should be fine but
bottom line is that all those websites that are popping up somebody somebody
may have optimized them for the search engines okay because think about it when
you search on search engines right sometimes depending on the competition
sometimes five hundred thousand results shows up sometimes three million results
shows up depends on how competitive that keyword is and the competition comes
from people searching for it if a keyword is something that people search
for a lot it will have high competition typically okay so there are times where
you have to weigh what you optimize your website for you don’t want to high
competition and you don’t want to low competition you want enough competition
that is actual traffic that’s actually there’s an actual market size that
sizable that you can get customers from but you also don’t want to go for highly
competitive because if you go too high in competition you’re fighting a losing
battle with people that have optimized their website and half age domain age or
webpage age that’s a lot longer than yours right so you got to find the
balance between them both now something new that I’m just learning on YouTube is
a little bit different okay on YouTube you actually want competition but I get
that’s topic for another day but that’s what such engine optimization is when
you optimize your website so it can become a lot more visible has a lot more
so you can be have so the website can has a lot more exposure when people are
searching online that’s what we call search engine optimization just in case
and that’s short SEO so a lot of businesses are starting to pay attention
to optimizing their website for the search engines right you can pay to show
on Google at the top resort the one that shows ad with the green text that’s your
ad right next turn you can pay that cost a lot of money or you can optimize your
website to start showing from number three four five six seven from
three four five to thirteen it’s free position if you optimize your website
properly I’m talking about in the search results once you search for something
the result that shows up the ten different result that shows up that
position the first three is paid for if it’s highly competitive and highly
valuable keyword is paid for you see ad right next to but anything below that
it’s free if you can optimize your website for that and that’s what search
engine optimization is all about so let’s continue now know what search
engine optimization is let’s continue to it apparently he says apparently I can
budget on a flat monthly fees while my online I suppose your gross perpetually
it’s true okay but partially true because you have to you know maybe not
so much work maybe not so much time because this is a battle between how
much of time and how much money you invest right so but we’ll get into that
a little bit in a little bit here however I’ve seen all types of
discrepancies in rate then that means cost of optimizing your website right
it’s free if you have the skills right but if you’re a business owner you
probably on at the time to be optimizing your own website then you can pay
somebody a fee to help you do that and that’s what the flat monthly fees in his
coming in depending on how much content they’re gonna produce for you how much
content they’re gonna have to help you optimize in a given month right so like
it goes perpetually the only way can grow perpetually if you continue to
create content okay however the there are special scenarios if you really know
what you’re doing where you can create a limited amount of pieces of content and
they can take off or narrow by eventually the problem is that
competition is always coming behind you and they may come for your content and
you know and outrank you okay because the key here is that you wanna rank high
in the search engine results when people search for stuff okay
how much does s the search engine optimization seo cost I have seen some
cheap quotes as low as 250 dollars in India I was realistic thanks alright so
good question yeah so yeah I’m finally getting to the
answer how much the search engine optimization cost what it costs depends
on how much of time and how much of money you’re personally invested in it
okay and what you need to realize that is a it’s not an exact science it’s a
heart and a science at the same time okay there’s a science to it but it’s a
heart because you have competition and you have factors that you can’t
necessarily control okay that’s beyond your control so because of that is a
heart in a science but you can absolutely bring it down to a science
by simply out producing the rest of the market when it comes to content does
that make sense you can absolutely do that so what you want to do is you want
to keep producing and producing more content now sometimes people want to
outsource that part of the business to when you could produce content when I
said content that means the video and the articles that provides the
information into the marketplace and publish them okay you publish those
things online and you optimize them for the search engine so when people search
for when your ideal customers search for the terms that would typically search
for you want your video and your articles to show up so for example
somebody searching for dog poop whatever right that’s somebody that owns a dog if
that’s what you sell you want to be optimizing for optimizing your website
or your videos or your articles you want to optimize them for those terminologies
okay essentially you want to find the the common question commonly asked
questions frequently asked questions FAQ right of your ideal customers that you
want to answer those questions and there’s a ton of those question you
can find more questions by relating with your with your audience you already know
who your customers are you know what their pain points are right and you just
want to make sure you create enough content to cover as much as possible
from as many angles as different as from as many perspective as possible because
you can answer the same question from about a hundred different perspectives
because everybody’s stories are different right and you want to find
what all those things are you want to continue to create content if you out
produce your competition and content in addition to optimizing
the content you win the game why because an average person will not
take the time to do that okay that’s how you win the game that’s what
I’m doing here if you’re wondering okay I’m not actually the best in optimizing
my videos yet I’m working on that however when it comes to putting out
content I got that unlocked when I when it comes to pronounced content that’s
related to the topic I’ve got that on love now there are other optimizing part
of it that we’re working on here because those things also evolve with time so on
top of the fact that you want to hire the right person okay
at the right price of course you want to make sure that these are people that
stay on top of their game does that make sense I’m gonna make sure that these are
people that stay on top of that game that means they’re all there a student
of the game and they are learning every day because once upon a time YouTube for
example the content would show on you know D when you search okay when you
search content we show but nowadays YouTube will show your content will
suggest your content to people that their algorithms
thinks they would like it okay and how do they know because they’ve engaged
with your video in the past they watch your videos all the way to the end the
watch higher percentage of the time on your video watch time and retention rate
right they engage with your video that click thumbs up they keep share your
video if they do any of those things the higher they do those things the more
YouTube will show your videos to them why because they want people to continue
to watch videos on their platform because that’s how they make money from
ad revenues when it comes to Google search right it’s similar a little bit
different there’s no such thing as suggested or anything like that on there
there is okay but it’s a little bit different okay but the key thing here to
understand is that all of these platforms are optimizing content resorts
such resort based on people’s past history of information that they consume
okay in addition to relevancy so bottom line here is this okay to to figure all
that out can take time it take time skills okay and yes money if you
don’t have the time to learn the skills and to be trying to remain a student of
search engine optimization and that money can range from anywhere from five
dollars an hour to a hundred and fifty dollars an hour depending on who you’re
hiring okay depending on your budget okay so you heard what I just said yes
anywhere from five dollars an hour if you’re hiring some kid in India who
claims to know what they do it’s a risk okay but maybe it’s not a risk that’s
too that’s too risky you know but I functionality will find a middle ground
somewhere in the balance there right where you can pay maybe $50 $70 an hour
or maybe you can pay a flat fee starting from a thousand dollars for a few pieces
of content a month okay but you need to understand what you are paying for you
pay one time for the right person and then that website that article that
video will continue to get exposure over time
yes perpetually if it’s optimized right the first time for a long time and if
you have if you increase the number of content on a regular basis that you’re
putting out there that are getting optimized the return on investment is
infinity okay it’s not you can’t put a number on it okay it’s affinity if it’s
done right because eventually you will build a brand on top of that because we
know you for that topic and the kind of return on investment you’re gonna get
out of a robust brand online it’s again infinity you can’t really track where
all the traffic are coming from because you have this massive brand because
people know you for what you do for providing all the information over time
that’s why I take my time to make sure that this come out every day in addition
up to of course serving you but I’m getting that return because I’ve
perpetually committed to serving you by giving you all this information from
time to time to help you answer questions that people have and you need
to do the same thing with your business you need to find out what the frequently
asked questions about your business about your products your services about
the pain that your ideal customers are going through and you want to stop
creating content and run them and optimizing them and optimization of them
you can outsource that if you do it yourself
it will cost you time and skill if you out
to cost your money and the money is gonna cost you depending on the skill of
the person you’re hiring in you know so sometimes I would say should you go with
somebody that’s new in the business it’s always completely that’s completely up
to you I can teach you what’s doing that should you go with someone to have
repetition in the business that’s completely up to you depends on your
budget okay but just understand that the return on investment however if it’s
done right it’s infinity and you can’t really put a price on search engine
optimization unlike if you go advertise on Facebook you pay for every click you
get once you shut down the campaign is done is Rizzo rap okay if you put out a
good enough amount of number if you put out a hundred search engine optimization
campaign you cannot turn it off even if you try you can’t just turn it off and
pass it okay because it grows like like I said perpetually exponentially if you
do it right so I wanted to give you that insight when it comes to search engine
optimization the cost of it again it can range from anywhere from five dollars an
hour to $150 an hour depending on who you’re hiring and depends on how much
content you are optimizing and a few other factors like that okay so but the
first step I would tell people is that make sure learn as much as you can learn
about search engine optimization before you hire somebody and that takes me to
the next offer I’m gonna give you which is you see the link on the screen it’s
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