How Long Does Sod Last – Emerald Sod Farms – Denver Commerce City CO

By | September 10, 2019

One thing that you do, I do want to make sure
that everyone understands no matter whether you buy it from Emerald Sod Farms or one of
our friendly competitors, sod is a perishable commodity. It’s just like buying a head of
lettuce at King Super’s. You put it out in the truck or the car and you leave it there
for a while, it will go bad, and they won’t take it back. So please understand that we
have a 24 hour guarantee. If you bought the sod and you have a problem with it within
24 hours, we will make it right; after that, we’re sorry. We don’t mean to be rude or uncaring,
but we’ve had people leave on vacation and call us back. They order sod and then they
call us in 2 weeks and say “Well we left on vacation. You all delivered the sod and we
put it in the garage and it’s July and it’s 100 degrees.” Those are outside our control.
Those are things that may sound silly but they do happen, so we try to not misrepresent
our product. It is a live perishable product that will not last long. We suggest that when
you get your sod, one way or another, please have it installed immediately. And as soon
as you get it down water it.

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