How Long Does SEO Take?

By | August 15, 2019

How long does it take for SEO to work? This is a really common question I get when
I am teaching classes at New York City Small Business Solutions. Its not a straightforward answer- it depends
on two factors. It depends on what your industry is, and where
you are located geographically. If you are in a high density area like New
York City, and you are in a highly competitive industry, like personal injury lawyer, it
is going to take a long time to get your website to rank well on the first page of Google because
you are competing with a lot of other companies that are out there. Again, it depends on those two things- your
geographic area and your competition levels. Once you consider those two things, you can
make a determination of about how long it may take for your website to rank on google. In general, it takes several months to show
any results for your Google rankings. I have had clients rank within the first month
and that is fantastic when that happens, but it is unrealistic for most business owners
to expect that.

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