How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work?

By | August 10, 2019

in this video I’m gonna show you how
long it takes for a CEO to work. My name is Eric Siu I’m going to show you how to
grow your freakin business. So here we go I’m not even just gonna talk about SEO
I’m gonna talk about my podcast first what I thought we talked about SEO we
are talk about SEO so let’s look at my screen really quick this is a podcast I
have with my co-host Neil Patel and well we have eight point six million
downloads so far we’ve been doing it for a little under two years or so and oh
yeah you’re seeing a lot of downloads here right word last month January 2018
five hundred eighty-nine thousand we’re probably on track for about six hundred
forty thousand in a thirty one day window which is not bad 640 you look at
589 that difference it’s pretty good growth rate right so you’re looking at
six oh it’s easy well Neil has a brand he’s got a big email list of like well
Eric that’s easy for you to say you get good traffic you have a you have an
email us whatever when I look at the this podcast and I look at the other
podcasts that I have growth everywhere which gets about eighty thousand
downloads a month the issue is it took me
well after entire year of effort I was getting nine downloads day and then in
the second year I was getting thirty downloads a day I was spending six hours
a week on it for the first two years six hours per week while I was trying to you
know run the business so that’s one thing and it’s the same thing with SEO
too if I look at SEO if I look at R if I look at single grain comm which is one
of the websites I have I can see in the last 16 months period but and by the way
this is Google search console right here the new one has 16 months of data plus
okay so I’m looking at 16 16 months of data here you can see that the graph is
going up into the right we’re looking at impressions we’re looking at clicks you
can see it’s slowly going up into the right not only that if you use a tool
like H rest you can look at my website you can see that the keywords are
increasing the top three keywords are increasing everything is just going up
into the right it just takes a lot of effort it takes a long time to keep the
flywheel going if I didn’t do the first podcast if I didn’t slog it out for the
first two years there’s no way I would have the second podcast that’s it and
that’s doing really well and I love both podcasts now it’s the same thing with
this YouTube channel too you’re watching this YouTube channel right now and as of
this video we’re at about 6,200 6,300 subscribers but I started with about
1500 or 2000 or so in the summer time and we built out our video team Noah’s
sitting over here helping out it just takes time there’s no shortcuts with SEO
people need to be patient and most of the time we’re near report
other stakeholders let’s say you’ve raised venture funding your board is
gonna want you to move really quickly they’re going to spend on on paid
advertising the more you can be in control of what you’re running you’re
not reporting to a board to you know a bunch of co-founders that are not
patient the more patient you can be the better that’s easier said than done but
I think if you can be have a really sense of a big sense of urgency in the
short term so you’re just trying to get a lot of things done but you’re okay
with things taking time at the end of the day it’s gonna pan out what you have
to do as well is if I’m gonna give you some practical advice is you also got a
look at your on-page SEO you got to think about things such as a skyscraper
technique which is from backlinko so skyscraper technique is the idea that
you’re creating a 10 20 30 X piece of content that’s better than the top 10
results for whatever specific keyword you’re trying to rank for so the more
epic you can have it the better that doesn’t just mean more text it
means well-designed and also that any any other element that’s going to give
you a leg up so you got to think about that first and the other thing with
proper on-page SEO too is whatever kind of content you’re creating make sure you
have good internal linking structure going on – on the website a lot of
people forget about site architecture also keeping in mind – that there’s two
things that matter most when it comes to Google its content and its links don’t
forget about links if you’ve really created a good piece of content the idea
is if you make a skyscraper piece of content you it’s really easy for you to
request to other people and say hey what do you think about this so obviously
you’re not just gonna go requested them all the time hey come link to my stuff
come link to my stuff ideally if you can build a relationship even better I was
at a conference a couple weeks ago I sat down and then someone from intercom sat
down her name’s her name her name is Sarah and she’s on the content team I’m
just like that we started to build up a collaboration she actually follows some
of the stuff that we do and now we’re building in collaboration and then you
know easily that’s a link from intercom for example and we’re gonna be doing
other stuff with them to the flywheel starts to build we all start from
somewhere and I’m telling you like even if you’re starting from the very
beginning right now I’ve only had some of these these sites for less than a
couple of years it just takes time you have to be patient the thing is most
people aren’t willing to wait and most people aren’t willing to ask for help
you gotta be willing to do that – so if you enjoyed this video just go ahead and
hit subscribe and we’ll see you the next one to help you grow

4 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work?

  1. Manav Singh Post author

    Will you suggest a marketing agency to start content marketing and list building just from the beginning, or should we wait a little and only focus on clients??

  2. John Sing Post author

    Unlimited;;; reap 5335 real visitors for 1$, sales-sales

  3. The Shillong Teer Ultimate Post author

    Dear Sir I Have A Blog On Blogger With My Custom Domain. MY Domain Age is 7 Months Old Something…….But I Started My Blogging 4th April 2018 To Till Today 25th June 2018 With Complete Seo But I Notice I Have No Organic traffic On My Blog… I want To Know How long Take My Seo. Sir Hope You Have A Answer For me…. I m From India…

  4. Hussein Alaskar Post author

    Hi I just saw your video and I am looking for help and guidance.I have a job search engines that aggregate jobs from other job boards mainly UK and USA.I am doing SEO for about 4 months I see that my position and clicks increased(in my web master tools) since I started SEO but still I get 300 click per month and about 400-500 impression a day and I keep getting impressions from new keywords is that good? (I am worried from people keep telling that you are in competitive area)


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