How Is Your SEO Health Doing?

By | August 25, 2019

James Schramko here with an SEO news update.
Matt Cutts from Google has just announced a “What you can expect from Google in 2013”
video. I’ve watched the video and I’ve got some comments about that video. I’m going
to tell you my take on what he says. Why our sites are getting ranked One of the first points that Matt made is
that Google focusing on good quality content; being able to identify good content on websites.
For that reason, we move to hand created content and high quality content. So, both SEOPartner
and really focused on the hand content creation for humans, by humans. So,
we know that the content is good and that’s why our sites are getting ranked and we’re
getting good results for customers. The kind of site that Google will pay attention
to So, the things to avoid are anything automated
or shortcut or spammy. They’re not going to work anymore. What you really want is people
come into your site and then coming back to your site and even sharing your site with
other people, and that is a sign of good content. So for that reason, I’m sure that Google will
be paying attention to repeat visits and people who bookmark the sites because it’s good quality. Over-optimized pages There’ll be updates to the Penguin and Panda
algorithms and we’ve been on this from the beginning. Ever since they were released,
our Research and Development Team had been working really hard on identifying what triggers
the over optimization penalties, and we’ve put in place things that help our customers
get better results. In the case where pages have been way too over optimized with too
many anchor text keyword links, we suggest that you recreate those pages and build a
new link profile. And don’t worry about the old links — they’re not going to be savable
easily. Color-coded sites We’ve also color coded customer sites so we
know exactly which ones have a high risk profile and the color code is shared with our customers.
So, if you’re a customer of SEO Partner, you will know how we tag your site, whether it’s
a red or a green or a yellow site. You can ask our team what that means and we will help
work with you to make sure you avoid over optimization which is the common form of penalty
with these algorithms. Getting a lot more traffic from Google Hand in hand with that, you should have a
continual content creation program. So you would have a content creation calendar, or
schedule, where you are putting out new content. You’ve probably seen me putting out these
videos on a regular basis and over a year, it has made a substantial difference to the
website authority of the sites that they get placed on and also the number of indexed pages
which is quite literally the number of places that people can find my website for different
search phrases. So now, I have a lot more traffic coming to my website from Google just
by continually adding content. Our services So have a look at your content creation schedule
and make sure you have it planned for the future. Of course we create content for you
with some of our packages like, where we give you the content to put on your
website, so you don’t even have to create the content. Then if you are able to create
content like videos or audios, you could use our Expert Package on where
we will actually put that content on there for you and syndicate it properly. Sites to avoid Matt Cutts advised against getting paid editorials.
There’s a lot of sites out there that really just have thinly-veiled link purchase schemes
or rental schemes. You want to avoid those sites. For that reason, we really encourage
you to have hand created content on your site and then we promote that site using a vast
array of sites. We actually now have well over 2,000 places that we can put links back
to your site that is not available to anyone else. So when you’re using our services, you
really do have access to something that your competitors don’t have access to. If they’re
relying on publicly available link rental schemes or link brokering, then they’re going
to find that those links are less valuable in the future, whereas your links will stick. Not getting into trouble with Google Google’s working hard on detecting bad link
profiles and we’re very active in this. We even have a $20 report where we can have a
look at your website and see what your link profile looks like. And we can make recommendations
before you get into too much trouble. If you’re getting all of your links from one place,
you’re probably going to be detected for this. So what you want to do is have a very diverse
link profile with all different things coming to your site from different places to different
pages on your site with different keywords and anchor texts. And some of those anchor
texts will not be keywords, they’ll just be brand URLs or they’ll be generic words. So
make sure your link profile is balanced. Make sure it looks natural. And ideally, it is
natural because you’re putting quality content and it’s being shared by real humans. That’s
a big part of our strategy. The reason behind our 80%+ success rate We’re doing now some really cool stuff with
image marketing, with guest blog posting, and other stuff that will help get you a very
natural link as opposed to the schemes that used to be around several years ago. We long
dropped those and that’s why our business is still getting an 80%-plus success rate
and we’re working very closely with website owners to make sure that they’re doing the
right things to get the right results. SEO is still very powerful and of course every
business wants to be at the number one spot in Google. If you are able to follow your instructions
and work together with us, I’m looking forward to the results we can get for you. I’m James

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