How Important Are Keywords Meta Tags For SEO In 2017

By | August 31, 2019

Hi, I’m Conor Trecy. I’m with bigger at seo today. I want to talk to you about keywords Not necessarily the Keyword research and all the fun stuff that goes with seo But keywords like the meta tags and the urls and stuff like that so we’ll dig in there and have a poke around and see what comes out of it. One of the questions that we get on a regular basis is What do we do with the Meta Keywords tag or the Keywords meta tag? Do we still use it should you still fill it out? It’s an option inside of wordpress It’s an option pretty much every shopping cart. That’s out there there’s an area for you to fill it out and Unequivocally the answer is forget about it. It’s just not used Google, bing yahoo If you really if you want to look at it going way back in the day Search engines did use it and as of about 2009 Google and being both stated that the keywords meta tag is not something that they use for indexing. Google in particular has come out very vocal about that that really it’s a waste of time. And the reason why is that back in the day, seo people used to just stuff keywords in there. And you put in the same word three or four times obviously, it’s going to move up the rankings. So they’re pretty smart about it, they saw what people were doing and they remove that ability Bing! actually stated And I think it was Duane Forrester that stated it, that the meta tag is not used for ranking purposes inside of Bing! and if anything, it might actually be used for a penalty purpose. So they might use that. If they notice that you’ve got certain keywords in your meta tag and those same keywords are repeated several times within the page and they can put two and two together that you’re trying to manipulate the search engines that *could* raise up a flag, and get you some penalty stuff. How much of that is actually effective? How much of that actually works? I have no idea. Duane is no longer with Bing! so we don’t have any answers from there, and Bing! of course doesn’t talk to the seo community, and Google has almost become that way now too. So, keywords in the meta tag [section], just forget about it! Stop putting your stuff in there! The only thing good for it is an SEO person like me, [where] I look at the competition, I see what keywords they’re going after, and then I use that in my clients campaign to actually rank them a lot better. So don’t worry about the meta tag. Just forget it! The other part when it comes to keywords is putting your keywords in the URL structure. So this is the part at the top of the page you’ve got slash Web design expert in Omaha, or whatever words you want to put in there. So let’s use web design expert for for this particular case According to Google they say that the keywords in your URL do not matter. This was a statement that was made I believe by Gary Illyes basically back in 2016. That the key words don’t matter and you shouldn’t be bothered putting them into the url. While Google says that, every chance I get, in every client that we work with, the keyword is going to go in the URL. There’s no reason for it not to! If it’s relevant to the data, and relevant to the page on the website, then you should be using the keywords! So, when it comes down to keywords, the way to use them is to put it inside of your Title Tag. Put it inside your description [tag], put it inside your URL,and make sure it’s inside the content on the page! Your keywords, again, are supposed to be helping your user to let them find everything on the website [that] they need to. So if the keyword is relevant use it in places. Don’t overstuff it. There’s no magic number to say that it has to be used four or five times. Or [that] there’s a 2% Keyword Density Ratio, and all that fun stuff. That’s all stuff that was used back in the 90’s. Back when I started. That was how you did things. You had a 3% Keyword Density [ratio], make sure you don’t use the word more than three times for every 100 words, etc. That stuff, it’s just old school SEO. If your Seo Company is telling you that you have to use the keywords meta tag, or you have to use “this,” a certain number of times, [just] start running, because you’re going to get in trouble! So, keywords. It’s a good thing! Definitely do your keyword research. We have another whole video on doing Keyword research, and how all that should play out. [We have] lots of blogs on our website at If you have any questions, my name is Conor and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Thanks, have a great day!

7 thoughts on “How Important Are Keywords Meta Tags For SEO In 2017

  1. Haleiwa Steve Post author

    Great information, Conor, One of the take-a-ways from this video is that what worked yesterday doesn't necessarily work today. If you're not keeping up with Google' s or Microsoft's algorithms and updates, it's best to leave SEO to the experts like Big Red SEO.

  2. mohamed baydi Post author

    hi i want to ask you what hosting server should i use considering the fact that i live in north Africa

  3. Fernando Ramirez Post author

    Hi Conor, thanks for the info! Would you mind to help me out with a question? I do have an online crystal shop and I sell many similar products. For example, I sell amethyst in many formats such as points, clusters, tumbled stones, etc. They are all amethysts, however in different formats. Even when comparing many clusters it´s pratically impossible to find two identical pieces. Therefore I have one specific page for each product, regardless if they belong to the same type/category (amethyst, in this case). I'm doing the SEO for each page and as far as I can see, since they all have the same properties, I will have the same Tag Title and Meta Tag Description for all of those (it's about 20 different products, therefore 20 different pages). Is there any chance to get penalized for it? If yes, what should I do in order to get the best result? Thanks a lot foir your time and cooperation!

  4. 프리모PRIMO Post author

    Wow! is this really true?
    Does this mean that I don't have to worry too much about tags(keyword) when I upload videos???

  5. Johny Boy Post author

    But title tag keywords do matter? Great video btw, keep up.

  6. Joey Mashni Post author

    You used keywords for this video… "keywords":"Meta Tags,SEO,Keywords,SEO Keywords,Keywords Tag,Web Design,Internet Marketing"


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