HOW I RANKED #1 IN YOUTUBE SEARCH 🔥 (with less than 2,000 Subscribers) // 5 YouTube SEO Hacks

By | August 21, 2019

– As a small channel at the time, I’m still a small channel,
but at the time I had less than 2000 subscribers, my
viewership was very flat and very low but as a
results of doing five things that I’m about to show you
today I was able to rank and my traffic numbers
really reflected that and it kind of just shot through
the roof and as a result of being highly ranked in
search I was then able to get recommended by the YouTube
algorithm as a suggested video. (relaxing music) Hey friends, Kevin here
again, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. – Kevin. (laughing) We’re sitting on the ground
today because I just started working out again and I
cannot move my back so we’re not standing up, we’re
not sitting in a chair, we’re sitting right here
where it’s safe on the ground. So I haven’t seen you
all in a couple weeks. I actually had this major
allergy thing where my face gets all red and all disgusting. Anyways I’m back. These past two weeks have
been absolutely nuts. So if you type in Canon
1dx mark two, the name of Canon’s top of the line
professional DSLR camera, one of my last videos
actually ranks number one at the top of that list
and this is YouTube we’re talking about, like after
Google it is the second largest search engine in the entire world. Like, holy cow! What, that’s crazy! Now this video is growing
so fast, generating so much traffic and generating
50 new subs per day. 50 of you all coming
and joining this family every single day. That’s like the best party
in the world, like honestly that’s so cool. So thank you to all of you
new friends who have joined me on this adventure,
welcome to the family. Anyways I could talk about
this all day but I wanna get to the point of this video
that you clicked on because you’re curious to find out
how you can rank number one in the search even if
you’re a small channel. So here are the five things
that I did and I would recommend that you do if
you wanna replicate some of the results that I have
been able to kind of start seeing on my channel. So anyways, let’s dive into it. Just kidding, we’re still
here, I didn’t wanna move. (laughing) So number one; being aware of trends. Taking advantage of
what you know people are already searching for. So my friend Vince over at
Excessorize Me has built a pretty cool channel, a
pretty big channel around reviewing phone cases,
accessories and stuff like that and what he told me was to look
at trends of what typically tends to perform really well
and this was about roughly at the cusp of the new year
so around January first I knew I would be able to release
this video and what he said was typically a lot of videos
that do well talk about something, the best blank in blank year. So if it’s the new year,
2019, he’s like do a bunch of videos about the best camera in 2019, the best set up in 2019
and I was like ah, like hey is the Canon 1dx still
the best camera in 2019? And as I was making this
video I saw a couple other YouTubers, some that I
actually really look up to, also release a video
about a very similar topic and so when I first saw
that I was a little bit disheartened but then I
realized that it proves that it’s a good topic that people
are gonna wanna search for so it ended up being a pretty good thing. So I kinda went for it and
finished the video that I was already working on and released it. I’ve also later found
that having the year, the current year in your
title and your metadata, your metadata being your tags, all the way to your description. It doesn’t just help you tap
into trends but also helps you to claim this relevancy
to show the algorithm that your video is worth recommending. This shirt is really
weird, it keeps doing this. I don’t know how it does that. Where were we? I already forgot what I’m talking about. (laughing) Okay and then we’ve got the thumbnail. A lot of people talk about this a lot, for example Tim Schmoyer,
he’s another huge mentor of mine in the YouTube space. He’s been teaching how to
do YouTube properly for a very long time and one thing
that I’ve learnt from him is that you have to make your thumbnail very, very enticing. If you do any sort of digging
into the published reports and papers by YouTube
they talk about watch time and their goal as a company
is to get as many people to be watching as much
time on YouTube as possible so that they can run more ads
and therefore make more money. Now what that means for
creators like us is that we have to compete to make sure
that we can tell YouTube hey I will do a really good
job at being able to give you that watch time you’re looking for. So with that in mind there’s
what we call a funnel. So in sales, online marketing,
the funnel is just how you get people who don’t know about you, to know about you and
then gradually funnel them to take some sort of action. You want people to see your
video, and then you want a high percentage of them to
actually click on the video. Once they click on that video,
that’s your click through rate, the CTR. So you want that to be
as high as possible. After that you want them to
watch as much of the video as possible, that’s the retention rate. So that’s how many people
stay all the way to the end of the video or what
percentage of your video people typically end up watching. And then after that you want
them to click on another video, whether it be
yours or another video to keep them on YouTube
as long as possible. So the three things there
are the click through rate, the retention rate and
then the rate at which they go and click to another video. I’m not entirely sure if they
have a specific name for that. But those three. So that’s why it’s so
important to really, really pay attention to making
a thumbnail that people wanna click on. So when I first started out
on YouTube I was spending a lot of time working on the video itself, probably about 90% of the
time and then at the very end I would kinda scratch
my head and think what should I make as a thumbnail
and just kinda throw something together super fast. But now after learning for
a while and experimenting I’ve found that I’ve actually
gotta do it the reverse. Once I figure out what I
want the video to be about I start the thumbnail right away. And so what I actually do
is I’ll take my pictures like with a dedicated photo
camera and take it into Adobe Lightroom and then
Adobe Photoshop so I’m playing with the colors,
adding text and spending a good couple hours designing and scrapping and then redesigning. You want a thumbnail that
demonstrates that your video is gonna be a good quality experience. Number three; then I do
some key word research and to do this I fire
up a tool called vidIQ. If you’re a creator and
you haven’t heard of vidIQ I strongly, strongly
recommend you go get it. VidIQ gives you insights
into the amount of search traffic and the amount of
competition any certain topic has. So you’re able to find
which topics might be worth your time to go make a video
about because if you’re a creator then you know what
I’m talking about when I say that one of the biggest
hurdles on a regular basis that we face is that
uncertainty of how do we spend our time making videos
that people are gonna watch versus dumping a bunch of
time into something and afterwards realizing oh
my god, everyone and their mother has already done
a video on this topic and so nobody watches your video, or you make a video and
it’s a topic that no-one is searching for and therefore,
even if you rank number one, you might be the only
video because nobody is even searching for it and
you’ll get like no views and that’s really sad. So vidIQ is gonna be
your best friend here. With vidIQ I do three things. Key word research, I
research my tags and then I work on my description. So if I have an idea for a
video I would open up vidIQ on my computer and type in
the topic into their SEO key word tool and it’ll give me a bunch of different columns. So this is the related key word,
so these are the key words, this is the search volume. So it tells me this is the
average number of times people searched for this exact key word on YouTube each month. This is a search score for
how popular this key word is in YouTube’s search. A higher number is obviously better. Competition score; this is
a measure of how many videos are competing for this keyword
in YouTube’s search results and here you want a lower number. And you crunch search and
competition together and you get the overall score. This is how attractive
this key word is to you, how big of the opportunity
is available to you based on both the supply and the demand. So maybe something has a
ton of searches but it’s super saturated with tons
and tons of competition. That’ll rank lower than
maybe something that has a mid level amount of searches
but almost no competition. So what I like to do is
actually click on overall score and I sort everything by
this and then what I do is I go down the list and I
start formulating my idea for my video around these
terms that stand out to me. So right off the bat Houston
Texas, not super related, Nikon not super related, the
name of the camera itself is a pretty good overall
search score so I guess I hit the nail on the head. I made a video that was
specifically targeting this search term and it looks like
there’s a ton of searches on it with relatively low competition. So if I was gonna do a
video again I would probably go down this list again
and say this time I’m gonna make a video that’s about
the cfast cards that we use in the camera and probably the Gimble. And then tags. So once you start uploading
your video you’re gonna start being able to type
in your tags and tags are really important because
they show YouTube what your video’s about. So here we’re in the
YouTube video details page in YouTube Studio Beta and
as you can see as soon as the vidIQ extension loads
it adds a bunch of these other features onto this
page and everything you see here is also available on
the upload page as well so you can tweak these
things and utilize these features right from the
moment you’re trying to upload your video. And so here you’ve got the tags. This is where YouTube allows
you to tell the algorithm what your video is about and
you only have 500 characters worth of tags you’re
allowed to put in here. So sometimes you have so many
ideas on what you wanna tag, vidIQ allows you to use that
score, that overall score that I mentioned, to help you
decide which terms you should get rid of if you’re over
that 500 character mark. So if we were to add another term here. Let’s say best camera. You can see that a bunch of
suggestions start popping up and vidIQ gives a bunch of these scores. This seems to be a
pretty good term, right? So compared to the others,
I’d say usually everything between the super high
60s all the way up to 100. 72 seems like a pretty good
score, especially compared to everything else on this
list, the only other one being best camera 2018, which
is not exactly what this video is, this is 2019. But actually for the sake
of this, 2018 might actually work too so I might click both of these. So there. If you’re having trouble
picking out tags you can just kinda go down here and start
clicking on specific tags and they add them to your tag list here. So super helpful. Another super helpful thing
is as you start populating these tags and putting some
stuff in the description and the title, vidIQ is
gonna start guessing what your video’s about and
start suggesting videos that are super related
that you can start to gain views from in the recommended list. So what you can do is click
on this right here to expand this list of tags and click
on any of these tags that might be similar to my video
and therefore it’ll tell the algorithm hey these two
videos might be more closely related and give my video
a higher chance of ranking in the suggested for
anyone watching this video or who has watched it in the past. And then you can add
tags to the description. vidIQ helps here a ton
when you click boost. In that upload page starts
suggesting different terms that you can use and
tells you in real time whether or not you’re able
to rank for those things. And then what you wanna do
is you wanna go to your title and your description and make
sure you have the key words in there that are gonna help
you rank your video the best. And what vidIQ does is it
takes the key words, the tags, that have the highest overall
score and suggests them to you, tells you that you
should try to incorporate them into your title and
description if possible. So what I’ve done when this
was previously suggested I took a couple different
variations of different spellings on the two cameras that I
talk about in this video and I put those into the
description and took the ones that were most highly
searched for and put those into the title as well. So hope you found this helpful. This is kind of my
process that I go through every single time and I
just play around with it and just use the data to
try to make better crucial decisions to get my videos to rank. Hopefully you found this
helpful and hopefully it lets you rank your videos better
too to the point where maybe I’ll even see your videos in my search and recommendations. So this is not a sponsored video. vidIQ did not reach out to
me to pay me to say this. But as you could tell, I am
a huge fan of this product. It’s one of those things
that I can honestly say has contributed in large part
to the success that I’m starting to see with my
channel on this platform. I think it has the potential
to do the same for you if you know how to use it right. Again short of predicting
the actual future with 100% certainty, the next best
thing you can ask for is data that helps you to make
these crucial decisions. Feel free to go sign up
directly on their website but if you have found
this video helpful at all please consider using the
affiliate link down below in the description, that
would really help to support this channel and what I’m doing. Again they’re not paying
me to say this but I went and I signed up for an
affiliate link because I believe in the product so
any purchases you do make with vidIQ will contribute
a little bit to supporting me and allowing me to make
more videos here for you all. And if you’re wondering
which plan you need to get since there’s a whole long
list of features that they have on their website. I personally use the boost plan. It’s a paid plan that
costs a little bit more but that’s the one that
has all the features that I mentioned in this video. Also please leave a like
if you’re still watching and you’ve made it this far. Thanks so much for watching
and leave me a comment down below if there’s anything
else that you’ve learned that has helped you grow here on YouTube. One thing that I love about YouTube, again is the sense of community. It’s not just that we’re here
to watch someone on screen but we’re here to interact
with each other and there’s so much that we can all
learn from each other, myself included. So I’ll see you all in the
comments, I can’t wait to read what y’all have to say. Thanks so much for watching
and be well my friends. Peace. Cool beans. (relaxed music)

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