How I Make $10,000 Per Month From GOOGLE (Google Adsense Blueprint)

By | February 29, 2020

So maybe you’re trying to make money
online right now, maybe you’ve dabbled with Shopify, maybe you’ve tried Amazon
FBA, maybe you’ve tried trading, maybe you’ve tried online network marketing,
whatever the case may be, maybe you haven’t reached your goal yet on making
a steady income online, I get it. I’ve been there, right? And so in today’s video
I’m going to show you how I make $10,000 per month from Google and receive these
badass “checks in the mail” from Google, more like virtual payments
direct to my bank account from Google Adsense and how it is the securest way
to make money online, in my opinion, when I started my entrepreneurial career. But
basically Google Adsense is the money that creators make, either bloggers, or
writers on a website, or youtubers from the video content that they produce on
their YouTube channels, so when you’re looking at a website it looks like those little pop-up banners you see on the sides or in the middle, or maybe
there’s something flashy of like a resort,
those are advertisements that advertisers are paying these creators to
make money to get more eyeballs, impressions, and clicks to their
particular offers. So every advertisement that you see on my channel the ones that
play in the beginning, aka the pre-roll, the mid roll, and the advertisements
after my video, those are all bringing me in income when people just only
look at them, right? And so it’s really cool to create this content on
either a website or a YouTube channel where you can get paid to create content.
Yes, it’s not super easy and it will take time to build up, but it’s definitely
more achievable than it ever has been in the history of making money online. Okay,
so just to give you guys an idea of how I was able to produce this last month
check of nine thousand nine hundred and fifteen dollars, just under ten thousand
dollars. I wanted to show you just how many views that takes to earn that
amount of income. Now it varies differently and greatly with YouTube. It
all kind of depends this factor called CPM. However, if you
take a look at my social blade account, you can see that my channel right now at
the moment, it fluctuates all the time, but it’s receiving between 9,000 and
10,000 views per day. So that’s approximately 10,000 visitors that are
coming to my channel every single day and so for my channel and my niche and
my CPM which which stands for cost per thousand views, so youtubers get
paid by views. That is how much it takes for me to make ten thousand dollars per
month from google adsense. Now this is definitely, definitely doable. Don’t get
discouraged, you may not start off and make a youtube channel and create ten
thousand dollars right off the bat, but you know what? If you’re generating an
extra five hundred dollars a month from Google Adsense now, how much could that
change your life? Help pay some bills, help pay off some debt, whatever it
is. And so in this video pay attention to the blueprint I’m going to show you
because it works. Also, after this video if you are interested in how I built a
wildly profitable business on YouTube and how you can do it too, definitely
check out my subscribers to sales blueprint it’ll be the first link in the
description below, excuse the dogs barking in the
background, my bad, but the step one in getting to 10k per month on Google is to
choose a profitable Adsense niche. So what does this mean? Well, I’m gonna be
specifically talking about YouTube from here on out because that is my expertise
and I’m not a blogger. Maybe right now you have a couple of ideas of niches
that you could start your YouTube channel with such as finance,
health, wealth, whatever it is, but you’re trying to think of which one would be
the best for you to start your YouTube channel. Well, I could tell you right now
that one tool that will really help you is Google Keyword planner, right? And so
what is that? So just type in Google Keyword planner
into Google, sign-in, it’s free to create an account, and what you can do is
explore keywords. So a keyword is a search phrase as entered in to any
search engine when you type in “how to lose weight” on Google, “how
to lose weight on YouTube,” that is called a keyword. So what Google planner is
gonna help you do is identify which niche will give you the most potential
to make the most money. So what I mean by this is if you’re exploring keywords on
Google Keyword planner, you’ll see that a keyword like “what is a 401k?” s more
profitable than if you type in “yoga mats.” I think it’s something like nineteen dollars versus a dollar twenty-three so
advertisers are willing to pay $19 per click to a YouTube channel that talks
about finance and 401ks as opposed to a YouTube channel that is
about yoga and yoga mats or whatever the case may be. And don’t let this be the
end-all be-all deciding factor for you because you definitely want to talk
about a topic that you’re passionate about and that you have an expertise, so
try to find a happy medium in between something you like to talk about in your
expertise and in between something that’s gonna make a decent amount of
money per click. The second thing you want to do, and this is super, super
important, so it’s once you hone in on what your niche is going to be I
recommend that you start to map out your first 10 video titles. And so number one
tool for YouTube optimization and ranking on YouTube even when you’re
starting from zero subscribers and zero views is a tool called Tubebuddy. So what
does Tubebuddy do? Well first it is a Chrome extension that you could install
into your Chrome browser for free, there are different paid versions but the free
version will work for what I’m about to show you right now, and so you would
download the Tubebuddy tool, make sure you have it in your Chrome extension and
when you connect it to your YouTube account you can pull up a tool called
keyword Explorer and you can type in different titles, different keywords
different phrases, that people are searching for and Tubebuddy will give it
a ranking, like if it’s good, if it’s poor, if it’s excellent, if the more you have
the rating towards excellent then the more than likely you should choose that
phrase to make a video on. So if I type in, for example, “how to sing”
and I get a poor rating because there’s millions of people looking for it and
that have already looked for it but if I type in something like “how to sing for
beginners” or narrow it down and make it more longtail, which means you make the
keyword five words or longer, then that Tubebuddy says that is a good
rating for me to go for, and it’s a title I want to write down and make content
around. I mean, obviously, assuming you have a youtube channel about singing and
vocal lessons and stuff like that. So I’d definitely check out Tubebuddy,
there is a link in the description if you were to sign up through that
affiliate link, you can use my discount code of “marissasbuddy” and you would
get a discount at checkout so that you can use that tool and some of the
advanced features that I have not yet mentioned that will really, really help
with the growth of your YouTube channel. Step number three after you have your
first ten video titles mapped out and you’re using the Tubebuddy tool
definitely determine your posting frequency. Now, this is super important
because your channel won’t just grow after you post to videos. You have to
keep feeding the algorithm, it’s like any other social media platform. If you’re
not posting consistent content, your channel, your profile, whatever, it won’t
get followers and subscribers and it’s no different with YouTube. So what I
advise people when starting a YouTube channel, make it a priority to post a
minimum of four videos per month. Four videos is perfect for somebody with a
busy schedule to implement this content creation because it’s not like it’s
every day or it’s not like you’re getting in front of the camera and
having to prepare all the time, it’s a manageable posting frequency where you
could even batch all of it in the first three days of the month, and what I mean
by that is you can you know script out your videos, you can create two
videos one day, just get on the camera and talk and create the video and then
the next day or two you can create the other two videos, then you have all your
content planned out for a month because I know when I get in the flow,
just like I am right now of recording this YouTube video, I’m like
“Yeah, let’s record another one.” I can’t record too many in one day,
but you get the point, just make sure you get into a habit of posting, minimum, four
videos per month and then if you could boost up the frequency, do it. The more
the merrier. And step four, I kind of alluded to it in step three, is to
produce quality content. So this could mean a bunch of things for
several people, but what it means for me is definitely give your highest amount
of value, and what I mean by that is you’ll probably be doing tutorials or
step-by-step videos, but giving your good advice to people on YouTube, you don’t
have to have a fancy 4k setup with lights and everything like I do now. I
have a 4k camera, of the bundle it cost me, I think eight hundred, nine
hundred dollars on Amazon, I have two lights that are staring in my
face right now, but it didn’t always start out that way. I started with just a
simple webcam and nothing else. I mean and I started with my phone and
it was super pixelated, the quality was horrible, but what I was telling people
was very valuable to them and that’s how I was able to gain a lot of subscribers
within my first three months and four months of getting on YouTube, I didn’t
care, I just got started. And so if you guys are interested in learning more
about video editing and just how to set up your home studio with your smartphone,
definitely check out the link in the description for the video service team
that I use, it’s a 30-minute free consultation call where they’ll help you,
walk you through your video editing needs for your YouTube channel,
or really whatever types of videos you need in your business, so step number
five – making ten thousand dollars from Google Adsense every month is to promote
your channel. I mean you have so many other social media platforms with
billions of users combined at your fingertips, at your disposal, right? And so
if you don’t have any other social media platforms, create them and share your
YouTube videos on them at minimum I’m assuming you probably have
a personal page on Facebook, or maybe you’ve heard of the website called Quora
where it’s kind of like a forum where people talk about all kinds of stuff.
There’s a lot of traffic on Quora, so what you could do is just go in there,
answer people’s questions about what about your topic, so the singing example,
there’s probably a bunch of people, up-and-coming singers, asking about
singing advice. You can go on Quora, answer questions, and say “Hey,
check out this latest video I made on my channel,” and then that traffic from Quora
will go to your youtube channel and the same thing with other online forms.
There’s some Facebook groups, not all of them, but there’s some Facebook groups
that will allow you to post your content, your blog articles, your YouTube
videos, and those are definitely the places where you want to promote your
YouTube channel and your content, so get creative. I know it’s going to take some
time but at least figure out one or two ways to get your YouTube channel content
off of YouTube because the YouTube algorithm loves when it sees the YouTube
content on other platforms. What it does is it says “Oh well, this video is on all
these other platforms it must be very popular. We’re gonna push more traffic
that way.” I hope you’ve taken lots of notes by now on how you can make your
first 10k with Google Adsense per month. If you’re enjoying this video, let’s head
on over to this video which is up next where I talk about YouTube’s passive
income and strategies that make at least a thousand dollars per month and that
video starts right now. And so the reason why I’m telling you about YouTube and
it’s a passive income magnet.

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