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By | August 11, 2019

– Hey, y’all you have found
a video on a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress. And specifically this video is going to be a section of a webinar, a longer webinar, that I did with Rebecca Gill. In the WordPress industry she’s really looked at as one of the leaders in search engine optimization. This particular section is
all about what’s changed with Google’s algorithm. She highlights a lot of variations that have changed over the years. If you’ve been trying
and trying and trying to grow your SEO in the last decade, what does it look like. This is about a 3, 3.5 minute section from that longer 1 hour video. If you’d like to watch the full webinar I’ll put the link in the
description box below. I’ll also put it up here and I’ll put it at the end of the video. Let’s jump into the video right
now and catch this section. (dramatic music) – [Rebecca] Okay, so in the
old days SEO seemed so easy I started with SEO 15 years ago, sales and marketing 20 and it was like, you’ve heard about cowboys coding and that was us in the old days of SEO. I mean we did crazy stuff and magically you could just
get to page one and rank. But then things didn’t
quite stick that way. But when we were there
we could see page one we could get there. We had all of these dreams and we had all of these
expectations, right. And we were given the keys to the castle and we could do really whatever we wanted to get to page one. And there was some crazy stuff that we did to get to page one. And it was really stinking
easy back then to rank cause you just had to
know a few of the basics. Why was it easy? Well, desktop was the only search. People only searched for one keyword, maybe they searched for two but
there was no more than that. We could rank with three hundred words and a piece of content. That whole, “not provided” and those Google reports didn’t exist. And when we actually saw on a report that we were ranked number one, we were actually number one. And like I said it was
beautiful back then. Those were definitely the good days. But then life started to change, you know over the last
really I would tell you five, six years things have shifted. I’ve run my agency for nine
years and when I started with the agency SEO was
still pretty dang easy. The economy wasn’t, but SEO was. And then things started to shift. The technology and the algorithm that Google used became much more complex, Google continues to make updates, They’re updating the
algorithm daily actually. They do make major changes
a couple times a year but they do daily tweaks and that’s kind of hard to keep up with. They started giving out penalties, that stinking knowledge graph came where it takes over the
page one search results. Voice search came out and
people started to really shift the way that they’re using search. Mobile indexing started,
that just really hit and Google’s moving the
way it indexes websites from the desktop versions
over to the mobile version. And then, finally, in
just the last few weeks Google started rolling out a
“not secure” warning in Chrome. That’s a lot of changes
and it can make people really feel overwhelmed with SEO. It can make you feel like
you’re chasing that green dot and the Yoast SEO plugin
that you’re not making any progress, that you don’t have any control, and that your life might be stuck with Pay-Per-Click and Facebook Ads. But, even with all of that and downward slide that
you may feel like you’re in I’m going to show you that
there’s a lot of upside to it. Even though we have to deal
with things like lack of data and a focus on those plugins
and all those Penguins and Pandas and the knowledge graph and personalized search and now semantics search and malwares. I mean there’s just so much, right? But don’t feel like you
are spiraling down a hill and you do not have
control of your destiny. Because I want to show
you that you really do. I want you to know that you can have a success with SEO and you
really can excel with it. And I always want to
remind people that they can move mountains with
SEO they can win at search and they can bring in lots of traffic. And not just traffic but
really highly targeted traffic that really pertains to your website and who you want to serve. – Pretty amazing, right? If you’re ready now to go forward with how to actually do onsite SEO it’s time to catch the
full one hour webinar. I have that video totally for free right here on YouTube for you. I’m going to put the link right here. I’ll put the links in
the description box below and I will se y’all next time. Bye, y’all.

3 thoughts on “How Has Google Search Changed? WordPress SEO

  1. Steve Kent Post author

    SEO has only changed for people who have been lazy with SEO. For those who have been doing SEO properly, SEO hasn’t changed for over 10 years. There is a reason why some sites have been ranking #1 for their target keyphrases for over a decade.

    Changes to Google’s algorithm only affect those using lazy SEO strategies.


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