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By | August 10, 2019

Hey everybody, this is your friend in internet marketing Cyril Gupta and in this quick video I’m going to show you core SEO and Show you how it can help you get better traffic and more visitors on your size No matter what level you are at today So let’s get started Quora Co does that for you in three ways. The first is on-page optimization Now what Korea will do in this module is it will go to your website go to any URL any webpage that you give it? It’s going to analyze it on parameters that we have carefully crafted things that Google wants you to do things that are important to be ranked and it’s gonna tell you Where exactly your page stands on those parameters and it will advise a course of action that you can take to make it More SEO optimized so that you rank better The second thing is off page optimization and this is something totally unique. No other software actually Does this sort of thing what it will do is it will go out to the web. Look at all your backlinks? Look at the domains that are backlinking to you and tell you exactly which ones are good. And which ones are bad Now this is something you need to do in a very very imperative manner. You need to just do it It’s very important because all the bad backlinks that are pointing to you They are not helping you the bad neighborhoods. The bad websites are dragging your rankings down so you need to tell Google that these are not the backlinks that you That you have built or you need to disavow them at the same time You want to get more backlinks from websites that are of higher quality? so this Will tell you exactly which backlinks are good with backlinks are bad, which domains are good with domains are bad and that’s something pretty unique Nothing else does it? The third is sitemap You need to give Google a complete map of your website and it is very important because many times Google doesn’t know how important a particular page on your site is Google cannot find a particular page maybe especially if you’re using any kind of sea or something, you know Which doesn’t maintain so many links on the front page So you need to give Google a complete map of your site to make it Easier for Google to crawl your site to make it easier for Google to crawl your site and find every one of your pages Now this is a perfect replacement because if you look at any professional site map maker It’s gonna cost you over $100 and it’s a part of this software so you can make it without any extra cost and it’s an add-on for you now Let’s start with on-page optimization and see exactly how that’s gonna help you put in the URL that you want to analyze so I’m putting one of my websites and Then click on next It’s gonna analyze the page that you put in it’s gonna take a few seconds And once it’s done, it’s gonna show you our domains review report the report that has the analysis of the URLs In fact, you could put in any or any number of URLs You can put in ten URLs and it’s gonna show you a report that has a list of all ten So let’s go and see that report now The report is generated in HTML format you can zip it and send to your clients And this is a great way this report is actually a great way to get more clients because what you can do is you can create a report for any of The websites sent it to them and then you can tell them exactly what you can solve for them you can tell them you’re gonna solve the problems and That’s a great way to find clients if you are an SEO agency or if you’re looking for SEO clients now the URL that you put in are here click on it and it’s gonna give you a complete Topic wise details of what exactly is good And what exactly is wrong with the site and how to take the corrective action? Now this side that I’m talking about is very optimized. It’s getting over 20,000 visitors a day. So Nearly everything is correct over here You can see that it’s called got green tick marks but your site will definitely not be so optimized and you will be Needing you will need to make it optimized to get it working So if you’re running your own site, this is a great way the on-page optimization to do a page wise analysis Now this is important. We are looking at a third at a particular page here You can do a page wise analysis hundreds of pages each and every page on your site on all your sites Find out exactly what is wrong find a way to correct them And if you’re serving others if you’re recruiting clients You can either sell this as a service tell them that for maybe a few hundred dollars or whatever amount you have in your mind You will find all the problems in their websites and help them rank Or you can use it as a lead magnet show them show people what is wrong with the website? They will be impressed. They will be attracted to you then sell your service and Make money from that now, let’s go to off page optimization. So again, let’s use the same website I have it entered here select it or type it and click Next and it’s prompting me to use the existing data that I have earlier because Correggio will save your data at every step so that you don’t lose any work But I’m gonna go with getting it fresh because we want to check it out. So core SEO actually lets you get your Backlinks direct from Google webmasters or you can even paste your backlink So if you’re using any source like eh ahrefs or su Mo’s or any the source like that You can paste your backlinks also, or you can load them directly from Google. It’s very very fine Very very easy and very automated let me show you how it’s done Click on get from Google click on begin now and core. SEO is going to start a browser instance go right into Google webmasters automatically get all the backlink domains that you have and Start checking them so you can actually go through this list you can find out if there are some names that are you know known to you that they will be perfectly safe like blogspot or or WordPress, I know I don’t really need to analyze them because they are very very popular domains. I don’t need to worry about it Wikipedia definitely not so you can just check out all the domains that are Backlinking to you. You can tick mark the domains that you don’t want to analyze and then click Next because analysis takes time So here are the parameters that each domain will be analyzed on whether it’s index in Google the age the registrant name backlinks that are existing for the domain whether it has a Wikipedia link whether it is Favorable in web of trust is the site up. How’s the Alexa ranking? Is it malicious in any of the you know malicious directories or websites? Is it an article directly? Directory is it blacklisted anywhere? And then its gonna check that check the neighborhood like Google Analytics Google AdWords domain name server and IP detection It’s gonna check exactly what’s on with this website So when you are ready, you can actually check mark or remove any of the parameters that you don’t want to consider. So Once you’re ready and I would actually recommend you leave it all on Because the idea is to check right so nothing’s gonna be changed so it’s not gonna hurt you Just leave it all on it’s the best if you are an advanced webmaster You know exactly what you’re doing, then you can check off some options click on next and click on begin now It’s gonna take a little while to collect all the data it’s gonna take a few second and Here are the results you can see that the same domains have been marked safe, and there are certain domains Which have been marked red and you can see exactly why for example, this website has a zero web of trust score Which is very negative so you can choose what domains are safe we have our Recommendations and if you want to mark any domain as safe you can even do so and it will be marked safe if you want To mark any existing domain as a disavow domain, it can be done too. So After doing your own analysis on the based on the data that you get here. You can then click on next and now Chorus you will go very deep. It’s going to collect individual Links from the domains that you’ve put in and it’s going to subject individual backlinks to analysis So click on begin now and that’s going to start if you want you can choose to further check the backlinks from a domain by selecting check links and If you’re unsure about a domain if you don’t know, what’s the status is it a good domain? It looks like a good domain, but you just want to make sure you can just mark check links. Click Next and It’s going to ask you what you know, what kind of checks you want to do on the list So there are so many options here mark whatever you feel you want to do? Or you can just leave everything checked and it’s gonna do the maximum more of checking click on begin now It’s going to get the backlinks from google again Gonna take a few seconds to do that And once it’s done, it’s ready to check the backlinks click on begin now and it will start the checking process so it’s cleaning this course now and Then it’s gonna give you a report about what happened with the backlink checked Were there any problems like how many out links were out links were there how many money keywords were there was the domain? Blacklisted anywhere and what’s the final verdict of the domain? Is it toxic or safe the keyword rankings for that particular page? Is it ranked for any keywords? Are there any external links on the page and finally the conclusion whether it’s a toxic link or it’s a safe link? So all the safe links will be marked in green hair You’ve got linked which are toxic largely because I was checking the toxic websites So you’ve got links with the toxic if you want to mark any link as safe if you think that something is different according to you you can mark it as a safe link and that will happen and Finally, once you’re done, you can create a backlinks review report or you can create directly a generate a disavow file which you can you can submit on Google and can actually submit the file directly to Google itself so you can Sell again again. This is an opportunity if you are in SEO agency or want to be an SEO agency You can create a backlinks review report you can create a domain driven report and you can sell it to your clients or you can give it away free as A lead magnet next is the powerful site mapper just put in your site URL and click on generate and this will crawl the website find all the pages on the website and Then create a Google compatible sitemap using the website This is going to be a process that you can stop anytime you want And Then click on export to make an XML sitemap You can just save it my sitemap or whatever you want to save it and just put it online. Tell Google about it and that’s going to increase the number of visitors to all the pages on your site because Google will know exactly the Are the pages that you want indexed and that has helped me a lot in the recent experiment My site Astro bakes. The one right over here did not have a site map which was comprehensive then I updated it Just two months ago and that caused the maze massive massive boost in traffic. So do that so that’s the final part of the suet and this is what Co ratio will do for you on page SEO off page SEO and it’s gonna make a Comprehensive sitemap for you and again you can generate sitemap for any website You can use the sitemaps as a lead magnet Tell them that here’s the sitemap free for you and tell them more about your services sell it sell them as an upsell or you can even sell the sitemap itself or make a comprehensive package of On-page SEO off page SEO and the sitemap and sell a comprehensive package to your clients

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