How franchisees can improve their SEO

By | August 26, 2019

Avengers Theme Hello. Oh I don’t feel so good. OH NO! Avengers Theme Hello and welcome – Wait! How are you back? Far from home coming out this summer starring me.
I’m back for real. Hello and welcome to another episode of Tip for Tip,
where you ask your marketing question in exchange for a tip in your industry. My name is Aaron. My name is Christian. And today we have Julie Godfrey from The Barre Code Plano. So my question for Aaronn and Christian is, as a franchisee
I have really no backend access to my Website. So what can I be doing to maximize my SEO
with the things that I do have control over? Alright Julie, this is a really challenging question. So these are, I guess my tips. Number one is concentrate on reviews Reviews not just on Google but on other search engines,
like Yahoo, Bing, Yelp & Facebook. Anything else you can think of.
And focus on getting really good reviews. Right now you have excellent reviews on Google
which is awesome. I think there was like 100 and some reviews with an average
of five star rating which is absolutely great. I didn’t check if you were responding to reviews
but make sure to do that To always respond to reviews. Other the things that
you can do with a SEO, I would also have a really good solid social media strategy. On Facebook Instagram wherever. That will also help you with SEO
in parts that may not be something that’s super direct like keyword and things like that,
but it will still help you to reach that goal of
ranking on search engines. The other thing I was going to go with was Google My Business You do have access to that and you control that. So within that you can create posts you can keep your
information updated, which it looks like you
have all the information updated. I would just kind of go just a little bit further
and maybe create posts you know once in a while
add more images and things like that that will definitely also help you
on Google when it comes to SEO. Cool. All right. So only thing in addition
to that is if you have employees already if you yourself could have other people link
back to your website so you can’t necessarily do anything yourself because
you don’t have access to the website but other people like the Plano magazine or other industries like local
to you could be writing about The Barre Code Plano and link back to your Web site that way that’s going to help
you with SEO aswell. It is driving traffic for the overall Barre Code website
but if they make sure that they put the Barre Code Plano It should give you a link to your website or to your
location and that will help you with rankings as well. So definitely those and then as Christian mentioned the very
beginning just really go look at those major search engines Anyone that you can get reviews and focus on that because
that’s probably the biggest low hanging fruit. Killing it on Google now time to expand
onto other ones too. Hopefully that was good. I know this was kind
of a challenging question. Hopefully it helps a little bit. Now let’s hear your tip for us. One of the biggest things that were known here
at The Barre Code is our fitness community and that is my tip for you, if you’re looking
for more consistency with your exercise regimen or maybe just any consistency to
your exercise regimen find a fitness community, it will hold you accountable. It will help you to be more consistent. So whether you’re
making a financial investment like joining A Barre Studio, Yoga studio, a Cross fit. I know Aaron’s
active part of a running club. So there are clubs that you might be able to join free of charge. So I’m just amping up the fun factor to keep you more
consistent and accountable. Julie I really absolutely I especially I was like as we’re
recording this in the time leading up to the marathon. I think that being a part of that community and just all the 
people that texted and emailed and called and just all
the support has been amazing. So yeah I think being part of the community is probably I mean
regardless of the work out which is like a bi-product but
the community accountability is huge. So if you’re watching this and you are somebody in the
Plano area I highly encourage you to check
out the Barre Code in Plano. We don’t really do endorsements like that but I really do think that
kind of community will really help you So thank you for that tip Julie. Yeah it was awesome.
Thank you. All right. And today’s question of the day you probably already guessed it who’s ready for Endgame? Go ahead and raise your hand as you’re watching the video. All right. Make sure that you like and subscribe to our
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