How do I regain ownership of a Search Console property?

By | September 30, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOHN MUELLER: Hi, everyone. Today’s question is one we get
from all kinds of sites owners, small and large. How do I regain ownership
of a Search Console property when I don’t know
who the owner is? Chances are someone
set up your website to work in Search Console, or
maybe even in Webmaster Tools back when it was called that. In the meantime, nobody
remembers the username or the password that was used. So how do you get back in? Well, the answer is pretty easy. First off, there’s very
little per user information in Search Console. So you usually don’t
need to get back into that original account. You can just create
a new account, verify ownership, and get
back to work in no time. Once you’ve verified your
site in Search Console, you’ll have access to all of
the data for your website. You can also list the
other verified owners and perhaps spot that
previous account or see which verification elements
you can remove. Once there, delegation
is an easy way to add others in
your organization and to provide read-only
access to external consultants, such as SEOs or
marketing agencies. [MUSIC PLAYING] Subscribe to the channel to
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8 thoughts on “How do I regain ownership of a Search Console property?

  1. Natascha Hun Post author

    Can you show us your SEO books? I can see a book about Google Search Console (named Google Webmaster Tools) on the table and another book with a black cat on the cover (behind you) 🙂

  2. siva makkala Post author

    Great video sir
    My website is having two XML sitemaps is their any defect to website ranking in Google.Please give me reply

  3. Tauhid Khan Post author

    Property not in account problem … How to fix


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