How Do I Market My Coaching Business?

By | October 16, 2019

How do i market my coaching business? Do
I pay for advertising? Do I do online banner ads? Do I do a billboard? Do I… do
radio ads? Do I do mailers? Do I do email marketing? What is the best way to do
marketing for my coaching business? Hey there. I’m Nate Woodbury. I’m a YouTube
producer and I work exclusively with coaches and speakers. Now, this isn’t a
promo video. I’m just giving you a background of Who I am and what I do. I
help coaches and speakers use YouTube to market their business. Now currently
producing 13 different channels. The largest of which is through Kris Krohn.
We started that channel 5 years ago when it was at zero. We started from
scratch and now we’re almost to a half million subscribers. It’s currently
bringing in between 5 and 6 hundred thousand dollars per month in leader
revenue as well as an additional 5 figures of you know kind of icing on the
cake revenue from advertising. I say that just to give a foundation of credibility
that I know what I’m doing and I really have some great advice that can help you
leverage YouTube to promote your coaching business. Here’s what you can
expect for the rest of this episode: I’m going to talk about the National
Speakers Association for a moment. Yes, it’s a great organization for speakers.
Also referenced by ICF, the International coaching or coaches Federation. But then
we’re going to dive deep into the power of YouTube and I’ve got 2 different
examples I’m going to share with you of how they’re leveraging YouTube. In
exactly what they’re doing and the benefits results that it’s getting for
them. And then at the very end, I’ll wrap it all together and share with you why
this is such a good opportunity. It’s not just a good opportunity for everybody.
But it’s a great opportunity for somebody who has an expertise and who
sells their expertise. You’re a coach, right? That’s what you do. So, I am a
member of the National Speakers Association. I’ve been with that group
about 7 years. But it’s only been in the last year year and a half or I’ve
been a member because I’ve been a speaker. Prior to that, I really have been
more of a coach or a consultant. And there are a lot of people within this
organization that are in those same shoes. What the NSA is really good for is
helping you know how to grow your business, how to monetize your business
and become successful as a coach or speaker. Now, while the name of the
organization is National Speakers Association, it’s kind of funny. We almost
changed our name. In fact, they did change the name and they announced it without
talking to the membership first. The membership kind of revolted and said, “No,
we like our name. They’re going to change it to platform which they thought
would be a more encompass name of coaches and speakers.” But anyway,
so if you if you do attend the NSA and you hear that joke about platform. That’s
what they’re talking about. So, I do recommend that you find the nearest
chapter to you of the National Speakers Association and go and attend one of
their monthly meetings. Now, there’s another organization that is just for
coaches. It’s called the ICF, the international coaches or coaching
Federation. The reason I don’t know that, there’s not a chapter here in Utah. And
I’m kind of sad about that. So, if you know something that I don’t about the
ICF in Utah, go ahead and comment below so that I can be aware. But if the ICF is
anything like the NSA then you should be a part of that organization if there’s
something locally that you can participate with. Okay, let me introduce
you to Paul Jenkins. I took this screenshot a week or so ago so we’ve
actually got more subscribers we’re over 85,000 now. If you go live and check by
the time you watch this episode over probably up to 90 or a 100 thousand subscribers. Now, here’s the cool thing:
We started at 235 22 months ago. So, it’s been
almost 2 years. Okay? Paul Jenkins is a positivity psychologist and now he does
a lot of coaching and public speaking. So, he still is a professionally licensed
psychologist but he doesn’t do that part of his practice as much anymore. He
focuses on coaching and speaking. He’s had a podcast for 12 years. He’s had
so many amazing guests on his show. It’s given him a lot of great opportunities
and he’s gotten to connect and meet and get to know a lot of great and amazing
people but it hasn’t really been a marketing tool for him like YouTube is.
2 years ago and we were chatting about doing this campaign together, he let me
know his goals and how he really wanted to make a bigger impact on the role. He
teaches a lot about positivity, he talks a lot about parenting and about
relationships. And he had a desire to really better leverage his talents and
skills and impact the world in a bigger way. So, that’s why we were talking about
YouTube. In November of 2017, we launched a campaign, launching five episodes a
week. And again, right when we started, his previous YouTube channel was only up to
235 subscribers. Now, we’re up to 85,000 subscribers at the time of this
recording and he’s making revenue in 3 different ways. We weren’t actually
planning on this being a significant part for another year or two but it is
actually currently in four figures of revenue every single
month just from YouTube advertising. Much bigger than that, this channel has become
a lead generation machine for his parenting courses. I mean one of his most
popular videos is “How to get your kids to listen without yelling.” The videos
like that pull in parents that are wanting to learn parenting advice. They
get such great value in these videos that they really like and trust and
respect Paul and his wife Vicki. And he gives away a free gift, they enter a
sales funnel and he sells a course. And so he’s getting a lot of leads and he’s
making sales to these courses to people all across the country and even all
across the world. Now get this: His channel is averaging 15,000 views per
day. That’s 15,000 new people every day who hadn’t heard of Paul before who are
now finding him and getting touched by his message. And then a lot of those are
then going to his website visiting his sales funnel. Now, here’s the other cool
thing: He’s getting full fee speaking engagements because people find him on
YouTube. They recognize his expertise, they love his content. They find out as
his speaker and they invite him and often they want his wife Vicki to come
with as well. So, he’s getting full fee speaking engagements because people find
him on YouTube. Now, I want to introduce you to Kris Krohn. He retired at the
age of 26 using real estate and he’s dedicated his career to helping other
people learn how to invest in real estate and have the same success that he
did. We started his YouTube channel from scratch. And at first, he was wanting to
monetize his channel getting people to come to his local events. We had built
the channel up to 65,000 subscribers but we had only had in the previous year
maybe 1 or 2 people that traveled in to attend his event. But we knew there
was interest there. There were comments all the time many every day saying, “How
can I work with you? I want to work with you, Kris. What do you have?” They would
even say things like, “Do you partner with people? Do you consult? Do you provide
advice? Do you provide coaching?” And Kris didn’t have anything. All he had was
events that people could come to. So, he created a digital course. It was a video
training course about how to invest in real estate. And the first month that we
launched that, he actually broke a hundred thousand dollars in revenue
selling that course. Then after the excitement settled down, he still was
averaging 40,000 per month for the next several months and then it
just started to grow an increase from there as this channel grew.
Now, we’re bringing in between 5 and 6 hundred thousand dollars every
single month just from these YouTube leads. Okay. So when we launched that
course, that was 2 years ago. What’s happening today? Here’s the cool part:
Today, he is filling his events. So not only is he selling these digital courses.
But people are flying from all over the country coming to his events. His last
event had over 250 people. The majority of which came outside the state of Utah.
They came here because they found Kris on YouTube. Now, the moral of that story
is that there are different ways to monetize your audience or following your
traffic that you get on YouTube. Courses are very powerful. They’re a great way to
do it. But over time, you can really monetize it in any way that you want. It
can lead to speaking engagements. It certainly leads to coaching clients. It
certainly can lead to people coming and attending your events. Here’s the main
reason why YouTube is such a perfect opportunity for you as an expert who is
selling your expertise. Alright, people want to hire you
to get benefit from your expertise. Okay, right now, all around the world, people
are searching for your expertise. They just don’t know that you exist. Right?
They don’t know you, they don’t know about you. But they know what they need
help with. And that’s what they’re going to Google and YouTube and searching for.
They’re typing in “I need help with this. This is my question.”
YouTube can put you in front of them. All you have to do is make videos that
answer their questions. Now, there’s there’s a step. You’ve got to do keyword
research before filming. So, if you do keyword research first. you can find out
the exact phrasing of these questions and then you can make videos with those
questions as the title of the video. You post that video to YouTube, it’ll rank
day one. People from all around the world will start to find you. Now, that you’ve
got an understanding of how you can leverage YouTube to make money as a
coach or how to market your coaching business. I want you to go watch this
video/ This is my leaf strategy video. That’s the strategy where I teach you
how to find the questions. So, you’ll know how to do this keyword research. So you
can find the questions people are asking. I
show you the tool that I use it makes it really, really simple. It will be a world
of difference in growing your coaching business by using YouTube.

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