5 thoughts on “How do I configure my website to failover to an S3 bucket when a Route 53 health check fails?

  1. Khadijah Celestine Post author

    I've been looking for this! Thanks!!

  2. Ted Timmons Post author

    So distracting with everything blurred out. Not like it's hard to get a test domain to use.

    This also only works if someone is headed to the homepage, not deeper in the site.

  3. Pngmor Chor Post author

    Can we use route53 for on-prem servers ?? can we get full functionalities ( fail-over , latency, geo-locaiton,weighted) for route53 for on-prem servers ??

  4. 宋某人 Post author

    I followed your steps. Why can't I switch to the S3 display when I turn off the machine? Should I configure health checks?


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