How Do I Add an XML Sitemap to My WordPress Site

By | August 28, 2019

how do I add a XML site map to my WordPress site hello and welcome I’m going to show you quickly how you can add XML site map to your website that is built on WordPress simply log into your dashboard and on the left hand side you have plugins here simply press on all you have to do to add site map to WordPress is search plugins that allow you to quickly and easily install site maps now I’m not going to tell you to choose a
particular one I’ve used this particular one here and I had no problems with it okay one thing that I can suggest to you is anytime you install any plugins to your WordPress site you basically have to read details you can basically read the details to see what access you are giving them all you then have to do is press on install it’s gonna confirm yes let’s confirm it that’s being dynamically done for you every time you create a new post it will update your XML sitemap automatically one final step is all you have to do is Press this activate the plugin that’s now activated once again any plugin you install to your WordPress
site have to read all about it now obviously the next would then be for you just me your
site map to Google Webmaster Tools so that Google is aware of your website just check with the other tutorials that I made for you so you can learn more about it thank you very much happy rankings thank you bye bye

4 thoughts on “How Do I Add an XML Sitemap to My WordPress Site

  1. Deel ko Post author

    This video is not help full, this guy don't complete this video ..

  2. Drew Spinoso Post author

    So you expect me to keep this active in my site forever?


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