How Daddy Long Neck Turned Abnormality into Virality

By | March 11, 2020

-Daddy Long Neck here. And it’s about to get litty
like a [bleep] titty. Daddy Long Neck here. I just hit
a milli, so I bought… And I’m looking for a lady to
lick this chocolate all over me. -Everyone sees all the hate
he gets on his comments. It’s almost like fuel for him. -It always ends up in
something spectacular — always. Especially with his skinny ass. ♪♪ ♪♪ -The two of them there, yeah.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah. -My man.
You the shit, man. -Much love.
-Thank you. -Every time those guys
get together, it’s just viral content’s made. It’s like puzzle pieces
just clicking together every time they link up. Instagram and social media is a very powerful tool today,
very, very powerful. -All necks matter.
-All necks matter. -…and stuff. Hey, it’s Daddy Long Neck
up in here. When I’m coming to see you, you got to wash
your fuckin’ tuna box. ♪ My neck, my back ♪ ♪ Lick my pussy and my crack ♪ ♪♪ -Yeah, I know that one. That was the one we went
viral off from, yeah. My manager, Greg,
found him on the ‘Gram, and we decided to go up
and do a video with him. Oh, Facebook, yeah.
That was right — found you on Facebook. We decided to go up and do
some videos with him, and it’s been kind of
like that ever since. I mean, he’s pretty much open
for anything as long as it doesn’t involve pain. [ Laughing ] That’s my job. Ow! Aah!
Fuck! Hey!
-Go! Go! Go! -Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God! -Ohh!
-Aah! Yeah. [ Exhales ] It’s something to do. So I’m gonna back up
a little bit or something? -Alright.
I’m gonna start it. -Okay, go.
-Ready. -Ohh!
Jesus Christ! -Oh, yeah.
-I know that shit hurt. -One of my whole points
of my videos is it’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to be
what you want to be. And as far as my size
and stuff like that, I have lost a lot of weight, but I really don’t care
what people think. I think that’s
the biggest thing. -Gucci, you’re eating
a fuckin’ salad? -He does his thing,
I do my thing individually, and then, when we get together,
it always ends up something spectacular —
always. ♪♪ How the hell are
you doing today?! [ Laughs ] ♪♪ -…and stuff, like… -♪ Flex ♪ ♪ I’m a “ace town” hitter
on the West ♪ ♪ Deep dog, and I’m going
for the neck, ‘ey ♪ ♪ And these hos do anything
for the check, ‘ey ♪ ♪ ‘Ey, do it for the… ♪ -…and stuff.
-♪ Talkin’ ’bout ♪ ♪ Couple bands on me
and some brand-new sneakers ♪ ♪ Oh, shortie on my hip
like a beeper ♪ ♪ Say her man gone,
now she tryna hit me up ♪ ♪ Oh, she just want to party
’cause my G ♪ -Aw, I hate dancing, dude! I fuckin’ hate it!
-[ Laughs ] -I was a shy kid,
believe it or not. Oh, yeah, I know you did, man. -He’s a person that’s been taken
advantage of, unfortunately, so I kind of, you know, step up,
and I’m telling him, like, what his value is, you know,
what he brings to the table. He does offer a lot. -…and shit… -He wouldn’t even go out
in public without covering his body, and now I have a hard time
when we go out. We’re at a mall, he wants
to take his shirt off. It’s nice to see that change,
you know, from somebody that’s been so
scared to now he’s just jumpin’. [ Hip-hop music playing ] -♪ ‘Bout the Z
Tell you ’bout the Z ♪ -Shout out. -♪ Shout out to my haters
’cause I do it like a G ♪ ♪ Do it like a G,
do it like a G ♪ -That was good.
-Alright? -Alright.
-Let’s go eat. -We’re going to the electric
chair, boys! [ Laughter ] -Uh, you kicked my leg.
Try it again. -Yeah, I kicked your leg.
-Whoa. -Hey, Nick. Can you grapple
with him real quick? -With me?
-Beckham. Beckham. -WWE.
-I got one hand, so… -Right here in the grass.
-WWE. -Whoever tap– Whoever taps,
you gotta stop, right? You — How you —
-So, we’re going to the tap? -Yes, to the tap.
-Dude, that’s… -Get him, man.
-Is your neck gonna break? [ Laughter ]
-“Is your neck gonna break?” Well, that’s pretty slick. -I like that.
-You sure your neck — -Shoulder choke.
Shoulder choke. -Come on. -That’s it. That’s it.
-He’s got him in an arm bar. -Yeah, you got him
in an arm bar. That’s it. -He got you back.
-Whoo! -That’s it.
-Let’s go. -Huh? -He didn’t tap.
-He’d have broke that arm. -Hey, Nick?
-What you got — -Don’t be — Don’t be upset. These kids really train hard,
and they go to competitions. Yeah, they —
they love fighting. They love fighting. But you’re good.
You don’t tap. -The stuff that he’s gone
through, I know, and to have the heart
that he still does and the mind-set
that he still does is great. -Everyone sees all the hate
he gets on his — on his comments,
but it doesn’t affect him in any way, shape, or form —
any negativity. He’s just out here,
spreading a positive message. -We never set out to make money
on our videos. If it turns out that, you know,
we make some decent money, then, hey,
it turns out that way. And if it turns out we don’t,
we had fun along the way. -Stay litty
like a fuckin’ titty. -Yo. ♪♪ ♪♪
-Oh, my God. -Ow!
-[ Laughs ] -God damn it! ♪♪ -…my head and fuckin’ shit.

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