How Crestani Makes a Profit With YouTube Ads (EP 9.2)

By | August 26, 2019

– In this video, we’re gonna talk about how you can spend thousands of dollars a day in advertising. We’re with marketing expert John Crestani, performance marketing expert,
affiliate marketing expert. So John, I mean, how much at your peak, have you gotten your ads
to spend on a daily basis? – Oh shoot, performance
marketers, when we talk about how much money can you spend, that might sound crazy, I
just wanna throw some context down here, the only reason you spend money as a performance marketer is because you’re making an ROY back. So, – Hopefully. – Yeah, well should be
otherwise you’re just throwing money down the drain. So, yeah a lot of us performance marketers talk about you know oh,
how much can you spend because we know the more
we spend the more we make. So it’s kinda like a barometer. The most I was spending per day, 20,000. – Wow. – 20,000 at a almost 100% return, so probably like a 75% return,
yeah $35,000 a day revenue, but 20,000 is the most I’ve been spending. – And what have you, I
mean in terms of ramping up on these different platforms,
what kind of challenges have you run up to in
terms of trying to ramp it? Because sometimes I hear
from people its like, “Man we just can’t spend
enough, we’re hitting audience size, limits and all that.” – Facebook I think is really cool to ramp up because their
algorithm is so freaking smart, I think its one of the easiest platforms, I’ve seen to scale on if you
have a really broad offer. Now why I think its
hard to scale although, it’s because to make your offer appealing to a mass number of people
you generally have to you know, have to do
marketing that is going to I’ve just had to be to
like sales to in my copy in a way that Facebook would like. On Youtube to appeal to broad audience again it’s the same thing,
what messaging works at the lets say $1,000 a day level, and let’s say $1,000 a day level might be if you’re talking about wood working you know you have a
course that shows people how to build all this cool
stuff around their house with wood, you know
furniture and what not. You might only be able to spend a couple hundred a day or $1,000 a
day on Facebook or Youtube if your messaging is like, “Hey woodworkers build
the best furniture.” but you’d have to totally,
if you wanna spend $10,000 a day you have to totally change that messaging around to say, ” How nice would it be
to have wood furniture that you built. And
have it be an air loom, air loom quality that you can
pass down for generations. And we can show you how to built that.” So it’s got to be a different
message so instead of, ” Hey we’re wood workers here’s like really cool plans to build nice stuff.” It’s gotta be, you know
some broader thing like, ” Built your own family
air loom and do it at a fraction of the cost
that you know you would have to buy this from the stores.” Something like that. – And you’re speaking to people’s – Messaging. – like kind of their paying points, right? And I think a lot of
people forget about that, when you ready advertise, “I just want to get this targeting up and we’re just gonna scale, scale, scale.”
And I think one thing that might be helpful tactical wise, what’s one thing that people can do refine their messaging better? Is there like a book they can read a course they can take, like what is it? – There’s, there’s lots of great books that I think people should read. You know, It’s honestly tuning
in to marketing channels, like this you’re gonna get so many great perspectives on how to do marketing
from marketing masters. Eric’s been speaking with
people that I freaking like, I admire, and I’m like, “Oh
my god, you met that guy?” like you know I’m like,
“What? That’s huge.” You know, so like you’re
getting great messaging here. But with that being said
actually this is going to sound super outside the box, talk
to your freaking customers. And all I do, all my marketing is is I talk to my customers and I, they don’t always tell you everything but you have to get good at
reading in between lines and I talk to them in person if possible. You want to read their body language and their tonality, its not just about doing a Survey Monkey form. People aren’t always going to say, you know if you ask somebody,
“Hey, why didn’t you buy?” Lot’s of times people make up excuses you know they’re like, “Oh you know I don’t need it anymore.” Usually there’s something else you know, that they’re like, “Aw,
it was too expensive, or I don’t think its, I’m not 100% sure its gonna work for me.” You wanna talk to your customers and listen for their objections. They’ll give you a few things, so say it’s not the right
time or its too expensive but there’s something underneath those, so don’t just take those as face value get to the underlying
things, “Oh I don’t think it’s going to work for me, I don’t think I’m going to be able to actually build this piece of furniture.” You wanna really dig deep
into their objections and find the root objections for them to purchase any product and address those in your ads. And when you really start getting clear on your objections and
who your customer base is like my customer base for instance, it’s 50 year old white man who have a IT or engineering
background in middle America. Like I know my customer and
some of their objections are you know, they think they’ve
bought courses before but they don’t believe
they’re going to have, they don’t believe its
going to work for them, they don’t believe there’s
gonna to be support in the back and a lot of them are lonely. That’s an interesting thing,
a lot of them are lonely and are frustrated about
being alone, working, and they feel like its
just gonna happen again. When you start understanding
your customers really well you’ll be able to, it’s just empathy, it’s connecting with them, they’ll respond and they’ll say, “Hey you understand me. Thank you. I’ll buy your
product.” You know so. – There you go because
at the end of the day you’re dealing with people. So anyway, if you enjoyed this video go ahead and leave a comment and tell us what you’re going to do
about your messaging, handling objections and
make sure you subscibe to this channel and make sure you also subscribe to John Cretani’s as well. – Hit that subscribe button. Pow, pow pow.

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